Why read about English literature?

English Literature means not just reading thick books written by Shakespeare. By reading English Literature you can learn not only English but also literature, culture and history of many other nations. If you decide to study English, especially English Literature at university, you will not only improve your ability to write and speak in English, then clearly state your position in any debate, beautifully describe an event, and any topic from different points and positions. The ability to analyze will also increase.

Since English is known as an international language, English translation is readily available in almost all the languages ​​of the world. In the context of Bangladesh it can be said that if the quality translation of all the famous works of Bangla literature is possible, then the respect of Bangla language and literature will increase in the court of the world. Now talk about literature or higher education, why.

Do this basically to improve your spirit. In the current era, everyone running a career is busy making money in a bank account. Meanwhile, the mind is empty, no one cares. Studying in literature will improve your spirituality, relieve the narrow mind.

Maybe many will say, it is only by reading books themselves, why you should take higher education with literature. Because if you just read the book you will just enjoy it, you will not be able to accept the education completely.

Another suspicion is that reading the literature may limit the job market, but this is not true. There are many things you can do after graduating in English Literature. For example:

First comes the teaching. If you are interested in research, your results are good, you may join your university as a lecturer. There is also a great demand for English teachers in schools.

If you don’t like teaching, you can get into journalism too. Since you are a student of literature, your writing hand is naturally good. You can easily get a job as a journalist in any Bengali or English daily. If your speech is beautiful then you can join as a TV journalist.

When it comes to media, you can also work as a content writer at advertising firms after honoring them in English. In advertising firms you can easily find a job in the marketing or public relations department if you are interested in working here.

It is possible to go to a corporation with a degree in English Literature. Those who go from English literature to corporate, usually work in the human resources department. You can also work in Production, Finance, Marketing department if you want, but in that case you will need to get 1 MBA degree so that you can learn the job quickly.

So if you want to serve your mind and increase your knowledge about the nations of the world, get a higher education in English Literature. And if you attend university on other subjects, advise your juniors to study English literature. And be sure not to repent in the future.

by Abdullah Sam
I’m a teacher, researcher and writer. I write about study subjects to improve the learning of college and university students. I write top Quality study notes Mostly, Tech, Games, Education, And Solutions/Tips and Tricks. I am a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

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