5 False Myths About Psychotherapy That Mostly People Believe

Choosing to go to a therapist is never easy. Too many common places can move away from such a path. The fear of spending a capital, being treated like crazy must be your thinking when you are planning to go for therapist. Fortunately, things do not go that way. For this I will try to dispel some false myths about psychotherapy.

1. Psychotherapy is for the crazy

Psychotherapy deals with individuals and all individuals pass through particularly difficult phases or situations. Lutti, anxiety, courage, events that do not make me think of madness, but simply the normal flow of life. There is nothing wrong with helping you overcome your difficulties or finding your way. Psychotherapy promotes well-being and health.

2. Does it really work?

Yes. It really works. All studies show this. All guidelines work because the determining factor in change is not the therapist’s theoretic orientation but the therapist-patient relationship.

3. Talking to a friend is the same thing as talking to a psychotherapist.

There is no doubt that friends are important but can not be considered substitutes. The therapist is not only concerned with listening, but with technical guidance based on specific theoretical bases.

4. Psychotherapy lasts many years

The average duration of a treatment of psychotherapy (different from a psychological counseling path, generally shorter) is according to the latest 50-day (about 1 year) survey. This means that there are also therapies that last a few meetings. You will not be old with your therapist!

5. Should I lie down on my cot?

No. In most therapeutic guidelines the use of the cot is not contemplated.

by Abdullah Sam
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