How to fight insomnia and say goodbye to sleepless nights

Are you tired of tossing and turning, looking at the clock every hour and waking up feeling as if you are dusty? Are you one of those who spends the nights counting sheep or visualizing pleasant places to try to fall asleep? Sleeping well and resting is a must for people’s physical and mental activity, but what if insomnia becomes your worst nightmare?

In the workshop “Sweet Dreams”, organized by the ESCP Europe business school in collaboration with the League of Optimists in Spain, the psychiatrist Pilar Rojano and the psychologist Ángel Puerta unveiled several healthy guidelines that help to better reconcile sleep and wake up with batteries charged with energy. Take note and learn to say goodbye to sleepless nights!

  1. First of all … don’t obsess over sleeping!

If you suffer from insomnia, relax. Obsessing over sleeping and talking all day about this pathology with your family and friends is useless. Take it away, take a deep breath and you will get a better sleep.

  1. Do not tempt the dream

Try to establish an hourly routine and go to bed when you are sleepy. The ideal is to do it between 10:00 pm and 1:00 am. Important: Do not go to sleep and spend more time in bed than necessary because insomnia ends up taking its toll.

  1. Who gets up early … God help him!

It is important to get up at the same time each day, including weekends and holidays. When you wake up in the morning, don’t stay in bed for long. Above!

  1. Stop naps

Limit naps during the day and if you make them less than twenty minutes. With a thirty-minute nap you run the risk of going into a deep sleep and waking up feeling more tired and groggy.

  1. If you go around a lot … Get out of bed!

If you do not fall asleep twenty minutes after going to bed and do nothing but toss and turn in bed, get out of the bedroom and do some quiet activity. Of course, avoid television. The moment you feel a little sleepy … Back to the bedroom!

  1. Sport and moderate study

Practicing intense sports at any time of the day is good for your health, but to better fall asleep it is better not to practice it in the three / four hours before bedtime. Nor is it advisable to study just at the time of going to sleep.

  1. Beware of excesses

It is essential to avoid large meals before sleeping and always do it two hours before bed. If you drink stimulant drinks, it is best to do it six hours before and the same in terms of alcohol intake.

  1. Smoking kills sleep

Tobacco stimulates people who tend to smoke more when they are nervous or stressed. Therefore, if you want to achieve a comforting sleep, you should avoid tobacco and not smoke a cigarette, even if you wake up in the middle of the night.

  1. Watch out for temperature and noise

A room at a cool and pleasant temperature creates an ideal environment and induces sleep. Avoid extreme cold / hot temperatures and avoid noise.

  1. To bed … just to sleep!

If you are one of those who watch TV in bed, avoid it! TV is an activator and does not induce sleep. Get used to seeing bed as a place to sleep, not to review bills, talk on the phone or work …

And finally … A golden rule: Relax

Establish what are the most suitable relaxation routines for you. Practicing yoga, performing diaphragmatic breaths before going to bed or Jacobson’s relaxation-tension-relaxation-are techniques that help achieve a more restful sleep. Sweet Dreams.


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