Professional Gamer: The guide to becoming a pro gamer

Are you an avid gamer? In multiplayer playstation challenges no one can beat you. Since you are a video game phenomenon, have you ever thought of taking it seriously and becoming a professional gamer and turning your passion into a profession and even getting paid to play?

The guide to becoming a professional gamer and getting paid to play your favorite video game.

I’m not kidding you if you are a passionate and a true talent of video games becoming a pro gamer of PC and console is not a utopia, in fact there are real competitions where if you reach the highest levels video games could become a job and also well paid, but without wasting time let’s see how.

How to become a professional gamer

In the United States of America for years now that a gamer who practices eSports at a competitive level is considered a real athlete in all respects, a professional in the videogame sector earns almost as much as a football or tennis player. I am not joking.

Even in Italy for some years the dream of every gamer to earn by playing Fifa, Call of Duty, League of Legends, StarCraft could become reality, but remember that it is not as simple as you think it takes hard training to beat the most aggressive and prepared opponents. . Remember that to do eSports and become number one you have to go a long way and sacrifices, if you want to try this career, here are the tips and sites to do it.

To become a professional gamer there are rules to be respected as before you have to be an expert player not in video games but only on one in particular, in fact you have to choose right away on which game to try your hand at tournaments or rather on which you are really good then carefully evaluate if you are a phenomenon for example playing Fifa, or Call of Duty or StarCraft.

Another very important rule is the choice of the platform on which to play, so before signing up for tournaments, know which one you usually play the main one is the PC, but based on that choice you must also be equipped with peripherals to do professional eSports for example keyboards, mouse, pads, special headphones, etc.

But the most important rule is only training, training and training and that is to say hours and hours a day to train at the chosen video game by challenging other players or the computer in multiplayer, think that the famous pro gamers start in the morning and finish in the evening practically like a real professional sport.

From the very first online multiplayer games you will surely find very experienced players and you will be thrown out in a moment so imagine in real tournaments, but a very important rule is to never give up and if you are convinced to undertake this profession and make a career in video games you must have a lot of patience, determination and the right spirit as for all things, and you will see that sooner or later the results arrive, remember that doing eSport is a discipline, but only with a lot of experience you acquire the tricks necessary to get to the top.

By dint of playing with your opponents you will learn to know them and as you will know which are the best so start doing pre-tactics studying them well, and before engaging in challenges with them see if they have any videos posted on Youtube to study his way. to play and maybe discover its weaknesses.

How and where to do eSports

The second step of the guide to becoming pro games is to go and visit and subscribe to some site to get more information and start playing in real competitions and tournaments. Let’s start with a website called ITeSPA  (Italian e-Sports Association), a non-profit cultural association based in Rome born in 2015 that deals with competitive videogames in Italy.

Another very important site that you must visit is called  GEC  (Competitive Electronic Games), was born in 2014 and regulates and promotes e-Sport sports in Italy, GEC is recognized by the Italian institutions and has more than 50 affiliated associations with over 20,000 athletes. members and over 250 official tournaments.

Even ASI (Italian Social Sports Association) is an organization to promote sports recognized by the Olympic Committee that deals with eSports with a disiplina dedicated to competitive electronic games.

Finally I suggest another important eSport site it is ESL Play one of the largest networks in the world gaming sector that offers you tournaments on any game and skill level, boasts dizzying numbers such as 6.944.751 members who have played 12.411 .991 matches in 87,565 tournaments.



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