Recipes with moringa sprouts

Cuban cuisine . Example of the fusion of ingredients and eating habits inherited from different stages of the history of Cuba and of different influences, from the inheritance of the aborigines to the concept of ” New Cuban cuisine “.


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Moringa in traditional Cuban cuisine

All parts of the plant are edible. The content of proteins, vitamins and minerals is outstanding. The flavor is pleasant and the various parts can be eaten raw (especially the leaves and flowers) or cooked in various ways. Moringa leaves are great for making salad, they can be used in place of lettuce and add tomato and cucumber , with your favorite dressing.

Vegetarian fried rice recipe with moringa sprouts


Three cups of cooked rice, two cups of moringa sprouts , two eggs, one cup of chopped chives, two cups of chopped raw Swiss chard, 1/2 cup of chopped chili peppers, two tablespoons of oil, two tablespoons of sauce soy, 1/2 cup any dry fruit wine, 1/2 teaspoon ginger powder, several slices of sweet corn, cucumber, and salt to taste.


The cooked rice, but at room temperature, is placed in a pot where the oil has previously been heated with the ginger and cooked for 1 minute with the wine. Stir continuously and add the tortillas prepared with the eggs and cut into thin strips. Add the soy sauce and continue cooking for two to three minutes. Next, the chives, the previously cooked corn, the peppers, the chard and the cucumber are added. Finally, the moringa sprouts are introduced and the fried rice is finished cooking. It is preferably served finished to make.

Moringa sprouts scramble recipe


Four eggs, 1 1/2 cup mooringa sprouts, six chive leaves, two tablespoons oil, and salt to taste.


The eggs are beaten, the moringa sprouts cut into pieces and the chives plus the salt are added. Additionally, other ingredients can be added to taste, such as vegetables, a tablespoon of tomato puree, garlic or other seasoning plants. The oil is introduced in a frying pan and placed on the flame, when it is hot, add the preparation and cook the stir-fry until the desired texture is achieved.


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