Riddles about nature

The website “Mom can do anything!” Has collected the most interesting puzzles about nature with answers. Some of them are very light and students in grades 1-4 will deal with them, while others in grades 5 to 9 will have to break their heads. Riddles about such natural phenomena as: wind, rain, snow, eclipse, thunder and others.


No wings, but I’m flying.

I am invisible, intangible.

But as soon as I mention,

Watch out, I knock. (Wind)


Leaves fly in autumn

I’m coming … (fall of leaves)


It’s not water and it’s not dry –

You won’t sail a boat

And you won’t walk (Swamp)


If the solar moon closes the light,

Then darkness enters the Earth.

And it’s a phenomenon

We all call … (eclipse)



I am very good-natured Mecca, obedient

But when I want

Even a stone to the spring. (Water)


The dwarves walk one after the other:

On one – the kaftan is green,

In the white cloak the other is dressed, I

took the third leaves in a bouquet,

And the fourth are friends with the sun,

A walk with an umbrella through the puddles.

They lead the time

Every dwarf is one … (season)


It hangs high in the sky

Brightly lit, far away.

He’ll see everyone, he’ll warm up The

darkness will scatter everywhere

Jump the bunny out the window.

Guess what? This is … (sun).


The soft stem has grown

He is not tall,

He can barely reach his feet

Called … (grass)


Red arrow An

oak tree fell near the village. (Arrows)


A tall giant It’s

like falling into a trap

He’s not going anywhere

He grows on one leg.

Like huge hands

In the wind the branches rustle. (Wood)


We breathe, gases in it.

What do we call it? (Air)


He is a tree younger brother,

Simply too little

And has a lot of hull

Young man of it. (Shrub)


I grab them with a glove

And look at them, look …

Like ice patterns

Fall from the sky … (snowflakes)



Spring has come, we are waiting for rolls,

And it has flowed through the yard … (stream)


Snow coat on him, boots from the sun, It’s

icy, but it doesn’t fall cold.

The year begins, the calendar.

Tell me, what month is it? (January)


The wind blows in places.

All winds blow from your feet.

Snowstorm hit in the distance The

windy weather has already come (February)


The snow doesn’t melt, but it turns black

It’s a little warmer.

Spring has started a great start.

What month is it? (March)


Streams flow, ikoles melt

Spring comes into its own.

Bird flood

We have been informed: here … (April)


The sun does not leave the sky

This month is coming to us.

Take off your jackets, the

moon is coming … (May)


Well, summer has arrived.

Everything was green, singing.

On dandelion white quince …

Now it blooms. Anyway … (June)


The thermometer is hot The

grass is green everywhere.   You can see the

sun in the sand

Boat in the distance.

The sky is like blue tulle.

Well, that month – … (July)


Summer is coming to an end

Already full of mushrooms in the forest,

Under the feet of the branches there is a squeak.

Which month? This is … (August)



Ripe apple berries in orchards sing in the forest .

Summer is somewhere behind

You are not waiting for the heat.


rains We cry for a month … (September)


Cloudy, gray, gloomy,

Light sky gloomy

Birds fly south

Leaves fly from the tree

Poodles in our yard …

In the moon is all in … (October)


The last month before winter

He is very familiar with us.

And the first snow and cold

There is an ice crust on the puddles.

I love the moon anyway.

Thanks for the snow … (November)


This month is coming to us, the

New Year is walking with it,

And the holidays are underway.

When does the moon hit?

The last one is on the calendar.

I’m talking about … (December)


From the sky pours a stream of water

People and gardens will be soaked

Dry all the houses and yards, The

dog will become a wet chain Watch.

What is What Happened?

Maybe the sky is angry?

Conclusion, wait,

Only the third day … (rain)



Flashing in the blue sky

Valja June … (thunder)


We breathe, gases in it.

What do we call it? (Air)


Each color stood in front of each other

and painted one.

The rain just stopped

We recognized the beauty in the sky.

It is a multicolored bow.

The bow is called to … (long)


It rained all morning,

Just a verse, I hurried

Go for a walk soon

To see all my friends.

Nothing in the way I

immediately moistened my feet.

In the yard with friends

We weighed together … (puddles)



It was raining The

night came, and now –

Poodles froze

Everywhere … (ice)


The nests themselves that make

and sing individually.

They can soar into the sky quickly.

Who is this? This is … (birds)


He is both in summer and winter –

Between heaven and earth.

Even though I’ve been going to him all my life –

He’ll be all ahead. (Horizon)


The river crosses the plain It is

beautiful, deep.

Where does this noisy stream come from?

The beginning of the river is called … (source)


Where the river releases the sea

They say, children, … (mouth)


It flies down a cliff

On broken rocks.

Louder than a beast, it roars

and turns to foam. (Waterfall)



A white canopy illuminated the entire yard.

Maybe collect the whole bucket?

No, it won’t happen – just take it,

It disappears right away so you don’t find it.

That group of magic, I was very happy.

I told the boys what it was … (hello)


He cleans the leaves on the street

And the garbage rises into the air.

Again in our yard

Today no one walks.

Everyone says the weather is bad

Which again angers mother nature.

Kick, you won’t cross a meter.

What kind of power is that? Power … (wind)


In the summer it rained for a long time,

there is no more ice and snow in the mountains. The


Gardens and Gardens came from the shore .

Not to be found – there is water all around.

People grief and unhappiness.

Everything is in the water and without a doubt

It has come … (flood)


It’s spring and summer.

We saw each other dressed.

And in the fall with the poor

Separate all the shirts.

But the winter blizzards

dressed him in fur. (Wood)


Night fell on the ground

It was dark.

The stars in the sky are shining

To flicker … (moon).


A hot ball of gas

In the sky it is immediately noticeable

It gives us warmth and light

There is no life without it. (Sun)


The silver curtain

suddenly came down from the sky.

Silver curtain

cast in drops.

Lowered the curtain

cloud, can you imagine?

What a wonderful curtain?

Can you guess? (Rain)


Autumn rain walked through the city, The

mirror lost its rain.

The mirror is on the sidewalk,

The wind will blow – it will tremble. (Lokva)


Like across the river, across the river

Suddenly the color

Miraculous Suspension Bridge (Rainbow) appeared



What, I don’t understand?

Is it in a dream or in reality?

The house is not visible, the oak in the river,

Everything seems to be in the milk.

Tala is that? Sleep? Cheating?

The morning is … (fog)


The rainy wind blew in his horn.

The sheep gathered in the sky. (Clouds)


From the water it will become wider

And will not stop growing.

The pit became large

As if a magician had tried.

He mixes in fields, gardens,

And his name is … (plain)


Peas scattered in the dark sky

Caramel in the color of sugar,

And only when morning comes

All the caramel suddenly melts. (Stars)


My girlfriend told me

that there are plains everywhere.

Nothing more

Just grass, bushes full.

These conversations are nonsense,

There are many landscapes … (mountains)


A yellow plaque hangs in the sky.

The yellow plate gives everyone warmth. (Sun)


The mountains go in order

It turns out to be a mountain range.

You probably know

what these rows are – … (ridges)


The old man stands above the water

Shaking his chin. (Reed)


There is a dangerous mountain

It may suddenly come to life.

Smoke, flame breathes

Magma can cook.

People in the world of different countries.

Know that she is … (volcano)


Antoshka stands

On one leg I am


And the hat is big. (Mushroom)


Remember, children:

Patience and work

Help create

Artificial … (pond)


Soft, not fluffy

Green, not grass. (Moss)


Kikimora lives here

Whoever comes is lost.

No sushi, just mud

Feet mud.

In the books – a house for a nišan.

Guess what? This … (swamp)


Nobody scares her

and she trembles. (Aspen)


Spring has come, they do not heat the furnaces,

And running through the fields, muttering, … (stream)


Bleached pillars

Hats are green on them. (Birch)


The highest layer is the earth.

Grass and trees grow in it,

It has fertility

What does everyone call it? (Earth)


They grow in summer

and fall in autumn. (Leaves)


It’s raining in the fall

Don’t wait for the heat in the fall.

In the summer, the terrible heat of the

Soul will hardly save you.

It snows in December and

showers in the spring.

At any time of the year

Characteristic … (weather)


This is a dark cloud

In winter it can be in summer.

When it appears in the sky,

Something happens.

It may suddenly snow, hail.

Why? Who is to blame?

Cloudless weather is better

After all, a dark cloud – … (cloud)


Does not burn in fire

Does not sink in water. (Led)


It is fluffy, white and white.

It’s not a beast, it’s not a man.

In winter, from time to time it is

sprayed on the ground. (Snow)


White carrot

Grows in winter. (Icicle)


Wet foot in the morning –

It was wet grass.

It was not raining, but it was humid everywhere.

What is A from where?

This drop of water

Called … (dew)


Walk by the sea

And the shore will arrive –

It will disappear here. (Wave)


The water evaporates from the tank.

Then it rains on the ground.

It falls into the seas and lakes

And again the sunny day evaporates.

This phenomenon – the movement of water –

In nature it is called … (cycle)


There is water around

And drinking is a problem. (More)



Five kingdoms in which there are many organisms

We call the mother … (nature)


Two brothers

Looking at the water The

century will not converge. (River and shores)


The birds sleep in it and live, The

eggs are their own.

From the branches they made a dwelling

And called … (nest)


Red, black eyes are visible

So they have already arrived.

Hidden in the grass, muffled downstairs and waiting

When he gathered them all for jam. (Strawberrys)


Which way

Six months drive

And go for six months? (River)


Large body of water,

Do not find the shore.

It is not a river or the sea,

It contains hundreds of times more water. (Ocean)


  1. Very high air temperature. (Heat, heat)
  2. A colorful rocker hung over nature. (Rainbow)
  3. Drops of dark clouds on the ground gathered in puddles. (Rain)
  4. Precipitation with very small droplets falling very slowly. (Drizzle)
  5. Heavy rain with large drops. (Rain)
  6. He thunders and frightens everyone, his lights often shine. (Thunder)
  7. Electric discharge, cascade of light strips. (Arrows)
  8. Lightning in the shape of a ball hanging in the air. (Lightning ball)
  9. A combination of thunder and lightning. (Thunderstorm)
  10. Condensation of water vapor on the surface of the earth and buildings. (Rosa)
  11. Winter fluttering rains, falling instead of rain. (Snow)
  12. Ice flakes fall from the sky to the ground. (City)
  13. It can be light and comfortable, and it can be both strong and indecisive. (Wind)
  14. The wind blows the trees with their roots and tears down the roofs. (Hurricane)
  15. vortex, which has the shape of a dark vertical sleeve with a funnel in the upper part. (Tornado, tornado)
  16. A light breeze blows on the shores of water bodies. (Wind)
  17. Waves and strong winds at sea or ocean. (Storm)
  18. Big wave during a storm. (Axle)
  19. Huge waves, washing and destroying everything in their path. (Tsunami)
  20. Light waves on tank surfaces. (Ripples)
  21. Absolutely quiet flat water surface. (Stroke)
  22. The crashing of waves on the banks of a river, sea, or ocean. (Surf)
  23. A reflection of the sound a person heard from an obstacle. (Echo)
  24. Astronomical phenomenon in which the moon closes the sun from the earth. (Solar eclipse)
  25. The appearance of the sun above the horizon. (Sunrise, dawn)
  26. The disappearance of the sun beyond the horizon. (Sunset, sunset)
  27. What is brighter and more colorful – sunrise or sunset? (Sunset)
  28. Shocks and vibrations of different strength below the earth’s surface. (Earthquake)
  29. Reflection of the moon on the surface of water. (Moon Trail)
  30. A small water vapor in the sky in the form of white fluffy islets. (Clouds)
  31. White, wet and opaque veil in the air. (Fog)
  32. The thinnest layer of ice crystals on earth and various objects. (Oak)
  33. What is obtained from water when its temperature drops below zero? (Led)
  34. Slippery ice crust on the surface of the earth, due to which people often fall. (Led)
  35. A bright glow high in the sky in areas close to the pole. (Northern Lights)
  36. A mass of snow and ice that rises from a mountain or other height. (Avalanche)
  37. Cone-shaped mountain with a crater at the top. (Volcano)
  38. What follows from a volcano during an eruption? (Lava, ash, gases, stones)
  39. Rapid flow of water with stones, earth, sand, clay. (Sel)
  40. Avalanche of mud, earth, stones and fragments of trees. (Landslide)
  41. Optical illusion, in which an imaginary image of something appears on the horizon in a hot climate. (Mirage)
  42. Strong fall of many meteorites. (Meteor shower or star rain)
  43. Large ice platforms on ponds. (Iceberg)
  44. A huge tall block of ice on a pillar. (Iceberg)
  45. Movement of ice sheets on the surface of lakes and rivers under the influence of wind or underflow. (Ice deposit)
  46. ​​Ice stalactite hanging from an object during frost. (Icicle)
  47. Gust of wind, lifting and guiding large masses of snow. (Blizzard)
  48. Crystallization of water on glass windows in the form of curls and tree branches. (Frosty pattern)
  49. Overflow and overflow of the river. (High water)
  50. Autumn leaves that fall on trees and bushes. (Fall of leaves)



Puzzles about thunder, lightning, thunder.

Bass and serious, his character is cool: He

murmurs very threateningly – everyone will run away immediately.


Knocking loudly, shouting loudly,

And what it says – I don’t understand

And the sages don’t recognize it.


Nobody sees me

But everyone hears

And everyone can see my entourage,

But nobody hears that.


Malania has passed – a burning flame;

Groin came – the house was shaking.

(thunder and lightning)

Knocking on the sky

And on the ground it is heard.

(Thunder)        First glow

For a crackle crackle

Behind the burst of spray.

(thunder and thunder)

The horse is running – the ground is trembling.


The Invisible Giant

Beats a huge drum.


Here the horse rushes across the sky –

Fire flies under my feet The

horse beats the mighty

And separates the clouds.

So he runs hard

That the ground beneath him trembles.


I have no fire or heat Burn



Burning arrow An

oak tree fell near the village.


Fire arrow flies

No one will catch it


Riddles about the sun, shadow, moon, moon, stars, sky

Roll on a blue plate

Golden apple

(sun and sky)

Shines, shines,

Heats everything.


Stopped over the river

Balon, golden.

And then he hid behind the woods

Rolling over the water.


Well, which of you will answer:

Not fire, but burning pain

Not a flashlight, but a strong light

And not a baker, but baking?


Not fiery, but warm.

Not a lamp, but a light.

like a ball, round.

Like a pumpkin, yellow.


I wake up early in the morning

I will look and laugh

Because in my window

It shines brightly …


Every morning He

enters us through the window.

If he’s already in –

That’s how the day came.

(solar radiation)           He’ll come to the house –

Don’t throw out the stake.

It’s time for you to come –

He will leave.

(solar radiation)

Who enters through the window

and does not reveal?

(light, sun)       I’m always in a friendly mood with the light

If the sun is on the window,

I’m out of the mirror, out of the puddle

I’m running against the wall.

(solar radiation)

Not too lazy to wander around

every day.

It’s worth the sun to enter,

how can you not find it.

(shadow)         See with my eyes

Yes, don’t take it with your hands.


You fell at my feet

Stretched out by the road.

And you can’t be lifted

And you can’t drive you away.

You look so much like me

Like I’m walking lying down

(shadow)         From whom, my friends,

Is it impossible to escape?

Clear, clear day

Wandering beside us …


Growing up, growing up

It was lustful – it became round.

Just a circle, a beautiful circle

Suddenly it horns again.


No arms, no legs

only with horns.

And he walks under the heavens.


No head, but with horns.


In the blue village –

Miss chubby.

He can’t sleep at night:

He looks in the mirror.


Horned, but not undercut.


Sparks burn the sky

But they do not reach us.

(stars)  For countless flocks the

weary shepherd walked at night.

And when the rooster crowed, the

sheep and the shepherd hid.

(moon and stars)

Expensive necklace

Sparks on the trees

In the morning you will see –

You will not find a necklace.

(stars)  The pea has been crushed

seventy times

no one will pick it up.

The rising sun is

exactly the opposite.


Above the forest, above the mountain, the

Carpet spread.

it will spread over you

and above me it

is gray, it is blue,

then it is light blue.

(sky)    Blue Marquise

The whole world is covered.


Mysteries about hail, snow, rain, cloaks, wind, fog

No wings, no legs

White flies fly.

(snow) White, not sugary

Soft, not cotton

No legs, but walking


In the winter walks – locks at home,

And in the spring cries – lets people go.

(snow) A white tablecloth covered the entire field.


It warms up in winter, stains reign in spring, they

die in summer, they come to life in autumn.

(snow) Lie down, lie down

And in the spring I ran into the river.


From me in winter, as well as in summer,

Everything blossomed into white.

(snow) It flies – it is silent, it lies – it is silent,

When it dies, then it howls.


I was born in autumn, I die in spring, in

winter a warm body on earth.

(snow) The land was covered with rails –

White and white on the outside.

These white flakes are

not suitable for feathers.



Flowers descend from the sky to the trees, to the bushes .

White, fluffy,

Odorless only.

(snow) In the beginning it was a black cloud,

It lay in a white forest.

It covered the whole country with a blanket

And in the spring it completely disappeared


Winter star

In spring – water.

(snowflake)     In winter it falls from the sky

and circles the earth

Light pods

White …


A white star

fell from the sky. It fell into my palm – and disappeared.


Who doesn’t cry and tears flow?

(rain)    He came from heaven, left to earth.


He makes noise in the field and in the garden,

But he won’t enter the house

And I won’t

go anywhere While he goes.

(rain)    He is cold, lush,

In his heels running after me.

Escape – only worse

Because everywhere – puddles!


No chance and no chance to

walk the longest leg.

He hides in the clouds, in the darkness

Only his feet on the ground.

(rain)    Who roofs all night

Blows and taps

And murmurs and sings I

hit you?


No arms, no legs, no house under the window,

He asks the hut.

(rain)    Tears fall from the sky

Flooded meadow and forest.


What happened? Oh, oh, oh!

Summer has become like winter:

White peas

Jump on the trail.


And neither snow nor ice

And he will clean the trees with silver.

(frost)  To walk in a field, but not on a horse, It

flies in the wild, but it is not a bird.


He does not see or hear

Sheta, wanders, peers, whistles.

Who comes to the meeting –

Hugs and fights.

(wind) No arms, no legs

And the gate opened.


It is not known where he lives.

Flies, trees oppressed.

Whistles – shivering across the river.

Misconception – and you won’t get lost.

(wind) I’ll swing the birch

I’ll push you

I’ll get it,

I’ll figure it out, I’ll even pull my hat.

And I don’t see

Who I am Can you guess?


In the village of white velvet –

And fences and trees.

And as the wind blows –

This velvet will fall.

(fog)    Milk hovered over the river

Nothing could be seen.

The milk melted –

It became visible far away.


Across the river, over the valley, a

white cloth hung.


Riddles about clouds, clouds

No wings, but a fly.

Nobody beats her, but she cries.

(cloud) Sadness does not know

And tears are shed.


Screaming through the sky The

bags are full of holes

And sometimes

water flows out of the bags.


The eagle flies over the blue sky

The wings of the raplplastal – The

sun has set.



Stronger than the sun

Weaker than the wind

No leg, but he walks,

No eyes, but cries.

(cloud) He frowned, frowned,

In tears struck

Nothing left.



Fluffy cotton wool floats somewhere:

The lower the cotton, the closer the rain.


They fly

without wings They run without legs

Sailing without sails.



The sun is not wrong

What does cotton wool hang in the sky?


The rainy wind blew in his horn.

The sheep gathered in the sky.


Riddles about mountains, horizon, rainbow, dawn

He is

between summer and winter between heaven and earth.

Even though you go to him all your life –

he will all be in front.

(horizon)          He is both in summer and winter –

Between heaven and earth.

Even though you go to him all your life –

he will all be in front.


A painted rocker

hung across the river.


For a moment, the

Multicolored Bridge of Miracles entered the country .

Miracle master craftsman The

bridge is high without a fence.


The sun has commanded: wait, the

bridge in seven colors is steep!

The cloud hid the sunlight – The

bridge collapsed and there is no slider.


What a wonderful beauty!

Painted Gate Show

up on the road! ..

Neither they enter nor enter.


Grandma wears a snow cap.

The stone sides are shrouded in clouds.


Through the fields, through the meadows

Elegant rose harbor.


Multicolored gates

Someone built on the meadow

But it is not easy to go through them,

Those gates are high.

The master tried

He took the paint for the gate

Not one, not two, not three –

Watch out for as many as seven.

What are these gates called?

Can you draw them?


Riddles about fire, water, earth

I didn’t give birth to anyone

And everyone is a mother’s name.

(Earth) Everyone is touring this place:

Here the earth is like dough.

Here are tufa, bumps, moss,

No footrest.


Here’s the smoothness:

Everything in the world can be eaten,

And when you drink water –

Be sure to fall asleep.

(fire)    We helped to stop:

Boiled soup, baked potatoes.

It is good for a trip,

You will not carry it with you …

(fire, bonfire)

He runs in summer, sleeps in winter,

Spring has come – it has flown again.


I can wash my face.

I can spill.

I always live in cranes.

Well, of course, I …


The water itself, yes, floats on the water.


Transparent like glass

But you can’t insert it in a window.


Winter glass

Spring was flowing.


It grows upside down

It does not grow in summer, but in winter.

But the sun will burn her – She

will cry and die.


White carrots

grow upside down in winter .


In the morning the pearls shone.

All the grass fell silent.

And we go to look for them in the afternoon,

We search, we search – we will not find.


Riddles about echoes, drafts, frost, patterns on glass

He lives without a body, speaks without a tongue,

No one sees him, but everyone will overcome him.

(echo)  In the dark forest, behind any pine tree,

there is a wonderful miraculous forest.

Shout, “Aw!” – and he will answer.

I’ll laugh – and it will laugh.


He came in – no one saw,

he said no one heard.

He was bleeding through the windows

And a forest was growing on the windows.

(frost, frozen samples)            He bleached overnight everywhere

And in our apartment a miracle!

The yard disappeared behind the window.

There grew a magical forest.

(samples on glass)

What kind of master put it on the walls?

And leaves, and herbs, and overgrown roses?

(frost)  without arms, without legs

Can draw.


The old man at the gate fired warmly.

Sam does not run away and does not order him to stand.

(frost)  Grandpa’s bridge bridges without an ax and without wedges.


Who is white

and writes on the walls with chalk


feather beds Decorated all the windows?


An invisible naughty man entered our room.

The curtains danced, the calendar entered the dance.

well, we immediately closed that door with us.


Mysteries of natural phenomena

Two brothers

Looking at the water The

century will not converge.


(Reply: Shores)


An invisible shepherd of white lambs rides on a mountain meadow.


(Answer: Wind and clouds)


Gray fabric extends through the window.


(Answer: Evening)


I break everything, I tear everything, nothing and no one calms down.


(Answer: vortex)


Why don’t we roll on the hill,

Into the sieve not to be carried away

And hide in our hands?


(Answer: Water)


What a miracle!

What a miracle!

How it broke

From the cliff


which year

There is no chance

It will not fall.


(Answer: Waterfall)


Between the mountains

Between the

valleys A white horse runs.


(Answer: Waterfall)


It flies down a cliff

about rocks breaking.

Louder than a beast, it roars

and turns to foam.


(Answer: Waterfall)


There is invisibility: he does not look for a house,

And before people run, in a hurry.


(Answer: Air)


What can’t you see in the room?


(Answer: Air)


It goes to the sea, it goes,

And it will reach the shore –

It will disappear here.


(Reply: Wave)


White curls –

Peppy lamb.

It’s raining in the forest I’m

walking along the lake

But just stand on the sand –


And they will fall.


(Reply: Waves)


While the mountain is asleep, it is mute

How to wake up – growl


(Answer: Volcano)


To walk in a field, but not on a horse, It

flies in the wild, but it is not a bird

Everyone is constantly hooking, but it is not a wolf.


(Reply: Blizzard)


Where is the end of the world?


(Answer: Where the shadow ends)


Woman wearing a snow cap The

stone sides are covered with clouds.


(Reply: Mountain)


Run, run – don’t run

Fly, fly – don’t fly.


(Answer: Horizon)


The edge is visible, but you will not arrive.


(Answer: Horizon)


He is both in summer and winter –

Between heaven and earth.

Even though I’ve been going to him all my life –

He’ll be all ahead.


(Answer: Horizon)


No arms, no legs and the window knocks.


(Answer: City)


Flies from the sky uninvited

Cold peas.


(Answer: City)


There is a crowd in the yard: peas are falling from the sky.

She ate six peas of Inna, now she has a sore throat.


(Answer: City)


The pea has been crushed

Seventy times

No one will collect it.


(Answer: City)


The peas were crushed

Seventy times.

Pea Fall

Jumps on the trails.


(Answer: City)


Shape, but not rabbit. It does not go to earth, but from heaven.


(Answer: Thunderstorm)


Bass and serious, his character is cool:

He will grumble very threatening – they will save everyone immediately!


(Reply: Thunder)


He knocks loudly, shouts loudly, and what he says is that he does not understand and never knows the wise.


(Reply: Thunder)


The ox roamed a hundred villages, a hundred rivers.


(Reply: Thunder)


The bear roared across all the mountains, across all the seas.


(Reply: Thunder)


The raven surrounded a hundred villages, a thousand lakes.


(Reply: Thunder)


The horse is running – The

earth is shaking.


(Reply: Thunder)


The duck grumbled – sensitive to the whole world.


(Reply: Thunder)


It will knock in the sky, but it can be heard on the ground.


(Reply: Thunder)


The gray class makes all kingdoms laugh.


(Reply: Thunder)


No one sees me, but everyone hears and everyone can see my entourage, but no one hears it.


(Answer: Thunder and lightning)


Malania has passed – a burning flame;

Came Groin – the house was shaking.


(Answer: Thunder and lightning)


Flashing, flashing, calling someone.


(Answer: Thunder and lightning)


The tour walks in the mountains, the party in the distance, the tour whistles, the rumble trembles.


(Answer: Thunder and lightning)


The king will click, the king will blink – he will call someone.


(Answer: Thunder and lightning)


The brother goes to visit his sister, and the sister hides in the woods.


(Answer: Day and night)


He was walking, asleep, stuck in the ground.


(Reply: Rain)


One pours, the other drinks, the third turns green and grows.


(Answer: rain, earth, grass)


The father is hot and red

It can be dangerous

And the son will fly into the bird –

He will not return to the father.


(Reply: Smoke)


The red girl looks in the mirror.


(Reply: dawn)


The peas were crushed

in a thousand ways.


(Reply: Stars)


Golden xen scattered in the night

We looked in the morning – nothing.


(Reply: Stars)


Fireflies in the blue sky

You can’t reach your hands

One big firefly

Bent like a worm.


(Answer: Stars and the moon)


Spread the carpet The peas

are scattered

Do not raise the carpet,

It is not a pea to collect.


(Answer: Stars in the sky)


I never gave birth and everyone calls her mother.


(Answer: Earth)


Two are standing on two lying, two fools, two robbers.


(Answer: Earth and sky, sun and moon, fire and water)


She did not suffer, she did not get sick and she put on a white cloth.


(Answer: Earth and snow)


And not snow, nor ice, but the trees will be removed with silver.


(Answer: Oak)


Just in front of the


Icicle window,

Beads of Tears flowed .

Well, and you, my friend,

The answer now –

Under my window

What’s ringing? …


(Reply: Drops)


They have oval sides

Long lasting.

They come from lotions,

From beer, tea, from broth,

From honey, alcohol, kerosene,

Syrup, milk, gasoline,

From apple and quince juice …

But more often – from ordinary water.


(Reply: Drops)


No planks, no axes across the river, the bridge is ready.

The bridge is like blue glass: slippery, fun, light.


(Reply: ice)


It does not burn in fire, It does not drown in water.


(Reply: ice)


Fish live warm in winter: the roof is thick glass.


(Reply: ice)


Water by itself, but it floats on water.


(Reply: ice)


It flowed, flowed

and fell under the glass.


(Reply: ice)


Do not drown in water

Do not burn in fire.


(Reply: ice)


Without arms, without legs, but with horns,

And he walks under the heavens.


(Reply: Moon)


He was young –

It was clear

He became old –

He began to fade.


(Reply: Moon)


On the high road

There’s a dick that goes, The

day he sleeps

He watches at night.


(Reply: Moon)


Turn around, growl, I don’t want to know anyone!


(Answer: Blizzard, Blizzard)


Near the village the horse was cheerful.


(Answer: Blizzard, Blizzard)


They gave loudly to the team – The

sabers flashed in the sky.


(Answer: Lightning)


A fiery arrow flies

No one will catch her:

Neither the king nor the queen

There is no red girl.


(Answer: Lightning)


An eagle flies to a bird, carries fire in its teeth, human death is in the middle.


(Answer: Lightning)


The flying bird eagle

Brings fire into my teeth

Fire arrows shoot

No one will catch it.


(Answer: Lightning)


She shook her head loudly, washed everything and left.

Both gardens and orchards of the whole area spilled.


(Answer: Lightning)


I have no fire or heat, but I set everything on fire.


(Answer: Lightning)


Red arrow An

oak tree fell near the village.


(Answer: Lightning)


First shine

Behind the crack shine,

Behind the crack –



(Answer: Thunder, thunder, rain)


There is water around

And drinking is a problem.


(Reply: More)


He draws without hands, bites without teeth.


(Reply: Frost)


Without arms, without legs, he climbs into the hut.


(Reply: Frost)


He can draw without arms, without legs.


(Reply: Frost)


What kind of master put it on the walls

and leaves, and herbs, and overgrown roses?


(Reply: Frost)


Not fire, but burning.


(Reply: Frost)


He doesn’t knock, he doesn’t ring, he runs under the bench.


(Reply: Frost

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