Are you looking to make your partner a romantic surprise with flowers and candles? Then take note.

Here you will discover ideas to escape the routine or to celebrate a special date such as Valentine’s Day . Romantic surprises will help you always keep the flame of love alive.

Romantic ideas with flowers and candles are perfect to surprise your partner and enjoy a different day . Whether in your house or in her house one of the options that she likes most is to decorate the room with flowers and candles.

Even so, many are those who dare to decorate the entire house with candles and flowers to spend a romantic evening of the most special. In any case, you should know that the decoration with candles and flowers for a romantic dinner or night will help us give that intimate touch

One of the most sought after ideas is to create a path of candles and flowers to welcome your love.

Place candles from the hall to the table where they will have their romantic dinner and add flowers in the middle of the road. Turn off the lights and allow the flowers and candles to lead the way.

Another idea to enjoy a romantic evening is to decorate the table where you go to dinner with candles . You can buy a beautiful candle holder that has some decorated with hearts or floating candles.

To complete that moment, there is nothing better than giving her a beautiful bouquet or using different flowers to decorate the table. If you want to go a step further, then prepare a homemade dinner combining your favorite food with aphrodisiac products. If you have a bath at home, take a bath with your love.

Decorating the bathroom with flowers and scented candles is another of the romantic ideas that couples like the most since it is a moment that quickly arouses passion. Fill the tub with hot water and put some fresh flowers inside.

Finally, the room is the place where the romantic evening will end. For the most intimate atmosphere, romantic candles are the perfect option since the lighting will be according to the moment.

The flowers in this case you can distribute them to different areas of the bedroom or place them on the bed as a bouquet or place them individually. You can also put a nice vase on the table and include a love note.

Romantic ideas with rose petals

If you prefer to find romantic ideas with pink petals and leave the candles for another occasion it is also possible. Roses, in addition to giving a lot of play to enjoy a romantic evening as a couple, have a lot of meaning.

‘Roses symbolize different aspects depending on color. They symbolize love, desire and passion. They represent beauty and it has always been the gift of lovers par excellence ‘.

Decorating with rose petals, be it the whole house or a specific part (dining table, bathroom or bedroom) is a very romantic idea to surprise your partner and give it a very intimate touch.

Decorate the room with rose petals, the quintessential romantic surprise

The star surprise of the night is decorating the bedroom and bed with fresh rose petals. The downside to fresh flowers is their short life, so if you wish you could use them more times there are also preserved roses .

A tip: ‘all romantic ideas to surprise your partner have to be accompanied by a romantic note and of course music’.

Prepare a CD with romantic songs for the occasion and you will succeed in style.

  • For the most original people, draw the outline of a heart or fill the entire heart with petals. The best of all is the aroma so rich that it will leave the room.
  • Give a bouquet of fresh roses and remove the petals yourself and take it as a fun game. Each petal a kiss …
  • Other romantic ideas is to put her name and yours , the date you met or spread the petals on the bed. Any romantic occurrence will be a hit!

If you want to add even more romance and give it a big surprise, you can create a personalized love song for the occasion . You will be left with your mouth open with your own love story.

Other ideal accessories to enjoy with your partner:

  1. Cava bottle with two nice glasses
  2. chocolates
  3. Aphrodisiac fruits
  4. Couple games

With all the ideas we have given you, you will surprise your partner yes or yes . Also, remember that the important thing about everything is the small details of the day-to-day and choosing different plans.


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