HFC Node Networks

At present, computer networks are an essential part of the daily life of a large part of humanity, since through them we can share information from different places without even being physically present on the site. Now … What is a nodal network?  To understand it, we have to understand that it is a network and that it is a node .

network is defined as:

“A computer network or also called computer network or computer network, is a set of equipment (computers and / or devices) connected by means of cables, signals, waves or any other means of data transport, which share information (files ), resources (CD-ROM, printers, etc.), services (internet access, games, chat) etc. “

As for node,  it can be defined as:

“In computing, a  node  is a” point of intersection or union of several elements that converge in the same place “. For example: in a computer network each of the machines is a  node , and if the network is Internet, each server is also a  node . “

HFC networks (Fiber-Coaxial Hybrid)

HFC network or fiber-coaxial hybrid is clearly named because it is composed of both fiber optic links and coaxial cable. These are born in evolution to the old CATV networks or community antenna television. This consists of dividing the service areas into groups of between 500 and 2000 homes called nodes, the signal reaches each node by fiber cables and this is distributed within the nodes by coaxial cable.

  • Coaxial cable: It is a cable that has a central conductor surrounded by a concentric metal mesh that protects it from interference. Television cable is a clear example of coaxial cable
  • Optical fiber: A  filament of dielectric material, such as glass or acrylic polymers, capable of conducting and transmitting light impulses from one end of the other to the other; It allows the transmission of telephone, television, etc. communications, at great speed and distance, without the need to use electrical signals.


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