How to purify the air of your home

How to purify the air of your home? How to make sure you have a healthy home? What furniture and coatings to buy? Here are some easy-to-implement tips for a “healthy” home for adults, children and any pets.The home is one of the places where we spend most of our life: the home environment and the working environment are very important for determining the health of people.

 Do not allow disorder to spread throughout your home


  1. Ventilate the rooms

It is very important to change the air often at home to remove any germs and bacteria . Thus, stagnation and humidity can be avoided , the worst enemies of both health and walls.

  1.  Space for vinegar and baking soda

Two simple substances that together or separated are the trump card for home  cleaning : vinegar and baking soda. If mixed, they give rise to a small effervescent chemical reaction that is perfect for clearing the drain or for removing the most stubborn incrustations.

  1. Remove dust from carpets frequently

Dust is the  number one enemy of carpets . Try vacuuming the brush at least a couple of times a week. Alternatively you can use a broom broom .
If this is not enough you can buy at the pharmacy the special  anti-mite  fabric sprays , to be sprayed after carpet cleaning: an excellent solution for allergy sufferers or for children who like to play on the carpet.

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