Professions for those who like writing

The professions for those who like writing occupy the area of ​​human sciences . Generally, people who are fans of writing and reading play a prominent role in the activities of this segment.

If you love writing, we have listed some professions that have everything to do with your profile. All of them require a lot of dedication and study, since they are very disputed and demanding markets.

People who identify with this discipline need to pay attention when exercising their profession, because regardless of the branch they work in, writing requires an interesting theme, respect for cultured norms, knowledge, depth and other techniques to hook the reader. Check out the professions for those who like writing now.

7 professions for those who enjoy writing essay


Beyond fiction. the writer can adapt existing works (Photo: depositphotos)

This profession is a true art. Being a writer in Brazil does not require formal regulation, however, whoever is willing to follow this career has to fulfill countless other requirements to win over their audience.

A writer can act in the production of novels, poetry, short stories, plays, scripts for TV and cinema. He can walk through documentary reports, dive into fiction or adapt existing works.

Although many people attribute book printing to the writer, with the advent of technology and the internet, it is possible to be a writer even without having a single sheet of paper printed with your name on it! The virtual universe provides this possibility and opens the door for the writer to win more readers.

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There was a time when journalism was practically a literary genre (Photo: depositphotos)

Journalism was much more dense than it is today. This in relation to the content of published articles. With television and the internet, texts became lighter, more technical and purely informative. But there was a time when journalism was practically a literary genre so similar to novels, for example.

In current journalism, the lead is in charge, the basic questions about the fact reported: what, who, when, why, how and where. Adjectives are also no longer part of the journalistic context and it is necessary to get to the point.

Still, the profession attracts those who like to write. Despite the technical rigidity of the news texts, some aspects of journalism allow the writing to open up more and to dare a little. Therefore, this profession is indicated for those who like writing.


Most editors have already worked as a writer or writer (Photo: depositphotos)

Among the professions for those who like writing, the editor cannot miss it. He is the one who, as the name says, edits a text, among other things. Most editors have already worked as a writer or writer.

This previous experience is even highly valued, as it makes it even more credible to the market. In addition, there are those professionals who perform both functions.

The editor is also responsible for preparing spreadsheet production schedules, searching for files with editorial licenses and promoting campaigns for the launch of literary works.

An editor not only works in the area of ​​books and texts, but can also work in TV, radio and production companies, always responsible for choosing the content to be aired and edited after its production.

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In addition to enjoying reading and writing, the philosopher needs to master the oratory (Photo: depositphotos)

A philosopher generally works in three specific areas: teaching, writing and research . This trio demands that their performers really like writing, as they will have to read many productions, as well as write.

Another characteristic of philosophers is that it is important that they master the art of oratory. And for that to be done with praise, nothing better than an eloquent, safe and diverse critical and textual baggage. To reach this level, it takes a lot of technique and affinity with words . The philosopher can also work as an art critic and in publishing houses to analyze the content of the works.

The career does not require a diploma, because anyone can become a philosopher. However, to teach it is necessary to have a degree or have a specialization in the area of ​​education. For those who want to work with research in the market, the bachelor’s degree in philosophy is more suitable.


In his professional routine, the lawyer has to read many records, defenses and accusations (Photo: depositphotos)

Within the humanities area there is another training that also serves for those who like writing. It is training in law. A lawyer must be a lover of writing and reading.

In his professional routine, he has to read many records, defenses and accusations, as well as produce material from his cases.

When this lawyer becomes a magistrate, he has to like writing even more, since he will be the person responsible for writing sentences and opinions. A task that requires many writing techniques, argumentative and interpretive skills.

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Throughout his training, a historian needs to read a lot (Photo: depositphotos)

You must enjoy reading and writing to be a history buff. Following the narrative of peoples, civilizations, building cities, the economy and everything else that involves this discipline is also the role of those who love writing.

Throughout his training, a historian needs to read a lot. After all, the greatest record of the human past is hidden in oral and written tradition. Therefore, this professional must dedicate himself to the analysis of the contents and productions of other historians or original sources of reports.

To become a historian, the professional needs to be trained in history or specialize in similar areas of knowledge such as archeology, ethnoarcheology, among others.


An advertiser can act as a consultant or belong to an advertising agency (Photo: depositphotos)

The publicist is that professional who also needs to have an affinity with writing. Its greatest characteristic is the creativity that yields good fruits when promoted with a lot of reading and writing.

An advertiser can act both by consulting and belonging to an advertising agency. There are large companies that also need to have this professional in their staff, communication vehicles, marketing teams, political campaigns and launches of products, services or in the artistic world.

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In the advertising world, this professional can work in the service between the client and the agency, he makes the first contact, listens to the proposal and develops a strategy to attract clients; in planning, with the objects established and definition of language, means and speech; in the media, which negotiates where, when and format the campaign will run; and in creation, the sector that defines the look of a campaign, creates advertising pieces and scripts, when necessary.

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