Protect your privacy by hiding files and folders with Folder Lock

Being permanently connected to the Internet provides us with enormous advantages both for working and for enjoying moments of leisure. However, being connected to the Internet can also put our data at constant risk. Although we have an antivirus installed, security is sufficient. That is why, if we want to safely protect our most important files and folders, we can make use of a tool like Folder Lock , about which we will talk next.

Folder Lock is software developed to securely protect our most confidential files. It works not only with the files we have on the hard drive. It is also compatible with external storage devices such as pendrive, memory card, CD, etc. This application will create a directory where the files will be protected without anyone being able to access them from Windows Explorer.

And is that this software can lock and hide files and folders in seconds, protecting them with a password and restricting their access. Once we have locked the folder, it will be hidden from its previous location. Therefore, we can only access it through the program interface. All information is protected by 256-bit AES encryption . This means that it will not be necessary to encrypt or decrypt files when accessing, but it will be enough to copy them in Folder Locker and they will be encrypted on the fly.

This program also allows us to back up our password-protected content so that it is safe from loss or damage. In addition, it allows us to create digital wallets to protect confidential information that we use regularly such as bank details, credit cards, ATM PINs, etc. We can create as many wallets as we need and they will be encrypted once saved.

With Folder Lock quickly lock files and folders

Once we execute Folder Lock Lo we find its main menu with an interface design that is quite friendly for any type of user, although it is entirely in English, which can pose a problem when it comes to handling all its functions, at least the first time we use it. The first thing to do is create a new drive to save all the locked files, entering a master password. The longer and more complex it is, the better for the security of everything we keep.

Add folders for your protection

The first time we create it, entering the password and confirming it will take us to the next screen where we must add the folders that we want to protect. This will be as simple as dragging and dropping within the interface. We can also enter them through the button «Add Items to Lock». Once the files, folders and directories that we want to protect have been entered, we will see that it has already disappeared from its original location, becoming part of Folder Locker. Through the button «Unlock Items» we can eliminate them, and we can activate or deactivate the protection with the buttons «Protection (on)» and «Protection (Off)» respectively.

Configure security options from Settings

Next, we can go on to configure everything to our liking through the “Settings” tab, so that a drop-down menu appears. Here we will find interesting functions such as “Stealth Mode”, which helps us erase all traces of the program on the computer and also allows us to access it through a HotKey.

Through the “Auto Protection” tab, it allows us to establish specifications so that a security activation is carried out when we spend a certain time without moving the mouse or typing on the keyboard of our PC. The “Hard Security” tab allows us to monitor, control and perform various actions based on incorrect password attempts made in different parts of the application.

Finally, we talk about the «Password Security» tab. From here, we talk about establishing access control in different parts of the application by using a master password at the administration level. Here we can mark options such as asking us for the master password only to lock files. Access the configuration through the master password, access the security configuration through the master password and enable the possibility of establishing a new master password in the event that it has been lost.


Folder Lock is a security tool to keep our most important files and programs safe. Of course it is not a perfect application. It has so many options for the security of our files and folders that it is very possible to get lost among them, as well as the number of password requirements and places to store the data. The one that is entirely in English does not help its use either, although it has a friendly and intuitive interface. Nor does its price benefit you, which we can consider quite high for the type of program it is. This means that your payment is only recommended if we really have such valuable information on our PC that we must protect it at all costs.

Download Folder Lock

Folder Lock is a commercial application so to use it without restrictions it will be necessary to buy its license, which is currently priced at $ 39.95 . However, it will be possible to test the software by downloading a free trial version from its website . It is compatible with the Windows operating system, from XP to Windows 10, offering support for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Installation goes smoothly through its wizard without trying to sneak additional unwanted third-party software into us.

Alternatives to Folder Lock

If we are looking for a program with which to protect our files and folders, we propose some alternatives to Folder Lock that we should know:

Anvide Seal Folder

It is a tool that allows us to immediately protect our folders with a password, without having to install any additional drivers or drivers. It also includes command line support for more advanced users. In addition, it does not require installation and can be used from removable storage devices. Anvide Seal Folder is a free application that we can download from this link.

Folder Protect

In this case we are talking about a professional program that will be in charge of protecting our most precious folders with passwords. For this, it has AES 256-bit encryption, so that we obtain greater privacy and protection of our files and folders. Folder Protect has a free version that we can download from its website . In addition, it has another paid version that has a price of 52.85 euros and that incorporates greater functionalities.


With this application we will have the necessary resources to safely encrypt our documents, partitions and files. It supports powerful algorithms such as AES, Serpent, and Twofish that can be combined with each other for added security. We can download VeraCrypt for free from here.


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