Satkara’s clan in the organ system

Like orange, it is possible to breed both pens and seeds. The basic tightening and coupling or t-bedding method is used.

The quality of the mango tree does not remain intact on the Satkara seed. It is too late to produce fruit from the seeds. It takes about 3-5 years. If so much time is needed for commercial production, it is economically disadvantageous. Moreover, the tree may be good or bad.

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For this, the seed is cultivated in a pen method, without having to breed it. The branching is done in a pen or t-budding manner. But the problem is that viruses and bacteria invade the place where they are provided. For this reason, seven cultivars are cultivated in organic way. Learn more about the beginning of Satkara .

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For grafting, you must first create a primitive or rootstock. Used as root stock, like betabelebu, rafflemon, cut jamir, Rangpur lime. Then collect the pulses or stems from the desired mangroves and place them on the rootstock. This is how Satakara grafting is done. As a rootstock, 3-5 years old healthy, robust, more productive plants are selected. For the selected matriarchs, the stems should be collected 3-5 cm long and 6-7 months old with two eyes. In general, it is best to cut between the beginning of spring ie February to March or during the monsoon season, ie May to June. Within 5-12 days after the pens, the connection between the rootstock and the pier is established. Multiple pulses may be extracted from the pen. The rest of it has to be cut apart from healthy, strong and straight-growing branches.

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