The qualities that every man and every woman needs to have!

When you’re looking for a relationship, you start paying more attention to people’s gestures and attitudes. Okay, I know that when passion hits, it is customary to be a little blind in relation to the other. However, there are some fundamental qualities that a man must have, which show that he is a person to have a relationship with. The same is true of women. Men also look for characteristics that prove that she is a woman to be taken into account. Now see the qualities that every man and woman needs to have.

  • Essential qualities in a man
  • Qualities that all women need to have
  • Appearance is not everything!
  • Essential qualities

Essential qualities in a man

Having goals and ambitions

Mature women understand that they should never plan for the future with a man who has no future plans for himself. A man who knows what he wants from life and has the ambition to go after them, will be more attractive than one who is passively content with mediocrity.


The way a man treats everyone else around him is equally important. No woman will want to be with a man who is kind to her, but is rude to others around her, like people he meets in public or to children and animals. A man must be kind to others because of who he is, not who others are.


It is difficult to build a relationship with someone who is closed to feelings. For the partnership to happen, a man has to be willing to be vulnerable and he has to open his heart for that to happen.


It is one of the most important things that allows a relationship to prosper. However, many men cannot do this. They feel that they cannot ask for anything, so they do not say things they would like. Healthy couples tell each other what they need and it is these actions that make them feel more loved and cared for.


Integrity is another characteristic that every man should have. This means that he will remain firm in his word and in his principles. If he says he is going to do something, he will do it. He is also the type of person you can trust and knows that he will always be there for you. Men with integrity are highly respected and, in return, respect others.


Being mature means that a man can defend himself and deal with problems calmly and serenely. He understands the importance of being an independent man and of valuing what he has. A mature man doesn’t have to be rich, but he does need to know how to manage his money.

It is true that men mature later in their lives and I am sure that you have run into a man over 30 who still believes he is in high school. A mature man knows when it’s time to grow up and be an adult.

Confidence in yourself

Trust yourself and be sure of who he is. This is one of the most important qualities, because if men are sure of themselves, they will remain true to their convictions.

You will know if a man has confidence in himself if he has a set of goals that he has set for himself. He will know that he is worthy of good things and will go after them to get them. That trust will make him not hesitate and, when making decisions, stick to them. Self-assured men are strong and protective and not only take care of themselves, but also of those around them.

Positive attitude

This is one of the slightly more difficult qualities to find, since we are in a negative society. With a positive attitude, people will want to be close to you and have fun by your side. A positive man will be happy with his life and his environment and will want the people around him to be happy too.

You will know if a man has a positive attitude about how he treats people. He will try to see everyone’s good things. A negative person always complains and sees the downside of everything. After a while, they also make you a negative person.

Remember if

You should not be looking for a man who has ALL the qualities (even if he is ideal, someone perfect does not exist!). Choose the ones that are most important to you and you will find a good man faster than you think.

Qualities that all women need to have


How do you treat other people? Are you polite to the restaurant waiter? Does he speak ill of his exes, co-workers, friends and family? How do you treat strangers or pets? You can say a lot about a person by the way he treats others.

Warmth, kindness and generosity are incredibly attractive and absolutely necessary for a healthy and lasting relationship.


This seems obvious, because everyone likes someone with a great personality. However, a charming personality with a sense of humor can completely replace men’s interest in outward appearances. Being able to connect with someone is a basic human need, and having a great personality is a great way to form a real and lasting connection.

The sense of humor goes hand in hand with a great personality. Being able to laugh at yourself will make you feel good and more comfortable with others.

Good listener

Being a good listener requires more than listening to what a person is saying and waiting for your turn to enter the conversation. An active listener captures what the partner is saying, processes and provides feedback; and talk about the words that were told to him.

If you demonstrate active listening skills, your partner is more likely to give back, because he will feel that you are really listening. Being a good listener will benefit you not only in your love life, but in all areas of your relationships, both loving and family.


If you are the type of woman who needs to make lists, organize schedules and have everything planned for everything, you may want to consider relaxing a little. Being able to improvise is a trait that many men love in a woman.

Being spontaneous is also doing random acts of love, kindness and appreciation. Being spontaneous is one of the ways to keep all the spark alive in a relationship.

Sense of accomplishment

Women who love what they do and use their achievements with pride are the ones that everyone finds attractive, regardless of their outward appearance. This does not mean that you have a prestigious job or an impressive resume. It just means that you know what you want and are not afraid to go out and get it. Being happy with what you are and feeling satisfied is one of the most admired qualities in a woman

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