Warface: how to win on the Ghost Town map

Tips and tricks for playing the new Warface map

In the latest Halloween update to the MMO shooter Warface , a lot of interesting content has been added to the game, including a new map for the survival mode – Ghost Town. It represents a huge location in the post-nuclear Pripyat. Here you will find some of the city’s attractions, as well as encounter various anomalies. In this guide, we will tell you about the main nuances of the location, as well as give tips that will help you to win more often at this level.

Features of the new map

To begin with, the “survival” mode is a battle of sixteen users in a large location. It’s every man for himself here. Upon death, each slain operative drops a large red token. Tokens help to collect more points, but often the participants in the battle use such tokens as bait for other players. By the way, for the owner of the token, it is displayed in blue and does not give any bonuses when trying to pick it up.

Activity zones

As we have already noted, the action takes place in a large area of ​​the post-nuclear city of Pripyat. Due to the large size of the map, the developers have divided the location into three zones of activity. Such zones represent a barrier that cannot be passed through (of course, you can try, but it will end in failure ). The zone of activity is determined before the start of the battle with each new start of the game.

Electromagnetic pulse tower

An electromagnetic pulse tower is located in the center of any zone, which, after activation, produces a “burst” of energy. In turn, such a “blowout” will kill all the fighters who did not manage to find cover. Below we have prepared a list of objects that you can use as a cover from the “blowout”:

  • Any buildings / structures that can be entered;
  • Arches of buildings;
  • Concrete pipes scattered around the location;
  • Metal garages that you can enter.

To activate the electromagnetic pulse tower, the player needs to find an activation terminal on the map. Each zone contains one activation terminal. It should take 120 seconds from the start to the start of the ejection. All fighters who did not manage to find cover and died from the impulse will be counted for the operator who activated the tower.

Even after the first activation of the terminal, players have the right to reconfigure it for themselves. In this case, all points of the fighters who died from the impulse will be counted to the last player who reconfigured the terminal. This mechanic does not interfere with the gameplay, but, on the contrary, adds some excitement. Still, they understand that from the moment of the announcement of the upcoming “blowout” to its activation, a fighter may die a dozen times.

Observer drone

Every 200 seconds, all users can meet an “observer” – a drone that flies over the active zone and lights up all players who are in its line of sight (the drone’s visibility radius is currently 50 meters ). A similar mechanic is present in other maps of the survival mode. For example, on the “Desert” map, a combat helicopter appears from time to time in the air, and in the Siberia location, players can independently activate the radar, which gives the location of all players within a certain radius.

Users could already meet such drones in the special operation “Pripyat”. The peculiarity of the game mechanics is that, just like in the special operation “Pripyat”, you can get rid of the drone with a few accurate shots from a sniper rifle or with the help of other weapons.

Air support

Another interesting mechanic is “air support”: every 150 seconds, a combat container is dropped from the sky to a random place on the map. The contents of the container are always the same: the FCG-R3 K1 energy gun, the analogue of which can be encountered during the Volcano special operation.

In fact, there is no point in deliberately waiting for the appearance of such a “premise”, since other players will certainly try to make every effort to get it. On the other hand, you can use the container to track enemies who are heading for loot. It is worth noting that the container with the gun after landing will be active for only 60 seconds, after which it will explode.


Throughout the location, you can observe many anomalies of various types. Most can cause damage to the player’s health, but there are those that are not dangerous. The most common anomalies are large blobs of red energy. The radius of destruction of such phenomena is about ten meters, but just a few seconds of being in this radius will be enough to kill a soldier.

Another anomalous phenomenon that you can often see when examining the map – similar to the previous clots of energy, but now black. Such phenomena are less dangerous for fighters, since in order to receive damage from these anomalies, you need to be close to them.

Rarely encountered anomalous phenomena are electrical charges. Such anomalies can be found only in the Lazurny pool, on the second floor in a dead-end room, and also directly in the pool itself. These are the “toughest” anomalies, as they can eliminate the player almost instantly.

In addition to anomalies that harm a soldier’s health, there are also visual effects. If during the game you come across a small blue ball that runs in a certain direction, then you should not beware of it. By the way, a similar anomaly can be found next to each activation terminal of the electromagnetic tower.

Interesting objects

The Ghost Town map is a large area in the exclusion zone. The map is dominated by multi-storey buildings of Soviet buildings, garage cooperatives and some interesting buildings, which to this day are considered an attraction of the city of Pripyat, abandoned by people more than twenty years ago.

When exploring the location, you can find an amusement park, visit the Lazurny swimming pool, and also find a gym in one of the city’s schools. The most interesting building is considered to be the pool, since it houses the terminal for activating the electromagnetic pulse tower, as well as unique “electrical” anomalies.

Ambush locations

It’s no secret that Survival maps are pretty big. That is why in this mode you will most often meet sniper class fighters. Despite the prevailing open positions of the “Ghost Town” map, there are still several interesting places where it is best to conduct aimed shooting at enemies running by.

One such place is the building of a grocery store. It is located approximately in the center of the location and falls into all three active zones. The object is a two-story building with three entrances and many windows through which you can watch the fighters happening outside. An experienced player who has taken this position is almost impossible to smoke out of there.

From the building, you can not only watch what is happening in the open area, but also control the movement of players in the pool building, namely, in the gym on the second floor. This is a great place that we advise all participants in the battle to master.

Class efficiency

The most common class found on the Ghost Town map is the sniper class. Of course, you can come across other classes as well:

  • Sad;
  • Stormtrooper;

The effectiveness of such fighters against the “sniper” class specifically on this map is very questionable, because open areas and long distances prevail here. On the other hand, the SED has the ability to use an armored chrome kit that protects the cyborg from a single hit from a sniper rifle.

Stormtroopers and Engineers are even rarer because they do not have such protection. Basically, such participants try to occupy small buildings as quickly as possible ( here, by the way, a building with a terminal or a building of a grocery store is great ) and shoot back players passing by.

Although we saw firsthand how some participants actively used the Medic class in such a battle, it is still not the most effective class for the survival mode. The medical staff, like the above-mentioned fighters, will have to consider narrow corridors and small rooms throughout the game in order not to end the battle in a big minus.


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