Review ASUS RT-AX86U, RT-AX82U and RT-AX68U

A little over a month ago we started in RedesZone, thanks to the collaboration of the manufacturer ASUS, tests of “Powerusers” with the new WiFi 6 standard to verify the real speed they achieve with their WiFi 6 clients and top-of-the-range routers from the manufacturer. All those chosen met a series of requirements, such as having one or more WiFi 6 cards, having high-end equipment to test their performance, and high Internet connection speeds. Do you want to know what these users think of the routers with WiFi 6 they have tested?

More than 120 people participated in this contest, who met all the requirements that we established in order to participate and enter the list of possible chosen ones. After evaluating their questionnaires, we had to choose a total of three participants to test the real performance of the different routers from the ASUS manufacturer. Eduardo was chosen to test the ASUS RT-AX86U with its 2.5G port and WiFi 6, Johnn was chosen to test the ASUS RT-AX82U as he had several consoles with which to do all the speed tests, and finally Eddy was chosen to test the ASUS RT-AX68U router , a really interesting model with a great value for money.

Eduardo’s review with the ASUS RT-AX86U

Eduardo was chosen to test the performance of the ASUS RT-AX86U router because he had WiFi 6 cards to make the most of the wireless network, and also different teams with Multigigabit cards to check the performance of the 2.5G Multigigabit port that this router incorporates. In the WiFi tests on the 5GHz band, Eduardo was able to synchronize at a theoretical speed of 2.4Gbps, the maximum synchronization of his Intel AX201 card that he has in his computer. It has also managed to synchronize at a speed of 2.5Gbps using the dedicated 2.5G port for the LAN that this router has.




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The tests that Eduardo has carried out show that it is possible to achieve more than 800Mbps real via WiFi without any problem, both in the local network when transferring files via LAN, as well as for the Internet by performing speed tests. Specifically, it has been able to achieve a speed of 841Mbps from the laptop to a PC that acts as a server, and from the PC that acts as the server to the laptop at a speed of 941Mbps. However, as you can see, we have a bottleneck in the Gigabit Ethernet interface where you have connected the PC.

Other tests that it has carried out are through the 2.5G port that the router incorporates, connecting the PC that acts as a server, and this time it has achieved a real speed of 1.6Gbps in sending, and a speed of 1.4Gbps in reception.

Finally, regarding the speed of the USB 3.0 port incorporated in the router, it has achieved a speed via WiFi of 63.6MB / s in writing and 110MB / s in reading, an outstanding performance in all cases.

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John’s review with the ASUS RT-AX82U

Johnn was chosen to test the real performance of the ASUS RT-AX82U router, a router specifically geared towards gaming as it incorporates a large amount of software to optimize latency and performance for online games. Johnn has performed performance tests both via cable and via WiFi with the PS5 consoles and also with the Xbox Series S, his Internet connection is 600Mbps download and 100Mbps upload, as you can see, the performance he has achieved in every moment is the maximum possible:




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  • Wired PS5: 532.5Mbps download and 96.8Mbps upload
  • PS5 connected by WiFi in 5GHz: 397Mbps download and 57.5Mbps upload
  • Xbox Series S wired: 592.06Mbps download and 90.92Mbps upload
  • Xbox Series S connected by WiFi in 5GHz: 267.6Mbps download and 100.56Mbps upload

The latency in all cases is around 47ms against the servers of the PS5 and Xbox Series S respectively.

Other tests that he has carried out is to test the WiFi 6 performance of the ASUS Rog Strix X570-E Gaming board that incorporates an Intel AX200 network card inside, at a distance of about 12 meters from the router, the speed achieved is of 380Mbps download and 108Mbps upload. Another performance test has been carried out with the iPhone 12 Pro at one meter from the router, achieving the maximum speed of the Internet connection, 608Mbps download and 107Mbps upload.

Regarding his experience with online games and this router, he indicates that the stability with his old router was not entirely good, but this new RT-AX82U this has changed radically, since it does not suffer from problems that it sporadically had before, and now you notice that everything goes much smoother when you do intense gaming sessions: “The stability of the connection reduces latency and increases performance in the most demanding competitive games.”

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Eddy’s view of the ASUS RT-AX68U router

Eddy was another of those chosen to test one of the ASUS manufacturer’s routers, in his case, he has thoroughly tested the ASUS RT-AX68U router. Due to his hobbies and work, at home you always need a good Internet connection, both WiFi and also wired, because you have several TVs, smartphones and even a NAS server from the manufacturer Synology and a lot of home automation at home. In other words, you need a powerful router because you are going to connect dozens of devices simultaneously.

Your Internet connection is from Jazztel with 600Mbps symmetric, therefore, you can achieve up to 600Mbps download and upload in wireless tests. In addition, it has compared the wireless performance of this ASUS RT-AX68U router with its predecessor, the RT-AC68U that we have had such good results in tests years ago.




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Consistently, both the download and upload performance of the ASUS RT-AX68U router has always surpassed the RT-AC68U router with which it compares it, and offers us the following results:

As you can see, with this router we are going to obtain a symmetric speed of 600Mbps if we are close to the router, and if we move away we will achieve approximately 600Mbps of download and about 450Mbps of upload, an outstanding performance without a doubt. He also wanted to indicate that a few months ago he did the same tests with the Huawei Router 3 WiFi 6, and the old ASUS RT-AC68U surpassed the Huawei router in all the tests.

Other tests carried out have been with the OnePlus 8T smartphone, at 1.5m from the router it achieves about 550Mbps with both routers, both with the RT-AC68U and the RT-AX68U. However, where the ASUS RT-AX68U router surpasses the old RT-AC68U is when we connect the mobile from 8 meters (very far from the router), achieving 92 / 84Mbps in the RT-AX68U compared to the 85 / 32Mbps of the RT-AC68U .

Finally, Eddy ends his analysis by indicating that this router is not cheap compared to Xiaomi or Honor routers, but it is clearly better than these cheaper models and does what it promises.


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