Amazon Prime Reading vs Kindle Unlimited; Which is better?

Amazon Prime Reading vs Kindle Unlimited.If you are a regular e-book reader you probably know about the existence of Amazon Prime Reading , the new Amazon Prime service that gives us access to a large catalog of Kindle e-books . However, it is not a unique and super novel service. In the market there were already subscriptions to services that allow us to access electronic books , such as Kindle Unlimited . Therefore, we are going to explain the differences between Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited so that you can make your own choice according to your needs.

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN Amazon Prime Reading vs. Kindle Unlimited

The two platforms, or services, boast of offering an “unlimited reading” of electronic books, such as books and magazines, to all users who are subscribed to their rates, which are surprisingly low. But how are Prime reading and Kindle Unlimited different ? Which is better? Which one to hire? Does either of the two suit you? We will try to clear up these doubts.


Kindle Unlimited is also an Amazon service, which was launched in 2014. In summary, we could say that Kindle Unlimited is equated with services such as Netflix or Spotify.The subscription Kindle Unlimited gives access to a catalog of more than 1.5 million titles of e-books in different languages. In addition, you will not only have access to books, but also to magazines, audiobooks and comics. Thus, Kindle Unlimited allows you to discover new authors, books or genres from any device and for a subscription of € 9.99 per month.

Kindle Unlimited also allows you to download eBooks directly from the Kindle App , without the need for this device. Besides, if you wish, you can try Kidle Unlimited for free for 30 days.


Since we already dedicated an article to Amazon Prime Reading , we will try to summarize only its main features. It is a service included within Amazon Prime, which allows access to a large catalog of e-Books . With this service you will also have access to comics, magazines and audiobooks , but you can only have a maximum of 10 e-books in your library, although these can be exchanged for others at any time.

The main difference between Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited is that the Prime service has a much smaller catalog. Another difference is the price, with Prime Reading you will pay almost € 20 a year and you will have more services.


As you may have already realized, this is not such a simple decision. So you better know what kind of reader you are.

If you are interested in meeting new authors and titles and you read between 4 or 5 books a month and you are not interested in other Amazon entertainment services such as music or cinema, the best option for you would be to bet on Kindle Unlimited . Keep in mind that you would be immediately amortizing the price of the subscription compared to the purchase of physical books .

On the contrary, if you want a complete service pack, and you are more interested in mainstream books,  your ideal option will be Amazon Prime Reading . In this way you could enjoy a wide range of leisure services.

However, so that you are totally sure of your decision, we recommend trying the free month of each service. Register and try, this way you will know which digital book service is best suited to you.

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