Questions to Ask the Doctor Before Surgery

Questions to Ask the Doctor Before Surgery.

1. Are you certified by the American Board of 
Plastic Surgeons? 

2. Are you a member of the American Society of 
Plastic Surgeons? 

3. How many procedures of this type have you 

4. Do you have hospital privileges (the right to 
admit patients to or perform surgery in a spe¬ 
cific hospital)? 

5. What specific risks are associated with this 

6. How long will my recovery take? What limits 
will I face in my daily life (including work)? 

7. How much will this procedure cost? Is it cov¬ 
ered by insurance, or will we set up a payment 

Questions to Ask about the Surgical Site 

1. Is the hospital where this procedure will occur 
accredited by the Joint Commission on the 
Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations? 

2. If the procedure will be done at a freestanding 
outpatient facility, is the facility accredited by 
the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory 
Health Care, Inc. or the American Associa¬ 
tion for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery 

3. Is the facility associated with a nearby hospital 
in case an emergency arises? 

4. Is the person providing anesthesia for this 
procedure a board-certified physician (anes¬ 
thesiologist) or a certified registered nurse 

5. If the doctor performs procedures in his or her 
office, is there lifesaving equipment available 
in case of emergency? 

Questions to Ask Yourself 

1. Do I have a health condition that would rule 
out the surgery I am considering or make it 
more complicated than expected? 

2. Can I comply with any medical regimens or 
tasks required to make my surgery successful? 

When deciding to have elective surgery, one has 
the chance to elect. That is, to choose to have the 
surgery and to choose, at will, the surgeon. To do 
this well and safely, it is essential to get complete 
answers to all the questions listed above before 

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