When girls ask this question, 99% want you to confess

I believe that many boys have encountered such problems, either from the people they like, or from their girlfriends. This is actually the same as the teacher asking the students “why are you late”. On the surface, what you want to explain to you is actually what you want to get your rational proof process.

Why do you like me?

What do you like about me?

In logic, explanation and argument are not the same. Interpretation is to explain the reasons for the existing facts and the antecedents that lead to the consequences; argumentation is to demonstrate whether/why a viewpoint should be reasonable.

Explanation makes the facts easier to understand, the more concise the better; the argument makes the point more credible, the more comprehensive the better.

Why do we find this question difficult to answer, or why the questioner is not satisfied with your answer?

Suppose the following dialogue: “Why do you like me?”

“Because you are beautiful.”-This is an explanation.

When you and I met at the right time, I believed that a person like you really existed, and we actually met again as men and women when you were not married and I was not married. So I like you. (You can enumerate the details of how you like the other party)-this is an argument.

When you give an explanation answer, the other party did not get the answer she wanted, and what she wanted was a reliable argument with value judgment.

It’s as if you want to praise someone who is less confident:

“You are so beautiful!”-This sentence does not make the other person happy, but makes her feel embarrassed and embarrassed, because she does not think she is beautiful.

“The clothes you are wearing today suit you well, and it looks particularly good-natured.”-No matter who you say to this sentence, I believe no one will feel uncomfortable, because you observe the other party from the details, the other party will think you are sincere Yes, so I am happy to accept your compliments.

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Although I have said so much before, in the final analysis, what we should understand most is why girls ask such questions.

There are nothing more than two situations:

Your relationship has not yet been determined, this is the girl’s test of you.

In fact, I agree with some people’s answers in this regard: this question is a trap, and it is difficult to please a positive answer. No matter what the answer is, it will fall into the following logic.

You say A, girls will think or ask, I will no longer have the characteristics of A, don’t you stop loving me?

When you say B, she will think or ask, in the future you will come across someone who is a bit more prominent or better than me in terms of B. Have you changed your mind?

This requires your adaptability.

The principle of answering is: don’t answer face-to-face, don’t give simple and clear answers.

You can say something similar to the other person:

I once asked myself why I like you, but I have no answer. I only know that when I am happy, I want to share with you; when I am sad, I want to be hugged and comforted by you; in the dead of night, I think you can’t sleep, but I endure until dawn in order not to disturb your sleep Just to send you a simple and warm morning greeting…

And so on, play freely.

When 99% of women ask this question, they don’t actually want to get an answer logically. In fact, what she needs is more love and sweet words.

So, don’t be so stupid that you really want to answer questions, it will only make her happy.

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Of course, the remaining 1% really want answers. Her subtext is actually: What do you like about me, can’t I change it…

After the relationship is established, the girl is not confident, or your relationship has problems

Of course, it does not rule out that girls want to hear you say love her from time to time in order to satisfy their vanity. (I will talk about this later)

When a girl asks this question during a relationship, it shows that she is uneasy. What you have to do is to appease her emotions first, and then find out the source of the other party’s uneasiness and solve it.

If it is because a girl is not confident, you can praise each other a lot (in terms of details) in your daily life to find her confidence.

A girl’s lack of confidence may be that the girl feels that some of her actions are not what you think she will do, or it may be that the girl is unconfident in herself and feels that the two sides are not evenly matched.

If the girl just wants to act to satisfy her vanity, and you don’t plan to break up, don’t expose the other person directly, just coax them sweetly. After all, a woman always has so few days a month that it is abnormal, and it will pass by forbearance.

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