How the iPhone 13 Pro differs from the iPhone 12 Pro

As soon as you start using the iPhone 13, you realize how much it has changed. At the presentation it seemed that this is the same phone, but this is not at all the case. Looking ahead, I will say that now I will not convince you of the compulsory purchase of this smartphone – perhaps even vice versa. I just want to say that in life he makes a completely different impression than in pictures and renders. After a while, we will make a full review and experience of using this phone, but for now I will just share my first impression and thoughts on whether it is worth buying the iPhone 13 on the first day of sales or not.

At some angle, the color on the box does not match the original. So don’t be guided by that.


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New iPhone box

Many years ago, Apple sold iPhones in boxes that were sealed in plastic foil that required a knife, a key, or sharp, strong teeth to open. Then she was replaced by a package with a tongue, which had to be pulled, and she literally crumbled in her hands. This is what set the iPhone apart from other phones.

Now the company has once again rethought packaging. Perhaps this is due to the fact that she refuses as much as possible from “harmful” materials and then decided to get away from polyethylene (or what this film was made of). As a result, we got only two pieces of film that we need to pull on so that the lid can be opened. They come off easily, but in this version, the box can be very shabby while it is taken. For some, this is important, especially if the phone is bought as a gift.

The box of the previous generation iPhone will remain the last one that was in the film.

Like last year, the box is very thin. It contains only a phone, a cable and a couple of pieces of paper. There is only one sticker and it is not in the color of the case, but just white. The smartphone lies with the screen down , and the screen itself is covered with a film that peels off very easily and pleasantly.

Обзор iPhone 13: качество фото, дисплей, отличия от iPhone 12 и другое.

How the iPhone 13 Pro differs from the iPhone 12 Pro

IPhone 13 Pro Battery

The phone has gotten a little heavier this year. This was due to an increase in battery size, which allowed the smartphone to last 2.5 hours longer (we will check this later ), and an increase in the camera module. As we expected based on analyst opinions and varying rumors, the camera has indeed gotten bigger. In pictures it is not striking, but in real life the camera module is simply huge .

Is the camera bulging out of the new iPhone

Not only the size has increased, but also the bulging, and the side in the case around the hole for the camera looks huge at all. Have you noticed that before we were indignant when the iPhone 6 camera started to bulge a little , but now we somehow got used to it? Personally, this is the case for me, and even the huge camera of the new iPhone no longer causes any surprise, let alone displeasure.

The camera sticks out, and that’s a fact.

The first impression of her work was positive. She shoots well, and the cinematic trick we were told about at the presentation works really nicely. The depth of field can be adjusted so that the background is blurred more or less, and during shooting, the focus is shifted to the foreground or background.

iPhone в будущем сможет диагностировать депрессию.

I was afraid that this would happen in jerks, as with normal focusing, but the software component plays an important role in the operation of the function, and therefore everything is very soft. And at the same time, the focus point can be changed in post-processing. We will tell you about this separately in more detail.

Below are examples of photos on the iPhone 13 Pro, but we will still do a more detailed analysis of the camera of the new item.

Due to the fact that the photo module has become larger, it will no longer be possible to use old covers . But you can’t use iPhone 13 Pro cases with iPhone 12 Pro either. This is another innovation that is difficult to notice until you are faced with the phone in person. Its buttons have shifted a little and no longer coincide with the places familiar to the iPhone 12 Pro.

The displacement of the buttons is visible even to the naked eye.

How does the blue color of the iPhone 13 Pro look

The new color should also be noted . True, this year he turned out to be somehow very calm. If earlier in the green color of the iPhone 11 Pro and in the blue color of the iPhone 12 Pro there was some kind of challenge, pressure and even luxury, now the color is very soft. I would not even say that he is blue. Most often, it seems just gray with a slight tint of some kind of incomprehensible shade. It still looks beautiful, but I – spoiled by the beautiful tints of the two previous generations – expected more.

This time around, the flagship color is good, but it has generated more interest in years past.

Is the cutout of the new iPhone really smaller?

I would like to say that the change in the size of the “bangs” immediately caught my eye, but I cannot do it. It really has gotten smaller, but unless you are a hardcore user who knows everything about new products, you may not even notice the changes . For example, if you once used the iPhone X, then you had another phone, and now you are back to the iPhone, you just notice that the “bang” is there and that’s it.

The bangs have become smaller. But is it really that important?

When you turn on the phone, you just see that the ledge is in place, but almost immediately you stop paying attention to it. Maybe after a while the difference will begin to be felt more, but so far I cannot say that this has become a significant plus for me.

С каким объёмом памяти покупать iPhone.

Is the iPhone 13’s screen bright?

But the increase in screen brightness really commands respect. It has become so high that even in diffused daylight on the street, all information is perfectly read, and the light emitted by the pixels is so strong that it interrupts almost all glare on the glass surface. It’s definitely worth saying thank you to Apple here.

The screen is very bright and works great even in bright light.

Having used this phone one day, I cannot say that something very much hooked me in it, and I don’t think that everyone should buy it. But the initial opinion, which was formed after the presentation, that nothing has changed, is also gone. This is really a different phone that has been updated quite in the spirit of the times. Technologies can no longer develop at the speed that it used to be, which means that from year to year the models will differ less and less.

This module already contains the potential of technology for years to come. It’s very difficult to come up with something new.

Should you buy the iPhone 13 Pro

Should you buy this phone ? If you were using the previous generation and you had the Pro version, I would not recommend doing this. If you’ve had a regular iPhone 12, the upgrade will be significant for you. If I choose to buy the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro now, I’m still more inclined to the latter.

Whether or not to buy a new iPhone is up to you. I would not change the iPhone 12 Pro for the iPhone 13 Pro. But compared to the iPhone 11 Pro, the difference will be quite significant.

After a while, we will test all the functions of the new phone more thoroughly and tell you about all its characteristics, and at the same time we will try to find hidden flaws that even the most perfect smartphone may have. Follow the articles on our website and Yandex Zen to keep abreast of everything that happens in the world of Apple.


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