Key Challenges of Recruitment Pipeline

Many companies prefer a business team that prints money and subordinates a support team like those in HR. This distinguishes several things such as giving bonuses, salary increases, or several ‘ benefits’ . But did you know that if no team recruits STARS, there will be no reliable “moneymakers”. If there is no team that is skilled at ‘brewing’ various training systems, then intelligence will not increase. These two things are often forgotten by management. Yes, when the profits are multiplied, the money printers will be appreciated the most.

But this time, I want to discuss the recruiting pipeline (a way to visualize the recruitment process over time). Each job has a pipeline as a way for candidates to enter the recruitment process from the beginning, through step by step, until they are selected the most suitable and the most qualified in the recruitment process.

Please note that recruiting is not as easy as you might imagine in this day and age. Even those who have become ‘masters’ due to their long history of recruitment will continue to face different challenges from time to time. Carefulness is needed to identify talents not only about the skills or attitude they have but also whether their talents can continue to be developed, because every day the demands for candidate qualifications are getting higher. If the recruiter cannot find a candidate with the right qualifications, it is certain that there is a gap that will hinder the company’s progress.

Imagine how complex what a recruiter has to do from looking for candidates, whether new candidates, or re-opening their database. Did you also know that recruiters need to have the skills to be able to build relationships with their candidates, because times have changed, the current generation is very, very different. It is not only candidates who need jobs but employers who need them. So that the recruiter can be likened to the ‘sales’ who ‘peddle’ vacancies in their company. When today has not succeeded in getting one candidate, then at another time, the recruiter can re-approach to offer a different vacancy.

Do you stop until you find a suitable candidate? Various negotiations must be carried out regarding the agreement of his rights and obligations in the future and will continue throughout his life.

Here are some of the challenges encountered in Recruiting Pipelines:

The right source of candidates

Finding the right source of candidates is a “battle”. Why do I say battle? Imagine a pond filled with fish surrounded by many anglers vying for the best fish. Obviously you need to have higher quality bait from other anglers so that your bait will hit the right fish. Especially if you are looking for candidates in the highly competitive world of technology.

Endless hustle and bustle

There is nothing wrong with using social media as a medium for you to get many applicants. But you also have to be prepared to get lots of ‘junk’ CVs that you can’t use. Many applicants send their applications even though the required qualifications do not match what they have. So naturally, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Candidates who lack self-selling

Often times those with less proficiency do not describe their resumes well. Either because they feel it is not too important to find a job or change jobs. This often leads recruiters to look for shortcuts by peering into the ‘shop’ workforce next door. Who knows, someone is interested in the vacant position.

Both side agreement

There will be difficulties in making an agreement, if the recruiter is not equipped with an insight into the salary survey or the various benefit comparisons available. An inaccurate agreement only leads to the end of the work bond.

When the work is related to technology

This is indisputable, because technology and the digital world are developing so fast that you must act aggressively to find candidates with the right performance and abilities.


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