How to prevent the appearance of kidney stones?

Popularly known as kidney stone, kidney stones are a problem that bothers many people, from children to the elderly. It is a disease caused by the formation of mineral substances in the urinary system. Despite having hereditary characteristics, the lifestyle can prevent it, mainly due to good eating habits. 

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What is kidney stone?  

As we have already presented above, the kidney stone can be compared to grains of sand that clump inside the kidney, forming a stone that causes terrible pain, chills, nausea, among other symptoms that we will see soon in this post. 

About 10% of people will, at some point in their life, have kidney stones, a problem that gets worse in the summer because of greater sweating and because, many times, people fail to replace this water eliminated from the body. That’s because the kidney is the organ responsible for the balance of fluids in the body, a very important function in life.

In addition to the organ, the stones can reach the ureter (channel that takes urine from the kidney to the bladder) or the vesicle. Therefore, calculations are classified based on the location within the urinary system. In fact, the composition also portrays different aspects. There are those formed by calcium oxalate, uric acid, struvite or calcium phosphate. 

What are the causes of kidney stones?   

Scientific research shows that the appearance of kidney stones is linked to family history and, mainly, to unhealthy eating habits. Among the villains, we can mention the ingestion of high doses of salt and protein, that is, those who eat a lot of meat and overdo the seasoning are more likely to develop the problem.  

In addition, low consumption of water or diuretic fluids is also a risk factor. Another situation that contributes to the formation of stones is to hold urine for long periods of time. This is because the accumulated pee leaves residues in the organ, being a possibility of infection by bacteria.

In addition, experts say that those who hold urine for many hours often end up influencing kidney reflux, because of pressure from the full bladder. As a consequence, the organ starts to work in disarray, being able to generate the much feared kidney stone.  

Risk factors 

Apart from the causes mentioned above, there are some risk factors that must always be taken into account. Among them, obesity. After all, those who are overweight often overdo their diet . Sedentary people who live in warmer regions, such as the coast, should also turn on the red light.

Those who are diabetic and individuals who do not like to drink water are in the context of a higher incidence of kidney stones, requiring constant medical monitoring. In summary, we see that the problem usually begins, except in hereditary cases, due to eating behavior.

What are the most common symptoms?   

The most common symptoms are pain in the belly or on the side of the back. In addition to this discomfort, the urine is darker in color, with blood, there are cases of fever, chills, vomiting and even nausea. 

However, the formation of kidney stones is a silent problem and, often, the patient does not feel anything, especially when the stones are large. This is explained by the fact that the stone is not moving, unlike what happens with small ones, which clog the ureter. 

Therefore, constant check-ups are essential for you to keep your health up to date, preventing the kidney stone from being discovered through pain. The patient may also experience colic with severe low back pain, which eventually transfers to the bladder. Then, only medication in the vein can relieve the discomfort. 

How is the diagnosis made?  

The diagnosis of kidney stones is made according to the results of exams and also with the patient’s history. For this, a tomography of the abdomen and pelvis is performed. Pregnant women and children undergo ultrasound or X-rays from the same places. 

And be warned: MRI does not show the calculations. Other procedures adopted by professionals are blood and urine tests, with a focus on preventing new cases. 

As a result, it is very important that you have the support of specialized doctors and with extensive experience in diagnosis. Therefore, always seek professionals and clinics of trust and credibility.  

Is kidney stone curable? 

The good news is that kidney stones are treated and the effective cure will depend on the patient. After all, those who do not perform preventive exams and fail to take care of their food will certainly have the problem again within five years. 

Thus, treatment depends on the cases, such as symptoms, quantity of stones, location, etc. The patient may be accompanied or even require surgery. With new technologies, surgical procedures are totally extracorporeal and much less invasive, with excellent results.

How to prevent kidney stones?    

The first tip is to always take care of your food, drinking at least 2 liters of water per day, in addition to performing preventive exams. Moderate your salt intake and avoid high protein rates throughout the week.

Also note the color of the urine. If it starts to turn darker, it’s time to see a specialist. In fact, performing an annual check-up should be a personal commitment, even if everything is apparently in order. 

On warmer days, consume more water and healthy liquids, such as juices. Avoid soft drinks and other industrialized drinks that have a lot of sodium. Practice physical activities and don’t hold your urine for long. Invest in your quality of life and always have a dish with vegetables available for you to eat throughout the day. 

So, following our tips, you will certainly live better, leaving the statistics of who will have the kidney stone at some point. If you have already been a victim of the problem, reinforce compliance with the recommendations, so as not to experience the pain that is so unwanted that it turns your days into real nightmares. In addition, invest in your self-esteem and stay focused on your goals. 

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