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Ants are insects that have a chewing mouthpiece. As with other insects such as slugs, caterpillars and snails, its mouthpiece consists of a system of tweezers that are designed to cut and chew. Unlike what is thought, ants do not feed on leaves or plant debris, but this does not mean that their performance is completely harmless to plants.

The worker ants are those that are responsible for bringing plant matter to the anthill. This composition of elements will end up being used as a sowing bed , giving rise to the nut tree (it is a mass that has a structure of vegetal remains, capable of generating a fungus that will serve as food).

It is important to eliminate ants in our crops, not because they do direct damage to plants, but they can attract other pests such as mealybugs or aphids. And they take care of them, they will provide sugary sustenance.

The most common is that ants appear in the months between autumn-spring, at night.

It is convenient to consider that the presence of ants does not necessarily mean that the crop is facing a pest. The black ant is usually the cause of pests. But there are others, such as the melivorous ant, that will not cause any harm.

What damage do ants do to our plants?

  • Cuts:Using their chewing apparatus, they will produce cuts in the semicircles of the leaves. They will also attack flowers or stems.
  • Affect aesthetics:Cause damage to the aesthetics of the plant and affects its ornamental value.
  • Affect the carbohydrate reserve:They get the plant gradually depleted by affecting the natural reserve of sugars.
  • Flowering date:They can affect the flowering date.
  • Devastation:Depending on the species, they are perfectly capable of destroying a small bush in the span of just one night.

Do you want to eliminate ants once and for all? Let’s see some methods that will allow us to achieve this complicated objective.

How to scare away ants at home?

Before using products to remove ants , it is worth using prevention techniques. Keep in mind that there is no remedy that is considered 100% effective; This means that an extensive plague of ants can be complicated to eliminate, even to the point of requiring the services of a professional fumigator to deal with the problem (with the expense derived from it).

  • Hygiene and order:The first step we have to take to prevent the appearance of ants is to have a clean and tidy house. Ants are attracted to food debris, sugars, soaps, makeup products, crumbs. We have to make sure that all these items are properly stored and closed. In addition, we will have to move away from those areas where it will be easier for ants to appear.
  • Sealing:Our house has access points that ants will use to enter. If these access points did not exist, nothing would have to be done to eliminate ants , as they simply could not happen. The best way to seal these places is using a silicone sealant, although we can also use some putty, glue or plaster.
  • Coating with repellents:Although we have sealed the house with the methods described, ants can find another place of access. Therefore, we can also resort to the technique of creating barriers with chemicals and dusts. These elements have the ability to repel and eliminate ants before they enter the house. Some repellents can be very dangerous for our health, for that of our children and for our pets, so its use is not always recommended.

A good natural repellent is salt; We can spread a little of this element under the doors and in the windows. You will see how it works for you!

  • The adhesive tape remedy:Although it is true that it seems (and is), an archaic method, it also works very well. Cover the kitchen by applying some adhesive tape, with the particularity that the adhesive tape must be located upwards. The idea of ​​this is that the insects, at the moment in which they are in contact with the glue of the same, are trapped and cannot escape. The most recommended way to eliminate ants with this method is to use double-sided adhesive tape.

Home remedies to eliminate ants

Before we start with any type of chemical, maybe we should start with  home remedies against ants . If you wonder how to scare away ants , this form is usually the most effective.

There are many remedies that we can try where we will use ingredients such as lemon juice, cinnamon, pepper, sugar, boiling water and soap, gis, baking soda + sugar, coffee beans, cornmeal.

We can create traps with honey (the preferred element of the ants, since they will be attracted to their sweetness), with resin, with orange peels (the ants will be attracted to this compound and take it to their anthill; over time it will oxidize and produce a toxic substance that may kill them, or perhaps simply drive them away) or with other components.


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