How the iPhone 13 Pro Max differs from the iPhone 12 Pro Max

As we decided, there are not so many differences in appearance. Apart from the changed camera size and the new color, Siera Blue , you won’t be able to tell the difference between two different phones (let’s not take into account the slight difference in weight).

Обзор iPhone 13: качество фото, дисплей, отличия от iPhone 12 и другое.

IPhone 13 Pro screen

Deep improvements relate to the increase in the number of graphics cores, which allowed a 50% increase in performance in this direction. Also, the smartphone has finally received a 120 Hz screen refresh rate with automatic adjustment. That is, if you are reading, it will decrease for the minimum values, if you watch a movie in the Apple TV application, you will get a value corresponding to the frame rate of the content, and in games the screen can accelerate to 120 Hz. The brightness is also more than enough, even on the street.

Even in bright outdoor lighting, there are no complaints about the screen.

Another important difference is the 2.5 hour increase in battery life . Do not forget about the possibility of autonomous data processing, which is now performed in the bowels of the A15 Bionic processor . This is both the speed of work and increased security.

How the new iPhone shoots

Well, and of course, the camera has important differences. Cinema effect, macro photography, stabilization, masks and the like . I will tell you about all this separately in a large material after a while, when I use this phone. There will be examples, analysis, explanations of the work, but so far these are only first impressions.

As with any phone with a bulging camera, dust will collect in the corners. I did not deliberately blow it off in this photo. But look at how polished everything is and how good the camera itself is.

However, if I say a few words about the camera, then we can already conclude that it has become a little better to shoot in the dark, but I did not appreciate the 15x zoom . These are the same 5x digital zoom, but now not to 2x or 2.5x, but to 3x optical. However, I’m not yet sure that 3x optical zoom is good. I’ve used 2x zoom a lot on the iPhone 12 Pro and 3x seems too much to me. But I will also talk about this later separately.

iPhone в будущем сможет диагностировать депрессию.

Examples of photos on the iPhone 13 Pro (more detailed analysis will come later):

Disadvantages of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Another drawback is the commitment to Lightning. Previously, the public demanded that Apple switch to USB Type-C , but recently the discontent has somehow subsided, although now is the time to demand it. If you shoot video in 4K 60fps in 10-bit Dolby Vision , even small clips will take up gigabytes of information. Transferring them to a computer via USB 2.0 would be dubious. The iPad Pro has USB Type-C, which is very convenient.

It is so good that Apple does not abandon the mechanical switch in the iPhone, as it did in its time in the iPad.

Should you buy a new iPhone

I have already said that after the presentation, like many others, I had the feeling that nothing had changed. Now I understand that there are changes. They are small, and it is worth changing the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the iPhone 13 Pro Max only if money is not an issue, and it is important for you to always have the latest model.

You may want to buy this phone because of the more compact bangs, but as before, you just forget about it and do not notice it.

In other cases, the update is more relevant, but still not necessary. Even if you upgrade from an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max, you won’t notice a fundamental difference, but at least you will have an updated design. But if you have an iPhone X or earlier models and you want to upgrade, there is a point in this, but remember that the phone will have to wait 5-6 weeks . This is the situation on the market.

We will definitely tell you more about this phone in detail, since there really is something to tell about. Follow our social networks and our Telegram channel so you don’t miss anything.


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