The Purpose Of Life According To Islam

The most important question in life is, “Why are we here?”

To accumulate fame and wealth? To create music and make babies? To be the richest man or woman in the cemetery and live up to the saying that “the one who dies with the most toys wins?”

Of course not! There has to be more to life than just that, don’t you think? Let’s stop to think together: to start, take a look around you. Unless you live in a cave, you will probably be surrounded by things that were done by us humans, right? But … Why did we do them? Well, the answer is obvious. We do things so they can serve us. Likewise, why else would God have created us but to serve Him?

If we recognize our Creator and the purpose for which He created humanity, one more question will arise: “How? How do we do to serve Him? ” The best answer to that question, whoever has it, is exactly the One who asked us. If He created us to serve Him, then He obviously expects us to behave in a certain way to achieve that purpose. And what form is that? How do we find out what He expects of us?

The first thing to keep in mind is that God gave us the light so that we could find our way. Even at night, we can count on the moon and stars to navigate. Not even the animals were left out, as they received guidance systems from Him specially made so that they could adapt to the conditions and needs they have. Migratory birds can move around even on the darkest days, watching how the light is polarized as they pass through the clouds. Whales are also able to migrate. For this, they read from the earth’s magnetic fields. Salmon, in the open ocean, manages to return to the exact place where it was born to deposit its eggs through the smell. Can you believe? Fish can feel distant movements through pressure receptors that line their bodies. Gangs bats and dolphins can see through sonar. Some species of marine organisms (such as the electric eel, which can produce high voltages, for example) generate and “read” magnetic fields, which enable them to see in muddy waters and in the dark depths of the ocean. Insects can communicate through pheromones. Plants can feel sunlight and grow towards it (phototropism). Its roots feel gravity and grow towards the earth (geotropism). To summarize: God blessed each element of His creation with guidance. Is it really possible to believe that He would not guide us on the most important aspect of our existence, our raison d’être? That He would not give us the tools we need to achieve salvation?

What, then, does the Creator tell us about the purpose of life? God says in the Qur’an that He created man to be His “administrator” here on earth. The basic responsibility he has is to believe in Him and worship Him. Look:

“And I didn’t create jinns and humans except to worship Me.” [Holy Quran 51:56]

Very simple! The purpose of man’s creation is to worship The Creator. Islamic understanding of worship allows an individual’s entire life to be an act of worship, as long as its purpose is to please God – an objective achieved only by those who do good and abstain from evil. A person can transform all his daily activities into acts of worship. It is enough to purify your intentions and to sincerely seek God’s pleasure through them. Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“Greeting someone is charity. Acting fairly is charity. Helping a man with his horse is charity. Saying a good word is charity. Every step taken on the path to prayer is charity. Removing obstacles from the path is charity. ”

Worship provides the faithful with many benefits, which contribute both to their spiritual life and to their well-being in the earthly world. The human body needs material resources to maintain its existence and proliferate, such as food, drink and reproduction. The soul, on the other hand, has needs that can only be met through closeness to God, which comes through faith and obedience, which are acquired through worship.

God must be worshiped at all times, whether they are difficult or prosperous. Only through the awareness we have of Him can we find inner peace.

“And, in truth, we know that your chest is embarrassed by what they say. Then glorify your Lord with praise and be those who prostrate themselves. And adore your Lord, until you are sure. ” [Holy Quran 15: 97-99]

“Those who believe and whose hearts are tranquilized by the remembrance of Allah.- Now, it is with the remembrance of Allah that hearts are tranquilized.” [Holy Quran 13:28]

God also said that he made this life so that he could test man. In this way, each person will be rewarded after death for what they have done.

“He who created death and life, to test which of you is better at works – and He is the Almighty, the Forgiver.” [Holy Quran 67: 2]

However, in order to worship Him, we first need to know Him well. Otherwise, we run the risk of developing a misconception about Him and end up straying from the straight path. In the Qur’an, God tells humanity what is and what is not. For example, in response to a question about God that was asked of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, He says:

“Say (O, Muhammad!): He is God, the One. God, Allah O asked. It did not generate and was not generated; and there is no one like Him. ” [Holy Quran 112: 1-4]


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