How to relieve headaches? with a simple foot bath

Headache: a simple but very effective technique, able to bring our body back to a state of general well-being. With the foot bath the headache is under control

A widespread and frequent disorder that affects mankind is headache, more commonly called headache.

Everyone, at least once in their lifetime, has come to terms with this malaise, the discomfort that causes us and often forces those who suffer to stop, and perhaps having to spend a few hours in bed or to carry out their common daily activities suffering . The forms with which the headache presents are multiple, and there are several causes that can trigger it: organic causes such as febrile states, problems related to vision, hearing, neck pain, dental diseases, or as a result of head traumas or diseases of intracranial structure, inorganic causes, where the headache appears as a painful syndrome without a triggering organic cause and includes 90 percent of the cases.

Thus we find the vasomotor headache, due to a temporary constriction of the blood vessels and arteries of the head this manifestation is often preceded by other symptoms such as photophobia, nausea or dizziness. Muscle-tension headache typical of anxious people, who tend to contract the muscles of the neck and head or all those who for various reasons assume an incorrect position of the head for a long time; pain is often accompanied by a feeling of “heavy head” or dizziness. Finally we find the headache from neuralgia, that is deriving from problems related to the nerves of the head. Pain tends to occur intermittently and is not long lasting. Trigeminal neuralgia is very well known but can affect all the nerves of the head. Stress, such as insomnia or food allergies and intolerances are other causes that can suddenly trigger a headache attack.

Hydrotherapy, suggests a very effective technique, but above all useful against headache, foot bath.

When applying hot water or cold on one part of the body, in this case the feet, instantaneous modifications of the blood vessels are produced, in the case of cold water, we will have as reaction, an immediate contraction of the subcutaneous vessels, with hot water instead we will have a reaction of vasodilation with greater blood supply in the treated area. The first reaction that a thermal stimulus determines is local, as we have seen affects the subcutaneous blood vessels, the second reaction, however, concerns the tissues and internal organs, which are closely connected through the nerve pathways. The reflex zones are found above all in the feet, for this reason a thermal application exerted on them, brings benefits also in distant parts of the body. The footbath acts favorably on all blood circulation,

Running the foot bath

To make the footbath you need two buckets of water at different temperatures, maximum hot water at 38 ° and cold water up to 18 °, you start the treatment by immersing your feet and legs about to the knee, in the water warm, for a maximum time of three minutes, proceed with immersion in cold water for thirty seconds, repeat this operation three times and at the end you will not have to dry your legs and feet, but the water will simply have to be removed with your hands, immediately afterwards you will wear wool socks, this is essential to favor the heat reaction, I also recommend adding five drops of rosemary essential oil to the foot bath, indicated to stimulate blood circulation more.

When it is contraindicated

The footbath, although a simple and inoffensive technique, is in some cases contraindicated: it should never be performed in case of hypertension or in the presence of severe varicosities of the legs.


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