Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

In this detailed guide you will find the passage of the secondary missions of RDR 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-packed open-world action adventure from Rockstar Games that tells the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan as he travels the Wild West with the gang of famous Dutch van der Linde. This RDR 2 guide focuses on completing the game’s side quests.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough – Amateur Academy

Chat with a man who photographs animals. Soon his bag will be kidnapped by a coyote. Go in pursuit, use eagle vision if necessary. You do not need to kill the coyote, because after a while the beast will drop the bag by itself. Pick it up and take it to the owner.

A second encounter with Mason can happen in a forest far north of Strawberry and northwest of Wallace train station. This time your task is to protect Mason while he takes pictures of wolves. Do not attack the wolves that have surrounded the heroes until you are instructed to do so. To kill them, you need a shotgun. You can also simplify the task by activating Dead Eye. Be careful not to hurt Mason. After that, be sure to peel off the skin from the killed animals.

The man will complain about his failure to photograph wild horses. Jump on the hero’s mount and go to the marked place. You must lead the wild horses near the swamp where Mason is staying. If you have already completed the quest to steal the sheep, then you are familiar with the basics of this business: follow the wild animals in order to “direct” them towards Mason.

Use a shout if necessary, and stop if one of the horses leaves the group. You will need to drive her back. After Albert has successfully photographed the horses, meet him. You will receive a gift – a photo of the wolves you defended against in the previous part of the quest.

You will learn that now the man wants to take pictures of alligators. Help him. Get on the boat with Mason.

Examine the map, which shows three locations for photographing predatory animals. You can visit them in any order.

In two places it is enough to swim to the animals for Albert to photograph them. Problems will arise with the third location. Arthur needs to get to the ground. Walk up to the alligator and as soon as he sees you, start running away. Return to the boat. When you have photographed everyone, you can return Mason to the shore.

This quest marker will appear a little south of Valentine. Mason is standing on the edge of the cliff, trying to photograph the eagles. This is the shortest part of the quest. Watch the cut-scene in which Arthur protects Albert. You won’t see the character again.

British of course

The quest will be given by a man who calls himself Margaret

The Circus Caravan can be found northwest of Saint Denis or west of Bluewater Swamp. You will need to return some circus animals to Margaret.

Zebra is located slightly west of Emerald Ranch. It turns out that a zebra is a mule painted in black and white. Get off the horse and start slowly approaching the beast. Do not forget to press the key that calms the animal. You will then be able to mount your horse and return to the caravan. The mule will follow Arthur.

Travel to Kaliga Way near Rhodes, where you will meet Sally. Activate eagle vision and begin to follow its trail. You will get to the half-eaten animal carcass. Lure the cougar into the cart. Take the dog’s corpse and take it inside the cage. Hide behind a fallen tree. Wait for the cougar to appear. The animal will be inside the cage. Go to the van and close the door. Arthur and Sally can return to the caravan.

Travel to Emerald Ranch where the lion escaped

Approach the barn to see two men holding the door. Go inside the building and move to the back. The lion will leave the barn. Follow the street and examine the farmer’s corpse. Arthur will realize that he is catching a real lion. A short investigation (follow the bloody footsteps) will lead you to the stable. Go inside for a cut-scene to start.

Kill the lion before it gets to Arthur. To do this, use the “Dead Eye” function to shoot several times in the head of the beast. You can get trophies from the lion. Return to the caravan and talk to Margaret.


The artist’s way

The quest marker for the task should appear in Saint-Denis some time after the beginning of the fourth story chapter

Meet Charles at the saloon. Buy him a drink and the artist will give you a sketch. Wait for a new marker to appear on the Saint-Denis territory Go to the alley where you can find the man with the weapon and Charles. Intervene in the skirmish to save Charles. A man with a weapon will be forced to flee, and you will avoid bloodshed.

Wait for another marker to appear in Saint-Denis. Visit the art gallery of the city, go up the stairs and follow to the opposite end of the hall with paintings. There you will meet the artist. Watch the cut-scene, after which the fight will begin. Beat up some visitors. There shouldn’t be any problems. Exit the gallery with Charles and continue following him until you reach the location where the quest will end.

Wait for the marker again in Saint Denis

You need to find Charles disguised as a prostitute. The plan is to escort him to the ship. Follow Charles at a short distance. Run past the rail to avoid detection. Go to the station building.

Once the danger has passed, resume your journey to the marina. There the heroes will be met by a group of three people. You can defeat them in hand-to-hand combat (beware of the enemy with a knife) or shoot them with weapons. If you choose the second option, then you are in for trouble in Saint Denis, and immediately after completing the mission you will need to escape from the city, avoiding the representatives of the law. Arthur will not receive a reward from Charles, but you can sell the sketch you received from the man at the beginning of the quest.

Scientific charity

The quest marker for the task will appear in Saint-Denis some time after the beginning of the fourth chapter

Bell’s workshop is located in the northern part of the city. The man himself asks you to get alcohol. Arthur can rob a van filled with alcohol. Go to Alden in Rhodes, go to the train station and talk to the character about everything. Select the yellow dialog phrase, for which you need to press the corresponding key. A crew will appear in the swamp north of Saint Denis. You don’t need to rush.

The van will start moving only when Arthur is next to him.

Remember to put on the bandana before attacking the cargo. Kill the driver and the raiders, get into the carriage and go to Bell.

Make your way to the Saint Denis police station and ask the Chief of Police for permission to check the electric chair. The sheriff asks for $ 100, but you can bargain with him to bring the price down to $ 50. Return to Professor Bell for a contract to find a “candidate” who will become a test subject.

This part of the quest is a typical bounty hunt

Remember, McDaniels must be taken alive. Travel to the marked location on the railroad north of Emerald Ranch. Your destination is the bandit camp. Kill them all, but don’t forget that Wilson must be alive. It is marked with the corresponding marker on the mini-map.

Finish everyone, leaving only McDaniels. The best way to catch him is when he starts to run away, shoot the man in the leg. If the target is too far, then call the horse and start chasing. Use the lasso to catch the criminal. Lay him on your horse and head to Saint Denis. Arthur may be attacked by other bounty hunters along the way. Try to finish them off as soon as possible using Dead Eye.

Get to the indicated place and watch the cutscene that will complete the mission. You can search the professor’s body to find a useless electric chair blueprint.

The smell of makeup

Go to the quest marker that appears in the saloon at the Van Horn Trading Post. This place is in the eastern part of the map. Van Horn itself is located north of Saint Denis and south of Annesburg. Talk to Marjorie in the saloon. A fist fight with Bertram will begin. This is a more difficult opponent, so use dodges and blocks.

The second part of the mission is the search for Magnifico

His camp will be marked on the map, and is located southwest of Van Horn. After talking with a man, you will need to catch up with him. Do not use the lasso as the chase sequence is a premeditated scenario. Follow the colored clouds (if you get lost, see the minimap). There are several unique moments during the chase:

  • Examine the three smokescreens.
  • Explore the clearing.
  • Go to Magnifico, who is hiding behind a tree.

The chase ends when you avoid the train. The mission is over, but you can complete an additional action by visiting Saint Denis and watching the troupe perform. You will then receive your share of the tickets sold.

The ties that bind us

The quest marker for this quest will appear in Rhodes some time after the beginning of the fourth chapter.

Find two prisoners hiding near the city. Their names are Mr. Black and Mr. Wye T. You can promise the inmates that you will remove all the bounty posters that hang in Rhodes for their heads.

Location of all posters


  • The first poster is on the notice board inside the station.
  • The second poster is to be found on a pole near the main street.
  • The third poster is on the opposite side. However, it will be filmed by a bounty hunter. Do not attack this man while in the city. Follow him and attack as soon as he moves away from Rhodes. Collect the poster by searching the man’s corpse.
  • The fourth poster hangs on the notice board of one of the buildings.
  • The last poster is on the pole, but it is guarded by the enemy. Defeat him in a fist fight and then remove the poster.

Meet Mr. Black and Mr. White at the camp in the woods. You can go in two ways. The first solution is to take the prisoners alive and take them to Rhodes Prison. The best way to do this is to attack one of them with a surprise blow and catch the other with a lasso. Take the first prisoner and take him to the sheriff’s office in Rhodes. Place him in a prison cell, repeat the process with the second opponent, which will result in $ 80. By the way, do not worry, because the marker will indicate the location of the remaining prisoner.

The second option is to burn the wanted posters so that Black and White can escape. It’s easy to do: go to the fire and interact with it. If you decide to help the former prisoners, you can meet with them again. A certain amount of time must have passed since your last meeting.

Explore Dewberry Creek north of Rhodes

When you get close to the desired location, a quest marker will appear. When you get to the fugitives, you will find that they are seriously ill. You can heal them. If you have any medication, you can give it right away. Otherwise, medicines can be created while sitting by the fire, or bought in the city.

Scientist and his brainchild

The first meeting with the professor can take place after you progress through the plot of the fourth chapter.

A quest marker should appear near a small pond in Saint Denis. In the first part, Arthur has to remotely control a toy submarine twice. The controls are displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. You can turn left or right, accelerate, slow down, or reverse.

Avoid mines that work like magnets. If you get close to them, they will slowly begin to pull themselves up to the boat.

The goal is to sink model ships using special torpedoes. Remember to keep a safe distance at the time of the explosion. Sink all ships and return to the port.

The second underwater test is a little more difficult

You need to sink the marked boats before they get to the opposite side of the pond. Remember, your goals are moving! Watch out for mines and stay away from explosions. After destroying the targets, return to the port. The next meeting with the professor will take place at Doverhill. Follow the large building near the railroad in the northern part of the map. Come here at night. Talk to Marko Dragik, who will give you a detector and three lightning rods.

Arthur has to install lightning rods in three places . Each procedure must begin with the detector (hold down the aim button). Rotate Arthur and stop when the lamp starts pulsing at a high frequency. This informs you that you are heading in the right direction. Go in the right direction, keep moving until the lamp is fully lit. This way you will know that Arthur is in the right place. Press the desired key that is displayed on the screen to install the lightning rod.

Repeat this process with two other lightning rods.

After that, you can return to the scientist. Arthur will have to climb the tower. Use the ladder, look at the console with three switches located on the balcony above. Pull them in the order shown: left, right, and middle switches. Go down and watch a cut-scene during which the scientist will “revive” the automaton (robot).

To finally complete Marco’s task, return to his laboratory after two in-game days (you can speed up the time using the bed). Check all the entrance doors in the building. You will find a dead Dragik, and the game will reward you with a new achievement. Explore the lab. The most valuable item in this place is an electric torch. You can also get two Marco Notes, a collectible card, and Valerian (a rare alchemy ingredient).

On your last visit to the lab, you probably noticed that there is no automaton that Marco revived. You can find it as part of an Easter egg.

To do this, return to the mining village of Colter, where the game’s prologue took place.

Start climbing to the top of a nearby mountain. You will find the Automaton near Coulter, in the northwest corner of the map.

Oh my brother

This quest starts on Valentine

Wait for the marker to appear on the map. The quest giver is located near one of the buildings. Your task is to shoot at targets located on the heads of quest givers. Use Dead Eye to make accurate shots. Wait a bit until the next label appears. She also points to Valentine. In this case, Arthur must hit both men several times. Do this by pressing the melee key. Keep repeating the steps until the target is updated.

The third and final meeting with Acrius and Proteus will take place in Cumberland Falls. This is a large waterfall west of Valentine. The marker will appear after you get close to this point. At the same time, at least one game day must have passed since the moment of your last meeting with the brothers. After the cut-scene, push one of the barrels. Then walk with Helen down the river and get to the place where the barrels stopped. Walk up to the men lying on the ground. The final cut-scene will start, completing the task.

Pragmatism for idealists

You can complete the quest for Mayor Henri Lemieux in Chapter 4, but there are a few steps to unlock it.

Requirements to unlock the quest:

  1. First of all, complete the story mission “The Golden Cage” from the fourth chapter: in which you first meet with the mayor in his mansion.
  2. Then wait for the Mayor to send Arthur an invitation letter to a private meeting. This letter does not appear in the gang camp! You must visit the post office at any train station. During a conversation with the person in the window, select the option you want to receive a personal letter.

Read the invitation from Mayor Lemieux from the inventory and wait until nightfall. T nly then on the map, in Saint-Denis, a marker will appear, where you can start the mission. The quest starts at the back of the estate. Interact with the glass door, talk to Jean-Marc, who will take Arthur to the mayor. Find out the details of the first request you can grant.

Hop into the carriage and head to the art gallery. Once you arrive, you will need to follow the professor. Maintain a safe distance to avoid being detected.

Do not approach the professor until he is in an isolated location.

The target will update. You can intimidate a man by strangling him several times (don’t hold the key too long to actually strangle the professor). You can also beat the character, which will lead to a decrease in honor. Return to Jean-Marc to complete the mission.

It will arrive 24 hours after the completion of the first objective. As before, at night follow to the rear entrance to the Lemieux estate. Learn about the details of the new mission. Go to the road that leads to the swamps. You need to get close to the carriage on horseback. Jump onto the carriage and move along its wall to enter inside. Arthur’s task is to intimidate a man riding a carriage. Simultaneously press the combination of buttons L2 and R2 to catch it and pull it out.

The third time you don’t have to wait for a letter from the mayor. Return to his estate at night and you can meet in person. You will receive a book as a gift (“Farm, Field and Falconry”). Lemieux wants to kidnap Jean-Marc, to whom he has lost confidence, and secretly deliver him to the estate. Get to Jean-Marc’s house. After you are stunned, go to the mayor’s estate. Don’t use your horse and avoid detection by the police patrolling the city streets. It is a good idea to enlarge the minimap so that you can see them from a distance. Walk through the park, get to the opposite end and wait until the policeman patrolling the street along the park turns right. This will allow you to get close to him from the back and go to the left.

Continue towards the mayor’s estate. Watch the moving carriage along the way. Stop for a moment. When you get to the house, go to the back, which the mayor asks for.

After watching the cut-scene, the mission can be completed in two ways:

Kill Jean-Marc Shoot him. You will get a minus to honor, but the mayor guarantees a discount at the Saint-Denis stores.
Spare Jean-Marc Leave the weapon in the holster or just walk away. You will receive a positive boost to your honor. Later, Arthur will receive a letter from which he learns that Jean-Marc has been appointed as the new mayor.


You can find the veteran during the passage of the sixth chapter

Explore the area around O’Criegs Run west of Annesburg. There you will meet Hamish leaning against a large rock. He needs your help. We need to find a horse. Look for her in the direction of the nearest lake. The location where the animal is located is shown in the screenshot. Come closer to her and calm her down so that you can lead her with you. Return with the horse to Hamish.

He will invite you to go fishing, but you can go there later. Wait about a day until a marker appears on the lake, indicating the veteran’s hut. When you get to the house, knock on the door. Hamish will invite you to join him on a fishing trip. His goal is to catch the legendary fish. Climb into the boat and swim to the indicated location. Hamish will give you a special type of lure for catching the legendary fish in the lake (Special Lake Lure). Select it as active.

During the first attempt to catch a fish, Hamish will fall into the water.

Stop fishing and help the veteran get into the boat.

Get to a new area on the lake

You will now start fishing. Unfortunately, catching a legendary fish is more difficult than catching a regular one. If you rely on standard fishing methods, you will have to wait a long time. Fortunately, there is an alternative way to catch the legendary fish. After casting the line and the bait is in the lake, start pulling the line much faster while waiting for the fish to be caught on the bait. If you’re lucky, the legendary fish will be hooked after most of the line has been reeled. This will allow you to reduce wasted time or even start a cutscene almost immediately.

Return to the shore with Hamish to complete this part of the quest. It’s worth noting that caught fish will unlock a new achievement. Again, you need to wait at least one full day until a new quest marker appears, pointing to a location near the hut. This time, Hamish will talk about the she-wolf that appears near his farm. The old man wants to track her down. Get on your horse and follow Hamish. After a while, you will go down to earth. You can take the initiative and turn on the eagle vision to find traces of the she-wolf. Or let Hamish track down the animal and follow him.

It turns out that it was a trap, and the heroes will be attacked by other wolves. Try to eliminate them as soon as possible by using the “Dead Eye” function. The biggest wolf will attack last. He will knock Arthur off his feet. Throw him off the hero and shoot him quickly before he jumps again. As a gift from Hamish, you will receive a good quality wolfskin. Of course, you can also kill other wolves that took part in the attack.

Again, wait 24 hours of game time. When you get to the veteran’s hut and see a new cutscene, you can go hunting the big boar that has appeared in the region. Follow him on foot, and when he eludes Arthur, use your eagle’s vision to track the animal. Hamish will come with the horses, and you can continue your search. Follow the trail, after which Hamish will offer to split up. Take the path that leads to the top of the mountain.

Get to the corpse of the wolf and examine it carefully. After hearing the shots, go to the area that the veteran studied.

Upon arrival, you will see Hamish dying. Expect a wild boar to appear and attack you. Shoot the animal until you kill it before it can get close to Arthur. Interact with the boar to get the trophy. You can take care of the veteran’s horse. When you place the saddle on top, the horse is yours.

Wisdom of the Elders

You can start this quest in Chapter 5.

A quest marker will appear west of the Van Horn Trading Post. Examine the area under the railway bridge. Arthur will find a man who needs help. Pick up a man and put him on a horse. Go to Butcher Creek, lower the man to the ground near one of the huts. The man is attacking you. Defeat him. He is sick, so his opponent is useless. Talk to Hinton to complete the first part of the quest.

Wait 24 hours of game time (you can do the passage of other missions “Red Ded Redemption 2”), after that a new quest marker will appear. go to Butcher Creek to defeat the “demons” – sick dogs that have appeared in the village. Focus on their barking.

You can also use the mini-map. Dogs are easy to kill. Use Dead Eye when one of them attacks Arthur.

Return to Hinton and watch the cut-scene. You will meet a suspicious aborigine.

Now you can start the third part of the mission

Arthur must find and destroy 13 cursed talismans. Use eagle vision to find objects marked in yellow. Destroy with any weapon. Examine the area marked in white – a forest and two banks . Return to Hinton to complete the mission.

Now you need to go to the mine west of Annesburg. Remove the boards to reveal the entrance. Get out the lantern to light up the mine. Get to the area marked in yellow. Arthur will discover the poisoned water and the main entrance will be blocked. However, you can go down a different corridor. Pay attention to small streams that will help you find a different path. After that, you need to go behind the waterfall. Return to Butcher Creek, however you will not receive any reward. But you can take the money and document lying on the table.

American hell burned to the ground

You can unlock this mission as soon as you get to the epilogue of the story campaign

But you need to take care of him only after the completion of the plot. We need to find Evelina Miller. It is located in West Virginia, northeast of Beechers Hope and south of Strawberry. The writer will be sitting on the rocks, so you have to climb up. Talk to Miller, who will invite the hero to his home. Evelin’s house is located south of where you first met him (the area with the Aurora reservoir). The quest marker will not appear immediately, since the writer himself must first get to this place.

Try going there about a day after your first meeting.

Go on a journey with Evelyn. On the way, you will come across an animal that has fallen into a trap. Approach it and neutralize it by pressing the desired key. Get to the poacher’s camp with the writer, but be prepared for a backlash. You can defeat enemies in hand-to-hand combat, or simply shoot them. After getting rid of them, talk to Miller, which will complete part of the quest.

Again, you need to wait until a new quest marker appears at Miller’s hut

Upon arrival there, Evelyn will not meet the hero and will not let him into the house, since he is busy with a new book. You must bring him some food. Every time you stand at the front door, hold the interaction key and select the desired item from your inventory. If you don’t have food, you can hunt animals, cook meat, or buy it at any store. Bring food three times. Each time you will need to wait 1-2 days until a new marker appears.

The last part of the quest will become available 24 hours after the completion of the previous mission, when you bring the game for the third time. Knocking down the door reveals a dead writer. You can pick up his latest work on America and read the book in your inventory. A valuable platinum watch is on the writer’s desk. The hero must fulfill the last wish of the writer and burn the hut with him inside. Go to the curtains and, while holding the interact button, light them. It remains to leave the hut.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough – Better World, New Friend

Hunter’s hut

Finding the first poster will trigger the first hunting request. There will be five of them in total. The first four can be completed in the second chapter. The fifth request and the rest of the mission are completed only in the epilogue. Let’s analyze all orders:

Requests # 1 (Valentine)

  • The perfect squirrel carcass.
  • The perfect rabbit carcass.

Requests # 2 (Strawberry)

Inquiries # 3 (Rhodes)

Requests # 4 (Saint-Denis)

Inquiries # 5 (Van Horn Post)

  • Blue jay.

After completing all these requests, visit Hobbs at the taxidermist’s home. As a reward, you will be given a statue of a squirrel. After completing the RDR2 storyline, place the squirrel on the fireplace in Beecher Hope. The figurine will disappear several times, and you will have to find it. Here are all the squirrel locations:

  • The chest is in John’s bedroom.
  • Chimney in John’s bedroom.
  • The chest is in the uncle’s room.
  • A wheelbarrow in a sheep pen.
  • A chest in a barn.
  • At the top of Mount Shann.

The noblest husbands, and the woman

Get to Valentine, where you can get this quest. Arthur may get there shortly after the beginning of the second chapter. One of the saloons will have a “question” marker. Chat with the people sitting inside. You will receive four pictures of former shooters. Open the bag and examine each photo. This will create markers on the map indicating the location of these arrows. You can deal with them in any order.

Flaco Hernandez

He is in the Del Lobo hideout, located off Cairne Lake. It’s in the northwest part of the map. Bring warm clothes. After a short introduction, the gang members attack Arthur. However, you can shoot first. Flaco is hiding in the main house. Lower your weapon so Fernandez goes outside. This is the only option! So the duel will begin. Shoot as soon as the scale is full. Flaco must be killed before he can shoot first. You can hit any part of the body. Approach the shooter’s corpse, get the camera in the same slot where the binoculars are located, and take a picture of the dead body. Search the corpse to find a unique weapon – Flaco’s revolver. You can look into the saloon, where there is a cigarette card and a cache with a treasure map (under the bed).

Duel with Flaco

Emmett Granger

He runs a farm south of the bandit hideout. Go there and talk to the man. We need to help him on the farm. Follow the pig pen, use the pitchfork to collect the manure and move it to the wheelbarrow. After collecting the manure, take the wheelbarrow to the designated storage location. The next task is to blow up the manure. Use dynamite: set it on fire and throw it in a heap. This incident will anger Emmett Granger, and he will challenge Arthur. Kill him by shooting any body part first. Take a photo of the dead body and then search it for a unique weapon – the Granger pistol.

Duel with Emmet

Billy Midnight

Go to Rhodes to find the desired character. Get to the train station, talk to the train station employee and ask for Billy (yellow dialogue phrase). Take the train that will arrive at the station instantly. Continue through the carriages until you reach a bar. Billy will be there. He will start to run away. Chase him, and after a while you will have to climb to the roof of the car. This is where you catch Billy. He will challenge you. Defeat him in the same way as the previous shooters. Take a photo of the dead body, search it and get the legendary weapon – Midnight’s pistol.

Black Widow” Del

This woman is on the estate west of Saint Denis. Get closer to the manor to chat with her. Help Belle in eliminating the bounty hunters who are approaching the house. Attack those who are closest to the rest. Don’t get hung up on this, as new enemies will arrive one by one. Some hunters will try to use the Gatling weapon. Kill them before they get to the carriage with a machine gun (or as soon as they start firing). Use the carbine to aim for the heads.

When everyone is dead, talk to Belle. The woman will agree to be photographed, pretending to be a corpse. Be sure to search every hunter corpse. Check the empty building as there is a cigarette card.

Photography Bel

After a shootout with these hunters, be prepared for the fact that they will periodically attack Arthur. The hunters want to avenge their friends. Don’t let enemies surround you. You can fight or escape!

Second meeting with Levin

The quest will not end even when you have photos of the four shooters listed above. It will be possible to continue the task already in the fourth chapter. Wait for a quest marker to appear pointing to Valentine, the same saloon where the quest started. Go there and ask the bartender where Calloway and Levin are. He will point to the Saint Denis ship. Go there and meet with Levin. You will learn the name of the new shooter – Slim Grant.

Slim Grant

Examine Levin’s photograph of Slim. Travel to Annesburg, find a local jail, and get information from one of the sheriff’s deputies. Travel to the bandit camp west of the city. When you get to him, you will have to deal with all the bandits. Better to attack first. Untie Slim who is tied to a tree. Place him on his horse and return to Brandywine Drop.

Slim Grant

This is a small clearing near the waterfall. Remove Slim from his horse for a lengthy video. At the very end of the assignment, you need to win the Calloway duel. The rules of the mini-game are the same as in the previous case. Prepare to get your revolver in time and hit Calloway quickly. When done, be sure to search the body of the slain to get his unique revolver.

All that glitters

This quest can be taken near the first camp of Dutch’s gang, and it is connected with the search for treasures. You will meet the famous explorer (as he himself says) Maximo, who arrived in the States in search of treasures. However, the man is very busy, and the next day he has to leave the country. He will take Arthur to be the same adventurer, so he will offer a treasure map for $ 10. If you decline the first offer, you can buy it for $ 5. If you frightened, robbed or killed a man, you can buy the same card from any smuggler.

Quest giver

Treasure # 1

The first required location is located near the camp on the Horseshoe Highlands. North of where you took the quest. You are interested in the mountain, which is marked on the map as Caliban’s Seat. Moving from north to south, approach the mountain so that you can reach the top. Once upstairs, before moving to the camp at the very end, follow down on your right hand and continue along the narrow path along the cliff. The next part of the map is hidden in a crack in the wall.

Treasure # 2

This place is north of here. Are you interested in Cotorra Springs in the state of Ambarino. There are several cairns here, and inside one of them (with a large rock on top) is the third part of the map.

Treasure # 3

The last treasure is located east of the previous one in the state of Ambarino. To be precise, you are interested in Lake O’Criegs Run at Grizzlies East on the map. The marker on the map itself is slightly offset. The desired location is not on the north side, but on the other side of the island (south). Here you will find two gold bars that can be sold for $ 1000 each. Now you can proceed to the next stage of the passage of “Red Ded Redemption 2”.

The American dream

This mission does not appear in Arthur Morgan’s diary right away. The game doesn’t even tell you where you need to go. Without outside help, you must find and study three different crime scenes. Below you will find information about each of these places, it does not matter in which order you visit them.

The first crime scene is located near the Braithwaite estate, south of Rhodes. There is a huge tree at the crossroads. Walk around it to see the severed head with the maniac’s first clue.

To simplify this task, you can use eagle vision, which will reveal the stranger’s tracks leading to the severed head. The same goes for the other two corpses

The second crime scene is located under the railway bridge near Valentine. Find the head, which is nailed to the far support of the bridge, next to the stone and the corpse. Take the second clue and follow to the third location – next to Wallace train station west of Valentine. The severed head with the last piece of evidence lies on a stone near the corpse. When you collect all three clues, you will receive a map indicating the location of the maniac. You can examine it in your inventory.

The Maniac’s Hideout is Lucky’s ruined hut, located just west of Valentine. Move to the hatch that leads to the basement. The hero will automatically examine the castle and enter the required combination (if all three evidence has been studied). Use the lantern while exploring the basement. On the way, you will find two notes and a collectible card. The most important is the back room of the basement.

Examine the knife, after which the main character is attacked and stunned by the killer. When you come to your senses, click on the throw button, and then attack the maniac with your fists. Then handcuff him. Take the killer out of the basement, place him on the horse and go to the prison in Valentine. Take the criminal into custody by bringing him into the building and putting him on the floor. He soon attacks the sheriff. Try to quickly shoot the man. If they did it on time, the sheriff will thank Arthur and give him $ 20. Otherwise, the sheriff will deal with him on his own, and you will get nothing.

Help brother

The quest marker for the task should appear in Saint-Denis some time after the beginning of the fourth chapter. Find Brother Dorkins near the market. You can give him money and promise that you will help the kidnapped people. Move to the market and enter a building owned by a local underground merchant. Look in the small side room and examine the bookshelf. Please note that there are traces on the floor from moving a heavy object. This means that this shelf was pushed back.

Go to the underground merchant and interrogate him (you can do without bloodshed). You will find out that one of the books acts as a switch. Open the passage to the basement and go to the prisoners. Approach each person and click on the button that appears to release him. take the prisoners out of the building. Nobody can stop you. Meet Brother Dorkins. You can accept the monetary reward or refuse.

Usury and Other Sins IV

In order to open new missions from underground merchants, in Dutch’s camp in the third chapter you need to meet Leopold Strauss. You will be given two more people who have not paid off their debts. Vinton Holmes is located near Strawberry. Get to the camp and after talking with Holmes, follow him in the direction of the cave. When you arrive at the place, take out the lantern (on the weapon tab) and only then move through the area.

Have to split up, so head in the opposite direction from Holmes

Hearing screams, get to his corpse. Kill the white predator. This is a tricky moment as the beast will try to catch you off guard. Be attentive and listen to the sounds around you. As soon as you hear the sound of an approaching animal, it is best to activate Dead Eye. You will have enough time to aim and kill the cougar. It is advisable to use a rifle or shotgun. Aim for the head to avoid damaging your skin. Skin the slain beast and get to the butcher in Strawberry. You can sell an intact hide for about $ 40. Thus, you will pay off the debt of the deceased Vinson.

Hughes is a funeral agency employee who will come up with an unusual idea of ​​paying off a debt. You must accompany him during the expedition to the cemetery. When you arrive, get rid of the people left in the cemetery. Watch the entrance to the cemetery while Hughes digs up the grave. Unfold the first woman and two men come after her. Conversation is not enough here, so you will have to defeat them in a fist fight. Attack the men one by one. After the victory, return to Hughes and take the diamond brooch.

Usury and Other Sins V

Meet Leopold Strauss at the gang hideout in the swamps. It will be available in the fourth chapter. This time Strauss will ask Arthur to go to one debtor. Algie Davison is your target. Go to Jackson’s Manor west of the gang hideout and south of the Braithwaite Manor. Do not enter the estate so that there are no additional problems. Algi is leaning on a fallen tree. Follow the drunk man to the main house of the estate, get to the cache, where Algi attacks Arthur. This will happen at the moment when Morgan tries to take the money. The other man will run away and hide under the bed. You can ignore it. Defeat Algi in a fist fight, or grab a firearm and shoot it.

A new task is to search the house and find a cache. Alga’s savings are in a chest by the bed. Now you can leave or stay to search the whole house. One of the things you’ll want to get is a cigarette card.

Usury and Other Sins VI-VII

Wait for the quest marker to appear at the gang camp in Butcher Creek. This will happen in the sixth chapter. Chat with Strauss to get leads on two new debtors. The first is John Weathers. Go to the Three Sisters. The location is located west of Dutch’s hideout. There is a wagon near the road, and a man lies under it. Talk to Weathers, after which a group of soldiers will appear, chasing John for desertion. Shoot them and one of the bullets will damage the man’s carriage. After killing all enemies, return to Weathers.

  1. Taking the silver medallion as a debt will diminish your honor.
  2. If you refuse the medallion, you will receive an increase in honor.

The second person on the list is Arthur Londonerry. Go to the mine west of Annesburg. Talk to the guard in front of the entrance, then go to the first large cave and chat with the foreman. You will learn that Londonerry is dead. The man will also tell you where the debtor’s family lives. Londonerry Homes is located northeast of Butcher Creek. Talk to the widow. You can just forgive the debt, or you can also help the family with money. The last part is linear. Arthur decides to deal with Strauss in the camp.

Important! Completing this quest will automatically deny yourself the opportunity to purchase any other improvements for Dutch’s camp. You will also learn about breaking the hideout fold.

Walkthrough Red Dead Redemption 2 – A True Love Story IV-V

Parts I, II and III of this mission were completed in the third chapter within the story. However, the next two parts are optional for the main story.

The opportunity to continue the story of the couple in love appears in the sixth chapter. You must wait for a new letter addressed to Arthur. This is a letter from Penelope asking for help and you will find it at the gang camp in Butcher Creek. The letter lies in the chest next to the main character’s bed. The meeting point for Penelope is a small building adjacent to the western edge of the Braithwaite Manor. Speak with Penelope upon arrival. We need to take her on horseback to the railway station in Rhodes, where she plans to meet Bo and go on a train journey with him.

When she arrives at the station, she will buy two tickets. Arthur will hear the sounds of a fight on the platform. It turns out that hostile relatives have appeared. Defeat them in a fist fight. If you do this quickly enough, you can immediately board a suitable train. Otherwise, jump on your horse to catch up with the train. Get to the compartment where Beau and Penelope are seated. Traveling by train will be hampered by the appearance of a large number of enemies in the area. They all must perish. Get out of here and take cover. Shoot enemies using a pistol or rifle.

The train will stop shortly. Go to the locomotive and upon arrival you will find that the driver has escaped, and Arthur has to replace him. Interact with the central panel. Driving a train is easy. The “cross” button is responsible for acceleration. You don’t have to do anything else. There is also no need to brake as there is no risk of derailment. The train must reach Riggs station. Beau and Penelope will leave him, and Arthur will receive a bracelet as a gift. You can keep it for yourself or sell it to a smuggler. Or give it back to a couple for an honor boost.

Duchesses and other beasts

In the middle of the fourth chapter, you have the opportunity to meet another unique stranger. He lives in a house behind the Blue Hotel north of Saint Denis. It’s about a man named Algeron Wasp. He is looking for exotic things – different orchids and bird feathers. You will receive a list with the first four items. When you get them, then return and turn in the quest. This will be repeated four more times. The ingredients are scattered all over the place. Mostly they can be found in the eastern part of the map. If you happen to find what he wants in the next parts of the assignment, be sure to pick it up in advance. This will save you a lot of time.

Algeron Wasp

As a rule, when searching for the desired materials, it is recommended to click on L3 + R3. Eagle vision will work, which will highlight the plants and animals in the area.

Here is a list of all items that Vasp will need (feathers and orchids):

  • Red heron
  • Snow heron
  • Little egret
  • Pink piranga
  • Common heron (any)
  • Spider orchid
  • Sparrow shoe
  • Rat tail
  • Blue lady
  • Scent of the night
  • Yellow slipper
  • Lady’s slipper
  • Lady of the night
  • Ghost orchid
  • Dragon mouth
  • Shell orchid
  • Cigar orchid
  • Akunya Star
  • Alligator Egg

Test of Faith

You can start this quest southeast of Dutch’s gang hideout in Horseshoe Highlands. This is an excavation site. Chat with paleontologist Deborah McGuiness. She will give a task during which you have to search for dinosaur bones. In total, you need to find 30 different bones, and they should be sent through any post office. The screenshot below shows the location of all the bones.

Location of all dinosaur bones

Smoking and other hobbies

This quest can be found at Flatneck Station, south of the gang hideout in Horseshoe Highlands. In the same place where you will find Reverend Swanson as part of one of the storyline quests. Meet Phineas Ramsbottom. The man is interested in collecting cigarette cards. After collecting complete sets, you can sell them. A collection of cards can be sent by mail. The screenshot below shows the location of the kits.

Arrangement of sets of cigarette cards

Geology for beginners

This mission starts west of Strawberry. Get to the hut in the woods and talk to Francis Sinclair. He wants Arthur to find sculptures carved in stone (cave paintings) for him. In total, there are 10 such drawings, information about them can be sent to any post office. Sculptures are one of the collectibles in the game. After sending the information, you will have to wait two days. You can complete other tasks or sleep off. After a while, you will receive a response from Francis. He will issue an invitation. Read it (in the inventory), then wait a few hours and return to his hut. There you will learn interesting things about the character and his family.

Location of all rock paintings

People and angels

This quest appears in Saint Denis during chapters 5-6. You also need to complete the Brothers and Sisters quest. In Saint Denis, you need to meet with Sister Calderon. Arthur can help with charity work. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Donate 4 food units.
  2. Donate $ 10.

Charity is one of the ways to quickly increase honor and pump it to the maximum level.


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