Why did God create everything?

Allah says in His Quran. He did not create all this for any foolish purpose . Allah says:

“And I didn’t create jinns and humans except to worship Me.” [Holy Quran 51:56]

He created us for the purpose of worshiping him, alone and without partners.

“And He is the One Who created the heavens and the earth, in six days – while His Throne was on water – to test which of you is better at works. And if you say, Muhammad: “Certainly, you will be resurrected, after death,” those who deny the Faith say: “Truly, this is but evident magic!” [Holy Quran 11: 7]

God created everything we call the universe as a test for us. This is not our final destination. What we consider “bad” or “good” may be the opposite.

“Blessed is the One in Whose hands is Sovereignty – and He, above all things, is Omnipotent. He who created death and life, to test which of you is better at works – and He is the Almighty, the Forgiver. He Who created seven superimposed heavens! You see no disharmony in the creation of The Merciful. So, look at the sky: do you see any cracks in it? Then, make the view twice, that the view will turn to you, unsuccessful and exhausted. ” [Holy Quran 67: 1-4]

The Qur’an tells us about the nature of humanity and how quickly we forget the many wonderful blessings that are provided to us daily. God clearly describes his attitude in his Quran:

“And when a misfortune touches a human being, he invokes his Lord, turning contrite to Him; then, when he bestows grace on him from him, he forgets what he had called upon him before, and does like Allah, to lead men out of his way. Say: “Enjoy your renegade of the Faith, for a little while. Certainly, you will be among the companions of Fire. ” [Holy Quran 39: 8]

We forget, how we were created to forget. And this is part of our test. Will we just use selective memory and ignore what we owe to our Creator and Sustainer? Or will we be appreciative even when we experience some difficulties or the other way around in this life?

“Then, as for the human being, when his Lord puts him to the test, and honors him, and graces him, he says:“ My Lord honor me. And when he puts it to the test and restricts his livelihood, he says, “My Lord demeans me.” [Holy Quran 89: 15-16]

So, God makes clear the real reasoning of everything that is happening:

“This is absolutely not true! But you do not honor the orphan. And you do not encourage each other to feed the needy. And you devour inheritances, with indiscriminate voracity. And you love riches, with excessive love. ” [Holy Quran 89: 17-20]

God created us and gave us so much, but we are so careless about His Right to be worshiped exclusively and deny the Day of Judgment, when we will all be asked about His Generosity.

The human being! What deludes you about your Lord, The Generous One, who created you and formed you and made you straight? In the form that He wanted, He composed you. Don’t be fooled at all! But you deny the Judgment! [Holy Quran 82: 6-9]

And how will we see our condition and environment? And how do we treat others around us? Are we considered by others and are we quick to blame or quick to forgive? All of these things are a part of our test, the things we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment.

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