Happy 15 years! – Phrases for 15 years

If you’ve been invited to a quinceañera and you don’t know how to express yourself, we present you 5 birthday greetings for 15 years so you can dedicate some nice words . Let her know how happy you are to be a part of her big day!

Turning 15 is a very important date in the life of a quinceañera. They look forward to the celebration where the transition from girl to adult is presented in society.

For the occasion, friends and family dedicate a few words to the quinceañera in the form of a poem to send their best wishes. Congratulate her in a special way so she doesn’t forget how much you love her on a day like fifteen.

We show you below 5 birthday wishes to dedicate at a 15-year party .

You were always very curious about fifteen and now your wait is over. Today you turn fifteen, a very important day for you. Today you will see your dream come true. And from now on, you enter a new stage. I leave you the best successes in your life. She is still a good daughter, sister and friend. Happy 15th birthday.

May your fifteen be as you have always dreamed of and this new phase of your life brings you wonderful moments. I want you to know that I am very happy to be with you on your big day. May you always follow the path of success and may I be there to see it. Happy 15 years.

Celebrating your quince surrounded by the love of all the people you love is a unique moment that you will live with great enthusiasm. All my wishes for everything that comes from today. I will always be by your side to help you and support you in your decisions. Happy fifteen birthday precious. Today is a day of excitement. One stage closes and another begins.

On this special day for you, you finally celebrate the age you always wanted to be. Today you are already starting to be a beautiful young lady who has much to enjoy ahead of her. I love you very much, a hug, and happy 15th birthday.

It’s already 15 years. As you can see, now begins the most beautiful stage of your life that you should enjoy. It is a unique moment that life offers you so do not fear. You just have to find those things that make you happy. Those dreams you always talked about will gradually begin to make sense. With pride, I will always be by your side to encourage you in everything you need. Happy fifteen friend.

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15 years congratulations to a niece

If you have a niece who is about to turn fifteen, start thinking about what you want to say in your 15 year congratulations! The fifteen is a very special occasion to express how happy you are for her and how much you love her.

We show you 5 congratulations of 15 years for one dedicating a beautiful poem to a quinceañera niece .

‘I still remember when I saw you for the first time, so little, and now you are quite a woman. Never forget that the most beautiful moments in life are those that we can share with the dearest friends and family. Today begins a stage full of dreams so I wish you all the happiness in the world, pretty girl. ‘

‘Life is wonderful at any age, but fifteen is impossible to forget. You will feel an emotion that will always remain etched in your heart. With all my love I want to tell you on this important day, niece that I adore you among all things. You are wonderful and I have no doubt that you always will be. I am very proud of you and you are like a daughter. May all your dreams come true and I can be by your side to see it. Happy fifteen my princess. ‘

‘I dreamed of you dressed as a princess as if it were a fairy tale and as if by magic your fifteen springs have already arrived. I feel nostalgic thinking about how we used to play when you were little and you would hold my hand to go to the park, but now it’s time to leave childhood and grow up. Moving into adulthood is not easy. Sometimes you will doubt and other times you will fear. But always remember that your family and friends are close, and especially your uncles who adore you and are very proud of you. ‘

‘Many congratulations of 15 years to your niece.’ Today is one of the most important days of your life and you know it well because of what you have dreamed of this moment. Now you have in your hands the youth and beauty to enjoy, dream and live life as you always wanted. Be happy every day of your life and especially today because it will be an indelible memory. ‘

‘You will always be our favorite niece. Happy fifteen!’

‘I have no words to express how I feel. On a day like today the most precious little woman in the family was born and we celebrate her fifteenth with pride. Niece of the soul I wish you the best in the world for a stage that will fill you with joys and new experiences. We have lived many moments together so keep them in your heart and always carry them there.
Now, live with enthusiasm, strength and love, that we from the heart wish you all our blessings. ‘We hope that the congratulations of 15 years have been to your liking to dedicate some beautiful words in the form of phrases and poems to your quinceañera.’

What has been your favorite dedication? Let us know! We will be happy to read you.

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