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The electronic books , also known as ebooks, take accompanying us for many years. Although many still prefer paper, something completely understandable, the truth is that this digital format offers us many advantages. In addition, to better manage them, we have the possibility of using programs of the power and versatility of Caliber.

These ebooks that we are talking about, among their main characteristics, offer us that they do not take up physical space beyond the reading device that we use. Thus, on compatible hardware, we can load thousands of books without any problem and always carry them with us. Of course, for this, if we talk about books on paper , we would have it a little more complicated. But it must be admitted that in the electronic format the charm of paper books is largely lost. With everything and with it, if you are a user of these ebooks, surely you know Caliber.

This is a specific program for the treatment of these digital contents that among many other things helps us to manage our electronic books. It could be considered that it is something almost essential assuming that we deal with a good amount of these files. Thus, this program that we are talking about, Caliber, presents us with all kinds of functions for it. But we may find that we have a library, or several, with hundreds or thousands of titles included. It is precisely for this reason that we are going to help you find the books that interest you faster thanks to certain Caliber functions .

Use the Caliber search box

Of course, as you can imagine, a program of this magnitude and that deals with so many digital content, has to have its own integrated search engine. We can quickly find the same in the main Caliber window . Specifically, the corresponding search box is located at the top of the window, just above all the added titles.

Therefore, in it we only have to write the keyword of the electronic book that we are looking for so that the program as such is launched.

Take advantage of the advanced search function

But of course, this is a program that tries to adapt to both the newest users with it, as well as the more advanced ones. That is why for those who want or need to get the most out of their search for books in the program, they have a more precise system. To do this, we just have to click on the cogwheel-shaped icon to the right of the main search box.

Thus, in the Advanced Search tab, we will have the possibility to search for an exact phrase, for some matching words, or for all terms.

Filter searches by content type

That’s not all here, since this is a program that in this sense also tries to make things a little easier for us. With this, what we want to tell you is that the program, Caliber, allows us to specify the content search , filtering by type of available information.

This means that it may be the case that we only have the date or range of dates in which we add the content. At the same time we can do exact searches by author, title , series or tags , all to be more specific.


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