Monoblock ASUS V161GAT-BD004D Review

A smartphone has limited capabilities, and a computer takes up a lot of space to sit in a secluded place. Monoblock ASUS V161GAT-BD004D in this regard holds the golden mean, since it combines a monitor , processor and other elements inherent in a large PC.

It is a compact tablet computer. His destiny is to work and entertain. Let’s see what he is capable of.

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The monoblock has a high-quality multi-touch screen with a diameter of 15.6 inches. That allows you to see a bright, high-quality and clear picture.

Device characteristics:

  • resolution – 1366×768 – broadcasts an expressive picture of not the best quality, but excellent performance, which does not require the load of the graphics processor;
  • processor – Intel Celeron (1.1-2.6 GHz) with two cores works with office programs without freezing. You can watch high-definition videos, quickly find information on the Internet;
  • RAM – 8 GB – optimal for watching videos, working with dozens of tabs at the same time and using several programs in parallel;
  • hard disk – 256 GB – contains the maximum necessary data;
  • connectors are located on the side and rear panels of the monitor, in total – 4xUSB 3.1, 1 x HDMI, 2xCOM ports, 1 x LAN, 1 x VGA – for connecting various peripheral devices;
  • 6-in-1 card reader – for reading information from memory cards.
  • 1 megapixel webcam.

The two-kilogram device comes with a power adapter, wired keyboard and mouse. The candy bar wins due to the “stuffing” of an ordinary computer and the practicality of a tablet.

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Useful functions

Everyone can figure out how to use the ASUS V161GAT-BD004D monoblock, because it is no more complicated than a smartphone .

ASUS V161GAT has a slim body and small dimensions. Thanks to this feature, it can be placed anywhere without taking up a lot of space – on the desktop or on the shelf. The viewing angle and tilt can be adjusted by the built-in stand located on the back of the case. This has a positive effect on maintaining the correct posture and vision of the user.

Computer components can store up to 256 GB of information and provide good multitasking performance. Working simultaneously with several applications, the response will take no more than a few seconds.

The monoblock is easy to operate. To work with him, you need:

  1. get the tablet computer out of the package;
  2. connect to the network via a power adapter, if necessary, connect a mouse and keyboard or other devices;
  3. get to work.

With the existing webcam and microphone, it is possible to communicate with friends, family or colleagues via video communication.

The number of interfaces allows you to connect different devices. The multi-touch display can be woken up from sleep mode with one touch, and during operation the 10-finger interface ensures the most efficient interaction with applications. The multisensor senses the simultaneous pressing of all fingers in different areas of the screen. This makes work faster and easier.

You can use the computer both at home and in food. For example, in stores, by connecting a barcode scanner or displaying the necessary information on the screen.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your data, because the all-in-one is equipped with built-in security features, which are also present in other ASUS models. In this version, the Kensington lock is presented – an iron cable is inserted into the COM or VGA port and connected to any large object. This protects the device from “spontaneous” theft.

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ASUS offers not only quality gadgets, but also a variety of prices for them. Everyone can find a device within their pocket.

The cost of the V161GAT-BD004D tablet computer varies from UAH 13,000 to UAH 17,000. It is justified by benefits and quality.

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Pros and cons of the device

Any technique has both advantages and disadvantages. All-in-one ASUS is no exception.

pros Minuses
1. Compact and practical, easy to use 1. Cost is above average
2. Many connectors for connecting different devices 2. A dual-core processor will not be enough for avid gamers for high-demand applications
3. Sufficient memory for work and entertainment: operational – 8 GB, built-in – 256 GB
4. Low power consumption (45W)
5. The presence of a camera, microphone and speakers, keyboard and mouse

Such a gadget can be a great gift idea for both adults and children. Compactness and simplicity will just come in handy for the latter. With the ASUS All-in-One, learning and working will be efficient, easy and enjoyable thanks to its powerful processor and high image quality.

The overwhelming number of advantages of the device speaks for itself. It is worth buying the ASUS V161GAT-BD004D tablet computer for comfortable learning, work and leisure. With its compactness, you can afford not to sit at the desk for a long time, but to work in any convenient place where there is an outlet. The “stuffing” of the gadget does not make you wait for the pages to load, all tasks are performed quickly.

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