Do you really clean your ears well?

Cleaning your ears is easy, however there is no unity in families when it comes to knowing how to do it. For this reason, and to avoid taking risks, Guillermo Plaza, head of the Otorhinolaryngology service at the Sanitas La Zarzuela Hospital, offers readers of a series of guidelines for correct and safe cleaning.

The ear canals must be cleaned very carefully «and better to do it without using swabs because, in addition to not helping to extract the wax, what they do is introduce it further into the interior. In addition, they can produce perforations if they are inserted more than the count. We professionals use them with our patients, but because we have visual control while we handle them ”. Instead, he recommends using pharmacy products , such as oils and excipients, which when applied will allow the wax to be expelled in the heat of a shower.

In the specific case of children “it is advisable to use two to three times a week of almond oil that softens the wax,” says this doctor. Highlight that wax is a natural ear cleaning system and it is not appropriate for it to be completely removed. After each shower or bath, what is convenient is to dry your ears correctly, not with swabs – as previously mentioned – but with a tissue or bath towel, following in a controlled manner with your little finger. the furrows of the ear.

“Just as children develop a proper toothbrushing habit from the age of six , they must have correct habits for cleaning their ears at these ages.”

He also adds that if it is intuited that there is a wax plug, because it is visible or annoying, it will be necessary for an ENT specialist to take care of removing it. «And, in the face of summer , you always have to dry them very well when you leave the pool or the sea because this water is more harmful than soapy water in the bathtub, and more prone to favor the appearance of otitis.


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