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How to complete all tasks of the first “Mafia”

Mafia: Definitive Edition is a remake of the first game in the series on the engine of the third . The developers have released not just a re-release of the classics, but a full-fledged new project that may interest both beginners and those who went through the original. If you have any difficulties, you can use our guide.

Mafia Definitive Edition Walkthrough – General Tips

  • The complexity of the game directly affects its perception . If for you the first “Mafia” – first of all hardcore shootouts and chases, then you should set the “classic” level of difficulty. If not, stick to “medium” to make the passage of the Mafia Definitive Edition more comfortable.
  • Tommy-gun is an ultimate weapon , effective both at long and close ranges.
  • The most powerful pistol is the Magnum .
  • There is no need to fear a shortage of cartridges . After death or loading from a checkpoint, your ammo will be replenished to the maximum.
  • Playing with realistic car physics is harder , but much more interesting .
  • To avoid drawing the attention of the police, drive with the speed limiter on . It is worth removing it during chases or assignments for a while.
  • If you get tired of long trips, you can skip them . To do this, select the appropriate item in the game settings.

Chapter 1. “Impossible to refuse”

If the re-release of Mafia 2 differed from the original only in graphics, then Mafia: Definitive Edition is a full-fledged remake in the spirit of the recent Resident Evil 2

After two introductory videos, the chase will begin. Drive forward until you see a barricade in the middle of the road. Ram it in the center, then move to the bridge. A new group of bandits are waiting for you. To break through the cordon, approach it and press the action button. Use special places marked on the map to get rid of the pursuit. Destroy three gangster cars, then head to Little Italy.

If the bandits follow you again, don’t pay attention to them, just move to the second bridge, accelerate and jump.

Chapter 2. “The Running Man”

The developers at Hangar 13 have made dozens of changes to the original game, from lines of dialogue to additional cut scenes. But the basis of the plot and key events remained intact.

You have to work as a taxi driver. The main thing is not to violate traffic rules . There will be enough time to easily get from one point to another. Change radio stations when the passenger asks you to. New customers are indicated by diamonds on the minimap.

During the break, you will be attacked. After the cut-scene, run forward. You can’t stop for a second. Climb over the fence, climb the stairs to the left and jump off. Cross the street and move on. Be guided by the yellow diamonds. Your goal is to run into Salieri’s bar .

Chapter 3. “Party with cocktails”

The faces of the characters have changed beyond recognition. Those who have completed the original “Mafia” will take time to get used to the new appearance of familiar characters

Walk around the bar and then return to Paulie. Together with him go out into the street and go up to Vincenzo, the man in charge of the weapon. Take the Molotov cocktails from him and head to Ralphie. Get in his car and go to your destination.

Get out and follow Paulie. To go unnoticed, you have to sneak. Climb onto the boxes, then onto the roof of the house. Your partner will distract the guard, and you go down, sneak up on him from behind and knock him out. As soon as you start breaking cars, new bandits will appear. Fights with them are based on attacks and counterattacks, as in the games of the Batman Arkham series . Beat gangsters, break up or burn the remaining cars with Molotov cocktails.

Paulie will open the garage. Get into Dino’s car, knock out the gate and drive to your destination. To get away from the cops just don’t slow down. Return to the garage to Ralphie, and then go up to Don Salieri.

Chapter 4. “Dust-free work”

Talk to Salieri. Take the revolver from Vincenzo, and then look to Ralph. Go to Al. Go to the bakery and take the money that is on the table in the back room. Stop by Eugene, who runs a shop in Chinatown, then head to the motel.

Paulie will ask you to get Sam out. Go around the back of the mansion and go upstairs using the boxes. Stealth is not necessary – gangsters can be killed in the open. In the room to the left of the balcony door is a pump-action gun.

Go downstairs and clear the first floor. Open the door that Sam was being held behind. After the cutscene, a chase awaits you. Just shoot first at the black cars and then at the yellow convertible. The ammunition is endless, so you shouldn’t save ammo. When the car with the thief stops, just search it.

Chapter 5. “Fair Play”

The same race from the “unpatched” first “Mafia” is still considered the most difficult moment in the game. Do you want to repeat the experience of 18 years ago? Set the “classic” difficulty level and try to finish first

After talking with the don, visit Ralphie. Pick a car from the garage and head to the race site. Pick up the guard and move to the garages. Get into the racing car. She is fast but fragile. Driving slowly will simply not make it in time. We recommend that you accelerate on the highway, and go by tram in the city itself. In this case, the risk of getting into an accident will be minimal. You can ignore the cops – they certainly won’t be able to catch up with you.

Wait until Luca Bertone “works” with the car, and then deliver it back.

Watch the engine overheat indicator. If it fills up, the car will become unmanageable. To prevent this from happening, periodically you need to press the brake.

A race awaits you in which you need to take first place. The rules are simple – slow down on sharp turns, try not to crash and avoid opponents carefully.

During the holiday, Paulie will step aside. You will need to find it. Walk forward and then left until you exit to the stage with the musicians. Talk to the man next to you. He will show where Paulie lies. Take him home.

Chapter 6. “Sarah”

Sarah’s remake gets much more attention than the original game

Follow Sarah. When you reach the door, knock on it, and then move on. Hooligans will attack you soon. Make counterattacks and hit. The local thug, with whom you will fight in the arena, differs from ordinary fighters only in greater endurance. Pick up the wooden plank that lies next to him and use it to beat the insolent man.

Chapter 7. “It’s time to get used to”

It is necessary to take revenge on the hooligans for the night attack. Grab baseball bats from Vincenzo, get in your car, and drive to Chinatown. Together with Paulie, go to Biff’s store and talk to him. Then break the gates and enter enemy territory. The first group of bandits must be defeated in close combat, and as soon as they start to “shoot” – take out your pistol and shoot back. Climb the stairs to the roof and kill everyone in the yard.

On the right is a rifle – a great choice for long range shooting.

When done, make your way to the warehouse. Be careful, a bully with a shotgun will jump out of the door . Clear the area. Billy will get into the car and try to get away from you. Chase him until he crashes. This concludes the passage of the seventh chapter of the Mafia Definitive Edition.

Chapter 8. “Saints and Sinners”

Take the bomb from Vincenzo and get into the car. You will have a talk with Sam, and then toss it to the church. Go yourself to the Carleone Hotel. You need to find the manager and a girl named Michelle. A local mother will meet you at the entrance. Talk to her and she will take you to the girls. You need a bartender – he will tell you that the manager is in the break room.

Go up the main stairs, talk to the girl who will meet you, and follow her. She will say that Michelle is in room 208 . Go up the floor above, knock out the necessary door and talk to the girl. There is a rifle in the room to the left of the stairs. Pick it up and hide it so as not to betray yourself ahead of time.

Get down to the manager and knock him out in close combat . Kill the guards, and break through to the upper floor. When you run out of ammo, take a shotgun. In the greenhouse, replace the standard pistol with the Magnum and take the Tommy-gun. In the manager’s office, pick up the papers and place the bomb under the table.

When you find yourself on the roof, you will be shot from the windows. Kill the two cops, then head up the stairs. Shoot the cop with a Molotov cocktail, and then climb even higher. Run ahead, focus on the church ahead of you. There are many police officers, but they will all be in your sight. Just take cover and shoot back. If you run out of cartridges, pick up a rifle from one of the cops.

When done, walk to the chapel and toss the stairs to get to the church building. Climb the scaffolding and then go down the steps.

Your main task in the church is to kill Johnny . He will be hiding at the top, so climb onto the platforms and move to his position. Along the way, you will have to interrupt his partners. Johnny will run away from you, but as soon as you shoot him, the cutscene will begin.

After the incident, you will need to break away from the cops. We recommend that you steal a police car and drive with maximum speed. Your target is Salieri’s bar . There will be barricades on the bridges, but each of them has a gap through which you can safely drive. The main thing is to get to Little Italy, there it will be much easier to break away from the pursuit. When the cops lose you, head to the bar.

Chapter 9. “Country Walk”

Talk to Frank, get into the car and head to the warehouse. Keep in mind that it is raining outside and the car will skid slightly . Paulie will take you to the meeting point himself. When it turns out that Sam is not there, you will have to look for him. Just go ahead. Question marks will appear on the minimap. Check the listed locations for more information. Your main target is a truck with headlights on.

Fight off the enemies, and then examine the body of the dead driver. Take Tommy-gun – in open areas it is much more effective than a shotgun. Move to the marker on the minimap. In the first building on the right, in addition to dead Canadians, you can find Molotov cocktails. Clear the next warehouse, and then go through the room on the right through and through. Kill all opponents in the yard. When finished, go up to Sam.

You need to shoot back from opponents until Paulie arrives. Most of them will attack from the front, but some will try to get close to the right. It is better to blow up the red barrel during the second attack , when there are several bandits next to it. Next to Sam is Tommy-gun, and a little to the left is a box with cartridges. As soon as a police car arrives, blow it up with a barrel nearby.

During the chase, shoot first of all at those cops who got as close as possible. Aim at the drivers – this is the easiest way to disable a police car.

When Paulie gets stuck – just shoot at the enemies and hide behind cover in time.

During the battle with the armored car, you need to destroy the turret. It will reload periodically, but you don’t have time to wait, so just release all the ammunition into it. Then break the windshield and throw a Molotov cocktail into the cockpit. After the video, all that remains is to visit Sarah.

Chapter 10. “Omerta”

Take the sawed-off shotgun from Vincenzo, get into the green Bolt and drive to Biff. Talk to him and then go to Little Tony. He will provide important information, after which you need to go to Oak Wood. You will be spying on Frank. Keep your distance from him, but do not lose sight of him . Watch the visibility indicator. As soon as it starts to fill up, slow down. Try not to accelerate, crash or run over pedestrians. When you reach the airport, park your car to the left of the highway.

Cops are guarding the main entrance, but you can enter the area through the passage on the left . You need to act quietly. Enter the building through the side door and find a note on the counter. The cop who walks along the corridor can be cut out from behind. Eavesdrop on Frank’s conversation with Morello’s men. It will be difficult to act further on stealth, so you will have to kill the bandits in the open. There are a lot of them and they will try to go around you from behind, so watch out for the minimap . When you’re done with everyone, go to the storage room.

Alas, all the characters of the first “Mafia” will face a sad fate

After the cut-scene, go down to the basement of the bank and talk to the employee. He will lead you to the desired cell.

Chapter 11. “Visit to the moneybags”

Get to the mansion together with Salvatore. Climb up the hill and climb over the fence. This task is best done quietly. First, knock out the guard who is right in front of you, then those who are patrolling the area to your left and right. Try to go around them from behind, or punch them in close combat. If they do not have time to shoot, the alarm will not be raised. You need to neutralize them all. As soon as you finish – Salvatore will arrange a kind of hide and seek game. To find it, just go over the indicated points.

Knock out the central door of the mansion. The safe is behind one of the paintings, so the bugbear will ask you to check them all. Don’t waste time, but immediately run to the second floor. The picture you need is in the study, which is located in the southeastern part of the mansion.

You will have to fight your way back. Get out of the mansion, steal the car and return for Salvatore. You need to get away from the cops. A good option is to go down the serpentine road, which is located south of Beach Hill , but go not along the road, but perpendicular to it. In this case, the police are likely to lose you. Then take Salvatore home.

Chapter 12. “Deal of the Century”

Get into the car with Paulie and Carlo and drive to the parking lot. Go up to the top floor. Kill Morello’s thugs and see what’s wrong with Gates. After that, run next to the truck and don’t let the bandits get to it.

There should be no problems with the first floor from above, but an explosion will occur on the second. To extinguish it, open the door to the right of the stairs, go down and turn the handle of the fire hydrant. You can also take grenades here. With their help, you can blow up cars behind which enemies are hiding. When you get to the lower level, talk to Sam and get into the car.

Thanks to the auto aim and infinite ammunition, it is much more convenient to fire from the car than in the original game

You need to escort the truck to the Salieri warehouse. As soon as you see cars with bandits – shoot them with a pistol. The main thing is to keep up with Sam and not let Morello’s henchmen approach him.

Chapter 13. Bon appetite!

Get into Don’s car and take him to the restaurant. After the attack, first of all watch out for the cook. He will take a couple of steps back, and a gangster will appear behind him. Kill him and run to the marker. When you go out into the street, first of all, shoot at the machine gunner on the second floor. Go around the restaurant and kill the bandits who pinned Salieri. The easiest way is to throw a grenade. The explosion will destroy almost all of Morello’s people.

Drive to Carlo’s house. He will try to escape. Run after him. When your hero gets a gun, aim at the ladder. As soon as a traitor appears on it, shoot. It is important that he does not have time to climb up, otherwise the mission will fail.

The attack on Don Salieri was the beginning of an open war between mafia Families in Lost Haven

Chapter 14. Happy Birthday!

Go up to Salieri on the second floor, and then go to the garage, get in the car and go to the docks. Walk past the treat tables and talk to Sam. Enter the building and change into the sailor’s uniform, which can be found in the closet. Now you will be allowed to board the ship.

Go down to the deck below and talk to the guy who washes the windows . He will say that the cleaner is in the engine room. Get down even lower and turn right. After talking with the drunken sailor, take the key from the table, get up and go to the toilet. On the way, you will have to beat the guy who exposed you. Take the revolver and hide in the designated place.

What is missing from the remake is the colorful loading screens. In the original Mafia, they worked great for the atmosphere

As soon as the fireworks start – shoot the politician in the head , and then go downstairs, Paulie and Sam are already waiting for you. Along the way, you will have to shoot back from the guards. The main thing is to pick up Tommy-gun. It will be difficult to run past opponents – it is easier to kill everyone in your path. Moving on to the next chapter of the Mafia Definitive Edition.

Chapter 15. “Lucky …”

It’s time to kill Sergio Morello. Take the bomb, get into the car and go to his house. The car you need is guarded, but you can get close to it on the right . Go through the open gate, climb the boxes and jump down. Sneak up to the car, plant the bomb and just as quietly go back. Go to the phone booth.

Drive to the restaurant where Paulie and Sam found Sergio. Kill the guards, and then chase Don Morello’s brother, first on foot and then on a motorcycle. When you arrive at the port, a firefight will begin. The greatest danger is a sniper on a crane. With short dashes, get closer to him and shoot with an accurate shot.

Take your time to cross to the other side of the bridge. Wait for enemy reinforcements to drive up to you and shoot at the red barrel to set off an explosion. Move on. Eliminate the snipers first, and then everyone else. Sergio himself will hide in the depot. To get to it, go to the switchman’s booth and pull the lever. The tank will move and ram the gate. Clear the building. Your main target is at the far end of the room.

Chapter 16. “Cream of the Society”

Get down, get into the car and drive to the theater. During the pursuit of Morello, the main thing is to keep up with him. Shoot at the police cars that will bother you. When you arrive at the airport, continue chasing Morello, but on foot. As in the port, the first thing to do is kill the sniper on the water tower , and then everyone else. Break into the hangar and clear it. Open the back door.

Morello will try to escape by plane. Shoot the engines. You need to have time to destroy them before he flew too high. After the plane is hit, chase it in your car. Focus on the Terranova Bridge . The fastest way to get to the crash site is through Chinatown.

Morello is presented as aggressive, unbalanced and greedy. Meanwhile, he was able to become a crime leader and for a time kept almost the entire city under control.

Chapter 17. “Re-election”

Talk to Vincenzo and then drive to the old prison. Climb over the fence and talk to the man in the white suit. Go down the drain, go forward, and then turn right. Beat the guy who will try to stop you, then run into the tunnel on the right and go upstairs. You go into the territory of the prison and pull the lever to the left of the main door .

Move left and then right. Talk to the woman. Go to the passage on the left and pull the lever. Go upstairs. Open the gate with the lever to the right of them and run further. Unlock the doors on the left and climb the stairs even higher. Go out to the roof and go around the tower in a circle.

Take your rifle and aim. The politician is marked with a yellow marker. There is no need to make corrections for distance and wind, but it is better to hold your breath before shooting. If you miss, try again, there will be enough time for several attempts.

After falling, go out into the corridor, go through it and open the extreme door on the right. Move forward until you see a gap in the floor. Jump down. The cops can be cut out from behind, or you can take the pistol from one of them and shoot the rest. The weapon is worth taking anyway. Use the next lever to open the door.

When you find yourself on the floor below, you will have to shoot back from the police. Go down the main stairs. Beware of opponents with shotguns , they can kill you with one shot. It is better to shoot at them from a long distance. Get out of the prison, get into the police car and break away from the pursuit. Try to drive onto the bridge, there are no barricades on it and it will be much more difficult to catch up with you. To complete the task, just drive home.

Chapter 18. “Clean for discharge”

Get in the car. After talking with Paulie and Sam, you need to find a customs truck. One of them is in the southeast corner of the designated area , next to the Harbor sign. Take him to Sam.

When you find yourself in the territory of the customs warehouse, the main thing is not to attract attention. Employees can be knocked out from behind, but if shooting starts, the task will be considered a failed one. Climb to the roof. Beware of the agent marked with an exclamation mark – he will recognize you from any distance. Go around it along the perimeter of the protected area and get into the desired building. The papers you need are right in front of you on the table. Climb the stairs to the second floor, run across to the other side and enter the second door. Dig into the box to find out the exact location of the cargo you need.

Make your way to the warehouse using the stairs. Look for sector D2. The box you need is in the far corner, next to the exit door. Open it. Unfortunately, you will not be able to avoid the alarm, and you will have to leave with the siren sounding. You need to leave the red zone on the map without crashing the truck. The main thing is to avoid road barriers , if you are spotted, it will be extremely difficult to leave. The best option is to drive north along the central road. It is not blocked. When you’re off, drive to Salieri’s warehouse. After talking with Paulie, head to the train station.

Chapter 20. “Death of Art”

Drive to Paulie and then to the city gallery. Kill the bandits on the first floor, and then go up the stairs. Chase Sam, kill his thugs along the way. The most difficult moment will be in front of the second staircase, when three gangsters will run out at you at once. Carefully move forward as soon as they appear – hide behind cover and kill one by one.

The ending

The last conversation with Sam turned out to be really interesting and intense

When you get to the top floor, first of all shoot at Sam as soon as he sticks out from behind cover. From time to time you will be attacked by ordinary bandits, but they do not pose a great danger. When you hurt Sam badly, he will start to retreat. Pursue him. A one-on-one duel awaits you on the lower floor. Sam will be throwing grenades and shooting from Tommy Gun. You can kill him from a long distance or get closer, wait until he starts reloading the weapon, and at that moment open fire yourself


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