Russian cuisine

Russian cuisine derives from an uncountable wealth of dishes, due firstly to the multicultural character and secondly to the vast geographical extent of the country.

Its gastronomic foundations are based on the rural food of rural populations located in places characterized by an extremely cold climate. In this gastronomy there is an abundance of fish (Generally smoked), poultry, fallow deer, mushrooms, berries and honey.

Hearty rye , wheat , barley and millet flakes , all of them widely used in an abundant variety of breads, crepes, cereals, kvass, beer, and the famous vodka. The different forms of soups and stews with different aromas and flavors are very abundant , all of them made with meat and fish.

In the gastronomy of Russia there are elements of French cuisine , as well as from the countries of the former Russian Empire and other peoples of Russia.


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The food custom in Russia resembles that of the western peoples. There are three meals: zavtrak (breakfast), obyed lunch and dinner (uzhin). Following the old saying of “eat breakfast like kings, eat lunch like counts and dinner like a commoner”, the main meal of the day is breakfast, energetic and varied to provide the energy to use throughout the day. Lunch is a little quieter, and dinner is rather short, without dessert or soup.


When it comes to sweets, mushrooms and cereals are widely used in Russia for bagel and cake recipes, although there are also dishes that enjoy these ingredients as spices, giving it a unique flavor. Bittersweet has a strong presence in Russian gastronomy.


Some of the most important dishes, the recipes of which we will introduce you to in Absolut Russia, include the famous Stroganoff fillet , Pelmeni and various soups, ideal food to combat cold temperatures.


It is a sweet and sour dish very easy to prepare and ideal to offer a different dessert, called Pashka.

  • Absolut Russia is for cheese lovers

The ingredients for this cheesecake include:

  • 250 grams of white cheese.
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 100 grams of butter.
  • 50 grams of powdered almonds.
  • 1 glass of orange liqueur.
  • Butter cream.
  • Fruits to decorate.
  • 125 grams of sugar.


  • Start by mixing the white cheese with the soft butter and the two egg yolks. We also add the powdered almonds and the sugar and mix well until obtaining a light preparation.
  • Cut the chosen fruits into small cubes and mix with the mixture, also adding a little orange liqueur. Then we pour into a pyramid-shaped mold (traditional in Russia) or a barely greased pudding pan so that the mixture does not stick.

Let it cool for one night and when unmolding it, decorate with butter cream and polished fruit. It is served very cold and is a kind of chess cake, ideal to serve as a dessert or as an afternoon snack.


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