Why Herbal Teas Is Natural Healing Remedy

Herbal teas purify the body.Herbal tea can be not only a natural healing remedy but also an important nutritional supplement.

The cup of sweet wellness

Most herbs are loaded with NUTRITIONAL ELEMENTS: mineral salts, vitamins and carbohydrates; some examples: the roots and leaves of dandelion, of nettle, of garlic. The valerian as well as having relaxing properties on the nervous system, contains a large amount of calcium useful for maintaining an effective transmission of the nerve impulse and muscle contraction. We can therefore rely on the profound efficacy of INFUSES and DECOCTS that, consumed after meals, can not only help us to cure some of the most common health disorders, but also represent important food sources of precious nutrients.

Depurative herbal teas

I propose as a first step in this article some herbal teas that you can integrate into your usual diet, in the case of PURIFICATION NEEDS, TO ELIMINATE THE TOXINS IN YOUR BODY. These are herbal teas that in addition to detoxify you internally, play an important action externally on your skin, purifying the cells (as you well know our skin is a sponge that absorbs everything, from pollution to stress, etc …).

What are you waiting for? Try these three excellent herbal teas:

  1. Asperula Odorosa Herbal Tea
    As the first herbal tea, I recommend the Asperula fragrance. The Asperula is a beautiful and small perennial plant that grows in the fresh undergrowth of most of Europe; although it has been appreciated since the Middle Ages in the early twentieth century for its antispasmodic, sedative and diuretic properties, it is an excellent PURIFYING remedy. The whole dried plant is normally used except the root.
    For the preparation, let infuse for 5 minutes 40 grams of dry Asperula plant in 1 liter of boiling water. Filter the infusion and drink 3 cups a day.
  2. Viola Selvatica
    herbal tea As an excellent purifying and bland laxative to purify the organism, you can enjoy a Viola Selvatica herbal tea; the Latins called it Viola Tricolor Arvensis by virtue of the graceful flowers and yellow, white and violet petals. The best way to benefit from its properties is to make a decoction with its flowers. Boil 50 grams of dried wild violet flowers in 1 liter of natural water for 10 minutes; strain the decoction and drink 3 cups a day between meals.
  3. Black Elderberry Herbal
    Tea As the last herbal tea I suggest that of Black Elderberry; its flowers have a strong general purifying action and the active ingredients it contains stimulate liver activity, skin metabolism and intestinal function.
    It is necessary to add to 1 liter of boiling water 50 grams of dried black elder flowers and filter the infusion almost immediately. I advise you to drink the first cup of hot infusion in the morning on an empty stomach and the other 2 successive cups in the intervals between meals .
    You will immediately see your skin more luminous and purified because as you well know what purifies the IN also purifies the OUT: an internal purifying action corresponds to an external purifying action, everything is closely connected.

All you have to do is test this excellent herbal tea, I will wait in a few days with various draining herbal teas to maintain a balanced and healthy line.


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