Recognize the Differences in Algorithms and Programs in Computer Systems

If you are studying IT or computer science related to programming languages, you must be familiar with algorithms and programs right? Most of the courses in these majors are closely related to programming algorithms.

But, did you know that algorithms and programs are very different. But, there are still many lay people who still say that the algorithm and the program are something the same thing. So, this article will discuss about the difference between algorithms and programs.

Difference between Algorithms and Programs

Before discussing the differences in algorithms and programs, you must first know the general understanding of the algorithm and the program itself.

Algorithms are logical and limited sequences of steps that are systematically arranged in order to solve a particular problem. While the program is a collection of several instructions in the form of statements written using a programming language that involves the selection of data structures.

There are some experts in the field of computers stating that a program using the same program formula with an algorithm plus a programming language. All things that are passed by using an algorithm must be logical and of course must be clear as well. Clearly the intention here is to have right and wrong judgments, and not to have neutral values ​​or commonly referred to as “middle”.

The algorithm is always closely related to the steps in doing each work, and from these steps you can later see the process of the work you have done. The algorithm turns out to have several considerations, one of which is true, good, and efficient. In this case the true value can be interpreted as not wrong.

Even though the algorithm made is good and optimal, but if there are errors, then everything that has been made is useless in other definitions, if there are errors in your program, then everything will be wrong. The algorithm must have the efficiency of memory and time and the algorithm is not recommended or allowed to use up a lot of memory and time of course.

Understanding the program is a collection of the many statements that are on the computer. The step method that is made more systematic in a program is called an algorithm. Basically the program is an implementation of many programming languages.

The program can be defined as an algorithm that can be added to some data structure or language. A good program has the characteristics of having a good data structure. Conversely, if the type of data structure is bad and still has a good algorithm it still won’t be able to make good program data either.

The understanding of the algorithm above was obtained from a middle eastern scientist who lived during the era of Islamic civilization named Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi around 780-850 AD. In accordance with the understanding taken from the language, the algorithm is a calculation that is in Arabic numerals.

The algorithm can also be defined as a sequence of steps arranged systematically and of course also logical in order to solve the problem. By using the concept of an algorithm, many problems can be solved in a more systematic, sensible way, and can be tested to test the errors or truths contained in the algorithm.

Algorithms are concepts, so each person can use different algorithms to solve the same problem. For example like, there are some problems that can be described in the form of “X” and get solutions that can be described in the form of “Y”. Every person who resolves problem X can get Y results using their respective algorithms, not the same but can still get the same output.

In practice when applying an algorithm it must be more efficient. The point is to be fast and simple. If you want to make a good computer application, the algorithm used must also be good, that is, it doesn’t have a lot of bugs and certainly won’t consume a lot of memory that isn’t really needed. The algorithm is generally presented in the form of Pseudocode, Flowcart, diagram and so on.

Algorithms and programming languages ​​are closely related to a program. A good algorithm without being accompanied by choosing the right data structure will result in an unfavorable program, and vice versa. In making the algorithm there are several advantages that you can get, namely:

  • Making or writing an algorithmdoes not depend on any programming language, meaning that writing an algorithm is independent of the programming language and the computer that is working on it.
  • Algorithm notation can be translated into various programming languages.
  • Whatever programming language is used, the output or output must remain the same.

The algorithm was created with the aim to help in converting a problem into a programming language. The algorithm is a result of conceptual thinking, so that it can be done by a computer. The algorithm must be translated into programming language notation.

There are several things that must be considered during the translation process, namely:

  1. Variable Declaration

Variables are needed by programs in order to store input data, process and obtain computational results.

  1. Data Type Selection

Each variable requires a data type when it is declared, then match the data type to the variable that you use in the program.

  1. Selection of Instructions

There are various kinds of instructions that you can choose, such as selection, sequence, and repetition, the sequence of steps of the algorithm into one or several of these instructions. Some instructions have the same functions and uses, but each instruction has different advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Syntax Rules

When writing an algorithm into a programming language, the writing will be bound by the syntax rules in that language and each programming language must have its own syntax writing rules. This means that each programming language has a different syntax writing.

  1. Display Results

When you create an algorithm you won’t think about how the results will be displayed. Technical matters like this are considered when you convert them into programs.

  1. How to operate a C compiler or interpreter

The programming language you use belongs to a compiler  or  interpreter group .

After you know a few explanations about the algorithm and the program above, it can be concluded that there are four differences. Here are some differences from algorithms and programs, namely:

  1. Algorithm

Algorithms are methods and systematic stages in the program.

  • The algorithm is the result of conceptual thinking, so that it can be done by a computer.
  • Do not depend on any programming language.
  • Can be translated into various programming languages.
  • Output or results to be issued are the same, even though the algorithm is different or the same.
  1. Program

The program is a collection of several computer statements.

  • The program is a form of algorithm realization in the programming language.
  • Written using a programming language.
  • The program is composed of a series or series of instructions that are done by the computer.
  • An implementation of a programming language.

Program = Algorithm + Language (Data Structure)

That’s all for this article, which discusses the differences between algorithms and programs. Hopefully this article can be useful for you. Thank you


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