What are the roots of Muslims in America?

When did Muslims first step on the continent of America? The question is many today. Especially with the current Islamophobia group and the likes of Donald Trump, the goal of Muslim-hating extremists is to identify that Muslims are an outsider in America – immigrants. That is, Muslims are an exotic immigrant fresh off the boat on the American coast. Muslim heaters do not account for any number of groups. The leader of one of these groups is Pamela Geller of New York, a woman of extreme Muslim hatred. The name of his movement is “Stop the Islamization of America -” Stop Islamization of America. “They are busy busy spreading hate on the bill boards on the one hand and collecting all the negative news of the Muslims of their web site! Their bullies are slogan, as the Muslims are “savage” they are creating insanity of propaganda, etc., to destroy the modern civilized world. On the other hand, there is no historical roots of Muslims in the region.

Is that so?

Is there really no historical roots of Muslims on the continent of America? To find out the answer to this question, write today. Since mainstream historians press a lot of information into implementing their own special agendas, a lot of historical information is required to know about this. But the hope is that there has been a lot of writing and a lot of research on this for many years now, with which the correct history is coming out. I will briefly mention here a few words so that it is possible for the reader to get a “Bird’s Eye View” on the subject.

Lynn Parramore, a PhD in English and Cultural Theory from NYU, editor of Alt Nut, founder of Recession Wire and New Deal 2.0, and author of nineteenth-century literary culture Ancient Egypt, recently  mentioned in an article about Anthony Janszoon van Salee (Muslim) Islam) is deeply involved in American history.

The name of Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick , an Islamic scholar in the Muslim community of North America,  is no stranger. He himself has done a great deal of research on the history of the Muslim route in North America and has been informing the people of the correct history through lectures / presentations at various seminars. That day I went to listen to one of his speeches. After listening to his speech, I originally intended to write this article today. The history that is taught throughout the world is that Christopher Columbus first discovered America in the 12th.  This is a very important pivotal issue in the history of Western civilization.

Even Columbus Day is a national holiday in America. But the fact that this history is not true is not known to the general public or given to the school. Therefore, false history is the established history. Why is this attempt? To know the answer, they must understand what their agenda is. Today, if anyone is talking about America or Canada as a country, the picture that floats in everyone’s mind is that these countries are the home of European-style white-skinned Europeans. But the real owner of this country, who was the native or the First Nation of this country, will not remember anyone. If you think you have ever seen a film made in Hollywood, you can understand how a black person is a hero and if a Muslim character has to be depicted. Conditioning people’s thinking through media or books is not new. The world’s leading interests are never lagging behind in that country. Western No matter how much we call the world a secular society, but in the minds of most people, there is still no way to deny that the dominion of the Judean Christian nation in the world society and the desire to establish themselves as the only best nation still exists. So everything is Euro-centric and the tendency is to bury a lot of true history in order to achieve that purpose. One thing must have been noticed when the entire western world was submerged in darknessThe Dark Age At that time, the Muslims had a golden age but they were not practiced in history. After the Muslim world was defeated in the colonial war of Europeans, the history and success of Muslim civilization or the glory and positive of Islam lost the opportunity to be published in the world court.

That is why the history of the Muslims who came to this continent long before Christopher Columbus’ 12 America was discovered has been suppressed! That evidence can now be found by historians searching for the truth.

First, it is very important to listen to the following video lecture by Dr. Abdullah Hakim. Then the context of this discussion will be clear.

Recently in the AA article on PBS.OrgPrakash, many historians today claim that Muslim sailors were able to come to the continent even before the 5th century. According to many, Muslims came from the Senegambia region of Africa in the early part of the 5th century. It is believed they were Moore expelled from Spain, Those who make their way from the Caribbean and possibly the Gulf of Mexico are on the move. Historical data also suggests that when Columbus sailed for America, he took along a book written by 12th-century Portuguese Muslims to guide the ship’s sea. Many historians also claim that a man by the name of Estefan, along with many Spanish Muslims, raided New Mexico through Arizona in the 8th century. However, when Muslims were brought into the country as slaves, more and more Muslims came to the ground. It is said that 3 to 5 percent of them were Muslim who tried to keep their religion secretly by preserving their traditional clothing and names. On the coast of Georgia there was a raft of Muslim African-Americans who were able to maintain their faith until the early 20th century.

Talking about Muslim roots in America will be incomplete if the lives of African Americans are not discussed. The following video describes a beautiful story of how Islam is giving a new life to African American society subjected to drug addiction and violent crimes.


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