How to revive allies in Hyper Scape

The resuscitation mechanisms in this game are slightly different from other Battle Royale games. We will discuss how to revive in Hyper Scape and what you will do even after you die because, as we said before, this game has a different approach to reviving your teammates. Let’s begin!

How to revive in Hyper Scape

As you already know, when you lose all your health in a Battle Royale game, you don’t die right away; your teammates can revive you and you can start playing again.

This part of the raise in Hyper Scape is similar to other games, but if you get KO’d in this game, you lose everything you have; weapons, loot, skills, everything.

In addition to dropping all of these items, players will also drop a yellow triangle called a Reset Point.

These restore points can be used by other teams to revive their teammates. It doesn’t matter who got the kill as anyone can use the restore point.

Sounds simple enough, right? Now for the completely original part of the revival mechanics.

When you leave that restore point, you become an Echo, which is just a fancy way of saying you become a spectator.

While you are an echo, you are completely invisible and cannot interact with the environment in any way.

This is very useful as you can indicate enemy positions and alert your teammates. You can mark items by issuing a ping.

So even when you die, you wouldn’t be useless and you wouldn’t have to wait to be resurrected by a player.

This is much better than crawling to the ground and going to your teammates when you get knocked out. When your teammates have eliminated the threat, they can go out and reset your Echo.

Simply go to the restore point and interact with it to ping your allies that you are ready to be restored.


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