What Is Prosody And What Does It Do In Linguistics

Prosody comes from Greek word prosodia, it is rhythmic and intonational aspects of speech as pitch, duration, volume, and so on. In linguistic prosody  language sounds that can just be heard by ear, but cannot be explained through written symbols. It also sees changes to the length of a syllable, tone volume and some things related to the structure of the speech sound are pronounced.

In writing punctuation marks such as full stop, comma, colon, semicolon, exclamation mark, question mark, indicates many things for readers something. Same in the case, In the spoken language we use certain sounds in words, phrases, clauses and sentences to get the listener’s attention.

Features of prosody are commonly called suprasegmental features, such as as syllables, words, phrases, and clauses. This means prosodic and supra segmental features in common. Features that used to mark prosodic speech is as follows:

Functions of Intonation In Prosody:

Intonation is a powerful communication tool, so its main function is communicative. This function can be realized as follows:

Structuring the content of the text fragment to show which part of the information is new, and which cannot be taken as a matter of course; and what information the listener already has, or may be learned from the context.


Prosodic features include pressure, intonation, and length and limit signals. Some phoneticians also include stylistic and personal characteristics such as speech rate and voice quality for prosodic conditions.

Benefits of study Prosody:

 Prosody aims to find out the knowledge gaps by studying the characteristics that are essential and which occur only in conversation. It also investigates prosodic features in conversations between people and the effect of using these features in conversation.

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