What Questions Should 1 Ask To Girls in Chat

We can feel free to ask girls questions boldly-just remember to avoid asking the following 6 types of questions:

6 best taboos for asking girls what questions are:

1. Consent Questions

Consent questions: Use “Can you…?”, “Do you want to…?”, “Can I…?”


Man: Can I invite you to my house for dinner?

Man: Is it convenient for you to leave your contact information to me?

Man: Do you want to go to the xx movie with me?

Disadvantages: lack of AMOG (male leader) dominance and control, feel weak (weak), unwilling to take the risks of men.

The correct questioning method: ask in a proactive and responsible tone, such as “I want”, “I hope” and so on.

Man: I hope we can keep in touch. Give me your QQ quickly.

Male: I’m going to watch xx movie. I want you to go with me.

2. Closed questions: she can answer with “yes” or “no”


Man: Are you going to school?

Female: Yes.

Man: Oh.

Disadvantages: Not giving her the opportunity to work hard makes her unable to invest in interaction.

A closed-ended question in a broad sense refers to a question with a very small and simple answer.


Man: Where are you from?

Female: Beijinger.

Man: Oh.

The correct question:

Asking big open-ended questions and getting women to make a certain effort really requires their brains to move. When necessary, a certain presupposition can be made. After asking the question, a “vacuum” is required to put pressure on the girl and let her work hard. If necessary, demonstrate yourself first.


Man: Tell me about your fun experiences?

Woman: Me? I don’t know

Man: I don’t believe it. Well, let me first tell you a little story that happened to me…

(Skills of storytelling: telling from the perspective of “I” + topic scanning)

3 ask a series of questions (a train of questions)


Man: Are you from the north?

Female: Yes.

Man: Where are you from?

Female: from Shandong.

Man: Where is Shandong?

Female: Qingdao.

Man: Oh. Are you going to school?

Woman: Yes.

Man: Oh. What did you learn?

Female: Literature. Sorry, I have to go now.

Disadvantages: Unbalanced interaction, chat is like interrogation. It is usually caused by closed problems.

The correct way: Relate to the girl’s answer, relate a key word in her answer, and then expand the statement appropriately. After enough statements, go to the next question.

Man: Where are you from?

Female: from Shandong.

Man: A good place. I know a lot of people from Shandong, but most of them are Shandong men with very straight temperaments. But you look very gentle, what do you usually like to do?

4 Answer-oriented questions

Answer-oriented question: You consciously or unconsciously ask her to answer according to the answer you want.


Man: Isn’t the place I brought you good?

Woman: Well, it’s okay.

Disadvantages: Show that you are seeking her approval. At the same time, she did not give her the opportunity to work hard.

For example, in the above example, the man asking questions like that is to seek her approval, hoping that she thinks he has chosen a good place.

The correct question:

Man: What do you think of this place?

5 non-sincere questions

Non-sincere question: The question you are asking is actually not that you care about it. You can see at a glance that you are looking for words without words.


Man: Your skirt is pretty. Where did you buy it?

Woman: Why do men wear skirts too?

Male (pointing to a few MMs beside the girl): Are they your friends?

Female: Yes.

Disadvantages: It exposes your non-true interests, reflects your sense of needs, and also shows that you are a low-value person-in order to be able to talk to beautiful women, you can talk about things you don’t care about.

The right way to ask: talk about your own real thoughts and things you are interested in, and start the topic from your own true perspective. When necessary, a certain presupposition can be made.

Man: Your skirt is pretty, hey, don’t tell me where you bought it. I am a man and I don’t wear it. Sometimes I really wish I was a woman and could wear so many beautiful clothes…

Male (pointing to a few MMs next to the girl): These friends of yours look very friendly, how did you get together?

6Finally is a comprehensive example:

Examples of errors:

In the bookstore

Man: Can you recommend one or two travel guidebooks for me? [Consent Questions]

Woman: Where do you want to go?

Male: Uh-, I haven’t thought about it yet, maybe it’s Yunnan… [Showing non-sincere interest + oriented sentence]

Woman: I don’t know. I have never been to Yunnan.

Man: Oh. Do you want to travel too? [Closed-ended question]

Woman: Yes.

Man: Where to go? [Begin asking a series of questions]

Female: I don’t know.

Man: Oh. [I don’t know to apply pressure]

Correct example:

In the bookstore

Man: Recommend one or two travel guides for me. [Dominant requirements]

Woman: This… I am not sure.

Male (create a “vacuum”, continue to stand calmly and wait for her to give a satisfactory answer)

Woman: Okay, where do you want to go?

Male: I want to go to Yunnan. It has been planned for several years, and this year has finally been free. [Already know the destination, because I have really considered it, showing my sincere interest]

Woman: Oh, so. But I don’t know. I have never been to Yunnan.

Man: Then where have you been? [Open-ended question]

Female: I have been to xxxx, xxx, xxx…

Male (relate and expand topics on this)

Finally, I would like to emphasize one more point: Our speaking strategy also varies from object to object. For example, the juggler advises us not to entertain women, because it seems too deliberate, to prove ourselves, and seek approval from women.

But I think this is not to say that we shouldn’t be funny, we shouldn’t shake conventions, show our wit, humor and funny. The key is degree. And this degree depends on MM.

For high-scoring beauties with strong self-awareness, they have rich experience, and your funny will appear to be too hard in front of her, showing the meaning of proving yourself and seeking women’s approval. This is a wiser choice to be your true self.

But for ordinary girls, I personally think that easy, humorous and funny are always tried and tested in most cases. In short, the key is to vary from person to person, to differentiate yourself and stand out.


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