Romantic ideas for a first date

No romantic ideas for your first date? If you are starting your courtship and want to make a good impression on that person you like so much, take note.

Having a first romantic date doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable situation . In fact, if you plan things well, everything will go smoothly. Regarding nerves, it is normal that they exist since you do not know each other well enough.

If you have not yet thought about the detail with which to surprise on the first date, know how to surprise and impress the person you like so much with some romantic detail on the first date.

Take the reins of the appointment trying to transmit confidence and break the ice as many times as necessary. Try to stay calm and show yourself as you are. For example, try to keep the conversation interesting, look her in the eye and play with non-verbal communication, and of course, make her laugh ‘

We show you some romantic ideas to make your first date a success . Here we go!


  • Romantic ideas for your first date in town
    • Find a different place to have a drink on your first date
    • Going out together on the first date
    • First appointment of activities in the city
    • Go for a night walk and end up looking at the stars
    • Tell him to show you his favorite hobby
  • Romantic ideas for your first date out of town
  • Romantic ideas for the first time

Romantic ideas for your first date in town

Some questions that are asked by the vast majority of people looking for advice for a first date is: where to go on a first date? what to do on the first date?

For a first meeting, it is best to meet in public places so that neither of you feels uncomfortable or intimidated. Not having enough confidence could play a trick on you. You will have the opportunity in future dates to be intimate!

Find a different place to have a drink on your first date

Surely you have heard that by mouth it is conquered! An ideal option is to invite him for a drink. Choose a romantic and different bar in your city. A coffee with a piece of cake, a good ice cream or some good tapas are good options.

If you know their tastes and even their favorite food, you will be right. The ideal is to have a drink somewhere where you can talk without noise that interrupts your conversation.

Going out together on the first date

Why not enjoy a night out together? It will be a very fun time. If you like to laugh, nothing better than going to a bar where you can enjoy a monologue . Take the night activities guide of your city and find out everything to surprise him.

By the way, speaking of monologues, we leave you a very funny one in which Daniel Rovira talks about first dates. We hope you like!

These types of situations bring a lot of confidence. If you know that this person likes to dance, take them to a bar where you know they play their favorite music and go ahead and give it your all on the dance floor.

First appointment of activities in the city

If you know that he is passionate about cultural activities, take the opportunity to take him to see an art gallery, a photo exhibition, a museum, a concert, a play and even a library. Some of the options may not seem romantic to you, however it is a matter of trying. You will realize that you were not right.

Another option would be to take a sightseeing tour of the city and finish in a bar with live music. You are sure to enjoy a fantastic afternoon and find a lot in common!

Go for a night walk and end up looking at the stars

Is there something more romantic than walking with the person you like and ending up hugging watching the stars? Few things are more romantic! Find places where you can enjoy a special ride.

For example, prepare the route to a viewpoint, carry a blanket in your backpack and enjoy sitting in a more intimate place to let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment next to the stars.

Tell him to show you his favorite hobby

Do you know that he has a hobby that he can teach you? Then tell him to become a teacher for you. It’s a romantic idea for the first date that you sure did not expect. Have you heard that she would like to do a wine tasting? Then take him to a wine bar in a nearby town. The important thing is to enjoy a different day.

Romantic ideas for your first date out of town

  • He likes animals? Visiting an aquarium, a zoo and even preparing a visit to a kennel near the city can be ideal options to enjoy a first meeting together. In addition, she will see your most tender and human side, and that will always be a positive point.
  • Do you enjoy nature? So an original possibility for the first date is to take her to a park and have a picnic. If you take the opportunity to include one of his favorite products, he will be really surprised. Another romantic idea for the first date can be a walk through a natural space, a trip to the countryside where there is a river or a good walk on the beach.
  • Do you like sports or activities that bring you adrenaline? Surely there is some place nearby that is interesting to visit and to carry out activities. In some places there are options to rent a kayak, bikes, take a horse ride, do a car race, a ride in a plane, an amusement park … Try to make her spend a wonderful afternoon. There are countless activities to do!
  • Are you a person with an adventurous soul and who likes tourism? Take him to visit a nearby town and prepare a guided tour for you. There is nothing better than proving that you have made the date. Another interesting option is to take an excursion through a natural park that is one or two hours from your city.

There are millions of ideas to surprise on the first date. Finally, take advantage of the dismissal to propose a second date, enjoy the magic  of that moment, and remember: the first meeting is used to meet, have fun, empathize and discover things in common.

Romantic ideas for the first time

Do you want to make your first time unforgettable? For this to happen, the first thing you need to do is relax and not be ashamed. It is essential that you are safe to give everything to the other person since it will be very significant for both of you and you will always remember it .

Therefore, it is important to gain confidence so that that moment arises naturally and not be aware of the time. In this way you can enjoy it to the fullest.

So that your first time is on the right track, choose a suitable place , be it a rural house, an apartment on the beach or a hotel in the city, take the opportunity to give it a more intimate atmosphere. It will make you feel more comfortable!

Here are some ideas to make your first time together special . 5 senses will awaken your senses!

  • Prepare a romantic music playlist at a low volume to help you relax.
  • Decorate the room with some scented candles to give it a more subdued atmosphere.
  • Includes rose petals for the bed.
  • Accompany the evening with aphrodisiac fruits such as strawberries with chocolate.
  • Choose your drink appropriately. Wine, champagne, soft drinks.
  • Start with a massage with aromatic oils in an area of ​​the body that allows you to look at yourself.
  • The preliminaries are essential to make the first time special. Speak honestly and gain more trust with each other. You can take the opportunity to guide you on what you like and how you like it.
  • Buy some game for couples that is fun and break the ice between you. Other romantic first-time ideas include playing with masks, petting feathers, etc. These kinds of things will lead to caresses, pretty whispers, tickles, sweet kisses, etc.

In short, write down the romantic ideas for your first date on a piece of paper and spend some time coming up with which are your favorites that we have proposed. And don’t forget the most important thing, enjoy the moment.


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