Check out 6 tips on how to quit smoking

Most smokers want to quit smoking, but they don’t know how to quit. The great truth is that cutting tobacco is not easy, and it requires a lot of determination and patience.

Cigarettes are just as harmful and addictive as any other drug, which is why smokers suffer so much when they try to quit. There is no miracle that will stop the urge to smoke, but there are some precious tips that can help smokers in this tough journey against smoking.

If you are interested in knowing how to quit smoking, continue with the text! We will present throughout this text some alternatives that you can adopt to quit smoking. Good reading!

  1. Avoid being around other smokers

Just like an alcoholic who must stay away from bars to stop drinking, an ex-smoker also needs to distance himself from other people who smoke and avoid environments where cigarettes are present.

The individual should avoid contact with the cigarette and its smoke as much as possible, especially in the first days. The temptation is very great and few people can resist.

If you are the type of person who smokes while drinking, then even alcohol needs to be avoided until you are able to break the link between the drink and the cigarette.

  1. Create an alternative habit

The best way to block negative thoughts is to keep your head and body occupied. If you don’t want to think about cigarettes, adopt a new habit to fill your days. Here is a list of what you can do to forget about your desire to smoke:

  • walk every day;
  • Read a book;
  • play a game on your cell phone;
  • spend time with your family and non-smoking friends;
  • take the opportunity to rest or take a nap;
  • adopt a little animal.

You can also create habits to trick your body whenever it needs to relieve stress  or anxiety. Usually people smoke to relax, instead you can chew gum, bite the caps of your pens, or drink several glasses of water.

  1. Cut the cigarette of your life little by little

Assuming you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, don’t try to quit smoking out of the blue. Quitting this bad habit at once is much more painful and difficult.

Your body is used to receiving high doses of nicotine each day, and stopping it at once can cause a very large shock of withdrawal.

Instead of smoking ten cigarettes a day, try to smoke eight. In the next week, decrease the amount to five, and so on until your body gets used to the absence of nicotine.

Just don’t forget that one day you will definitely need to give up smoking. But don’t worry: by following this tip, quitting your addiction will be much easier and more peaceful.

  1. Seek support from your family and friends

You don’t have to go into the fight against smoking alone! Having the support of loved ones at times like this is very important, especially when you feel weak or unmotivated.

On those occasions, your family or friends will be ready to offer all the encouragement you need to move on.

Seek support from people who are really concerned about your health and who will not judge you if you have a relapse. This is the worst thing that can happen to the individual who is trying to quit an addiction.

After all, as some people are only rooting for their failure, it’s time to get away from such companies completely!

  1. Take care not to develop another addiction

Many people became smokers because they started using cigarettes as an outlet for their anxiety. When a smoker quits his cigarette, at least for the first few days, he feels very nervous and restless. This is normal, as this person is no longer controlling their anxiety with nicotine.

What happens very commonly is that ex-smokers use and abuse other substances that serve as  anxiolytics , for example caffeine and  sugar .

So be careful: there is no point in quitting smoking if you are going to become dependent on another substance. Do not acquire an addiction to leave another. Of course, you can eat a sweetie or have a coffee to calm yourself down, but don’t make this habit unhealthy your new addiction.

  1. Don’t give up

Let the truth be told: there are few cases of smokers who managed to quit smoking in a single attempt.

Most people who tried to quit addiction ended up failing two, three, four or countless times before they succeeded.

Having a relapse is normal for someone who is in the process of quitting an addiction, so no psychological torture if the relapse happens. Accept your relapse and try again. The important is not to give up.

And take your relapse as an apprenticeship: think about what led you to that moment and be aware of other situations that may result in a new relapse.

As quitting smoking is an extremely difficult action, it is important to be aware of your flaws and to be sure that the second time will be much easier than the first.

Always remember that an ex-alcoholic will never be able to drink socially again, and the same goes for an ex-smoker. Once you’ve decided to quit smoking in your life, you won’t be able to smoke just on weekends or just with friends. You have to be firm in your decision, otherwise you will remain a slave to tobacco.


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