These are the qualities that a good boss must have

If you are a team leader , this interests you. And if you are not, too, it will help you assess whether you are part of a well-led work group. The truth is that the leadership and skills of a team leader or a key executive is not something taught either in school, or almost in universities. In fact, as Fabián A. Orue, executive coach specializing in Leadership Development, tells, a recent statistic conducted in the United States by the CareerBuilder organization revealed that 58% of managers and executives had never received formal training to lead their teams .

However, beyond training and development (although these are fundamental), there are several aspects, according to the leadership expert, that every person should take into account to motivate the team in charge:

Value of homework and learning . Various studies show, as Orue recalls, that the meaning or value of homework and learning (or development) count more than the purely economic variable. “Giving importance to these variables helps significantly in increasing motivation,” he explains.

Listen . It is clear that each employee has particular needs and interests. “Listening (which means hearing less than what is spoken) and identifying those needs or interests is essential when looking for solutions,” says the expert.

Recognize the contribution of each employee . “Employees do not leave companies, but their bosses,” says Fabian A. Orue. That is why it highlights the enormous impact of recognizing (with name and surname, as far as possible) what employees or the team have done well.

The figures do not lie. As Orue recalls, the 10-year study conducted by HealthStream Research on more than 200,000 employees showed that 79% of respondents quit their job “due to lack of recognition.”

Value the person as a whole . Employees appreciate that they are valued in their entirety, both in their professional and personal life, since we all have a life that combines both areas, as the expert clarifies.

Of all these qualities, the Executive coach believes that the first and most important quality of a good team leader is “to know how to listen” , and then to influence others (without order of priority) such as knowing how to communicate, support, delegate and develop members of the team.

But then, is a boss born or made? The expert opinion is clear: «We all have the ability to learn regardless of the stage of life or position in the hierarchy in which we find ourselves. Raising awareness and seeking professional support is an excellent starting point ».

Balance between family and work

In addition to motivation, another aspect that workers value and that can contribute to increasing both their performance and their satisfaction is the “family-work” balance. Thus, according to Fabian A. Orue, “having a day that allows us to make our responsibilities compatible at work and at home is many times more appreciated than an increase in salary.” On this point, the expert comments that today there are many possibilities, such as teleworking or flexible working days, which allow us to find solutions to this issue without losing sight of work objectives.

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