What is an Operative System?

When buying a device it enjoys services, processes and applications that are organized in its software, it also contains settings and a set of specific functions that are carried out through it, all this works as a machinery that together makes the device can function, this file and programming model is referred to as an operating system .

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  1. What is an Operative System?
  2. What are current operating systems for?
  3. The most used operating systems
    1. Windows
    2. Unix
    3. MacOS
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  4. Characteristics and operation of operating systems
  5. Operating system BIOS
  6. List of current operating systems
  7. Types of operating systems and their characteristics
    1. Monoprocessor system
    2. Multiprocessor system
    3. Distributed systems
    4. Systems for portable computers
  8. Some examples of the most used operating systems
    1. Linux operating system
    2. PC operating system
    3. Mobile operating system
    4. IOS operating system
    5. For Mac computers

What is an Operative System?

Every functional device has a way of working and organizing this refers to the software which directs and coordinates the processes and functions between the applications used by the user, these regulate and order the processes , accesses that the device has depending on its operating system, the most used are Windows , Linux, Mac and DOS.

What are current operating systems for?

The purpose of all operating systems today is to facilitate the use of computers . That is, current operating systems are used so that each user can use the hardware that complements the equipment through software as easily and quickly as possible.

The most used operating systems


Perhaps the best known and used by a large variety of manufacturers, Windows was the operating system par excellence, emerged from the ideas and efforts of Bill Gates, Windows receives the user with an ease and a variety of functions and features that distinguish it from other operating systems , from its cozy design to its functionality and accessibility so simple and easy.

Windows has a large number of versions that have been released and evolved over the years, its most recent version Windows 10 was launched in 2014 and since then it is currently the most used and installed operating system on computers and laptops, being so a few days of launch, 75 million devices had Windows 10 officially installed.


It is a name used to refer to unix-type operating systems, which have the main  characteristics of being open source , multiplatform and that it is also multitasking, which means that it can be used and programmed to perform specific tasks that the user wants to configure. Among the most noteworthy we find GNU an open source operating system being a combined project with Linux .


MacOs has many versions and is another of the most popular systems used and designed for the Macintosh, this was introduced on the market in 1984 for computers at that time, the first version for desktop computers was released in the early 2000s being a success, naming their versions after felines and animals of this species, implying the perspective given by the operating system.


It is a set of operating systems for computers for personal use, it was used for use in IBM PC computers that had 16-bit processors, the IBM PCs were launched on the market in the early eighties in 1981 by Don Estridge and William C. Lowe with the idea of ​​using personal computers and that they were for everyday use.

Characteristics and operation of operating systems

When we talk about operating systems we refer to those programs that allow us to manage the memory of the hard disk . This in order that the operating system can provide optimal operation on the computer.

Among the most outstanding characteristics of the operating systems are: Their ability to constantly update to be able to keep an order of all the data and in this way the equipment can work quickly. Among the most outstanding characteristics it should also be mentioned that the operating system manages the hardware and handles communications on the network.

This means that the main function of the operating system is to make the equipment work by recognizing the hardware, since it is part of the software, making a perfect complement between equipment and system.

The operating system is the soul of a computer, thus serving the hardware software and making it accessible to the user. It has functions, within these the main ones are to function and work as an administrator of the hardware and software resources within the system. system.

In other words, it directs the functionality of the computer or the device in addition to taking care of the operation of the hardware so that the applications do not have to deal with all the aspects and functions that a process entails.

Within the hardware we find the software, this is referred to as a group of instructions or direct guides that a device must follow, that is, all those instructions and indications that refer to what it has to do and how to do it. Software generalizes in form to everything that is intangible on a device, what cannot be touched, how, to put it in a way, it refers to operating systems or applications.

Operating system BIOS

It refers to the basic input and output system , the BIOS is a program that pre-installed in computers and devices normally with Windows serves as a way that the computer uses to start up.

The CPU enters the BIOS even before the operating system is processed after the BIOS verifies and confirms all its connections and locates the devices, the BIOS loads the operating system into the computer’s memory and completes the boot process.

List of current operating systems

Over time, technology has constantly evolved by leaps and bounds. Which means that today we are going to find a great variety of operating systems .

Those that cannot be omitted from mentioning and which must be known since they are the most used today are: all versions of Microsoft Windows, followed by Mac / iOS, Linux, Unix, Solaris, Google Chrome OS and of course the Android operating system.

Types of operating systems and their characteristics

Each operating system will be used and implemented to give the correct use and proper operation of the equipment. In other words, each computer will work correctly with the operating system that corresponds to it and with which it was designed to work. Among the types of operating systems are: monoprocessors, multiprocessors, distributed systems and systems for portable computers.

 Monoprocessor system

This is a system that will be in charge of processing and executing a single function at a time. If you want to run multiple functions simultaneously, the monoprocessor system will not work correctly.

Multiprocessor system

Multiprocessor systems are those that have the ability to process and execute several tasks simultaneously without any problem. They can run multiple tasks that belong to the same process thread as well as have the ability to process and run multiple tasks at the same time that they have no relationship.

Distributed systems

When we talk about distributed systems we are talking about those computers that are connected by means of a network. In other words, the hardware and the software are going to communicate through signs and signals in order to function.

Systems for portable computers

The operating systems for laptops are going to be the same as those implemented in computers. In this vein, it is easy to understand that a multiprocessor system or a distributed system can be installed on a laptop.

Some examples of the most used operating systems

In view of the fact that we have already talked about the most used operating systems today, it is time to be able to mention the characteristics of these systems. All this with the purpose of knowing each one of them and knowing how they work.

Linux operating system

Linux is an operating system that works like Unix. They are completely free operating systems that can be installed without any problems. This is because it is open source that does not belong to any company.

PC operating system

When we talk about PC operating systems, the first thing that comes to mind is Microsoft Windows. since it is the operating system that is mostly used in computers globally. This system is one of the easiest to install and understand, which generates ease of use and immediate adaptation among its users.

Mobile operating system 

With regard to the mobile operating system, the most widely used globally is Android . This is because it is the system with easy accessibility and it is very simple to understand, use and install. It is important to mention that it was designed with open source kernels and since it is an operating system specifically for mobiles, its design was based on the implementation of touch screens.

IOS operating system

The iOS operating system was developed specifically for the iPhone . This means that it is a system that is aimed mainly at mobiles that belong to the Apple company.

For Mac computers

When you talk about systems for Mac computers, you talk about the MAC operating system. Just as a system that belongs only to Apple phones (iPhone) was implemented, the company dedicated itself to developing a system that is used only with its own computers.


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