Main tourist attractions to visit in South America

South America, South America or South America, as that wide area of ​​the continent below the line of Ecuador is known, is divided into three large areas. These are the South American Caribbean, the Southern Cone and the South American Andean region. The region has more than 12 countries in its geographical block.

Its great extension, of more than 18 million km², and its ethnic diversity, in addition to its political situation, make this corner of the planet host an enormous cultural, geographical and natural wealth. If you have always wanted to travel to Chile and other Latin countries, continue reading to learn more about that part of the globe.

Peru, Colombia and Bolivia: indigenous and ancestral culture

Peru is home to one of the most important archaeological sites in the world: Machu Picchu. This is one of the places dreamed of by any traveler, and it is not surprising. Peru offers, however, much more: from Cuzco, an indispensable example of the Inca Empire, to figures from another planet, such as the Nazca lines.

Bolivia awaits you with unique landscapes, such as the Salar de Uyuni or Lake Titicaca, with calm waters that convey a sensation of incomparable peace. All this while enjoying the rich gastronomy of La Paz, a city that will literally leave you breathless, or the picturesque alleys of Sucre, dyed white.

In Colombia, you can visit jewels such as Cartagena de Indias, which was one of the most important ports on the continent, a palpable legacy in an architecture that we can still enjoy today. Medellín, with a climate that is worth the name of “city of eternal spring”, is just another of the essential milestones of your trip.

Argentina, Uruguay and Chile: three unforgettable countries

When you visit Chile, let yourself be seduced by the wonders of the Atacama desert, which offers geysers, lakes or natural reserves of extraordinary wealth. The sight of the Andes Mountain Range covered in snow is another of the gifts that this incredible country will offer you. The lonely Easter Island or Rapa Nui awaits the most adventurous.


Those looking for an urban experience can enjoy the charms of Buenos Aires, the most visited city in South America. Argentina is also home to natural wonders, such as the resounding presence of Aconcagua or the landscape of the end of the world in Ushuaia, in southern Patagonia, which seduce the traveler.

In Uruguay, those who enjoy the most authentic architecture can visit Colonia del Sacramento, whose cobblestone streets and spectacular sunsets have earned it the title of World Heritage Site. Montevideo also boasts of its sunsets; From the promenade you will have the opportunity to check it out.
Brazil: the Lusophone part of the continent
Brazil is an explosion of cultural, natural and human diversity that will not leave you indifferent. An exception in Latin America, a country of continental dimensions that is home to everything from the spectacular northeast coast to the European-style architecture of the south, without forgetting the lung of the planet, the Amazon.

Megalopolis lovers can enjoy the attractions of Sao Paulo, the most populous city in Latin America. Rio de Janeiro or Bahia are other names that evoke sounds of samba and bossa nova, and on whose white sand beaches and crystal clear waters you will want to lose caipirinha in hand.

Gastronomy, culture and history: a portrait of South America

Peru, Colombia and Bolivia will surprise you with their most authentic culture. Discover the cult of Aymara deities, in La Paz, or discover the songs of the Llanos, in the Orinoco basin, with lyrics that invoke work with cattle. Discover the multitude of rituals, festivals and ancient lifestyles that remain until today.

The Southern Cone hosts jewels to the delight of the most experienced traveler. The great climatic diversity of this region produces a truly unique landscape and biological variety. After visiting these tourist attractions, taste an exquisite barbecue; Argentines, Uruguayans and Chileans claim it. Choose your favourite!

Brazil, a country as beautiful as it is complex, offers beaches of mythical resonance, natural wonders, such as the Igazú Falls, or the unknown Pantanal, as well as unique samples of colonial architecture and the largest jungle in the world, which is, in itself, a unique experience in your visit to this region of the globe.


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