When does looking for a geriatrician become indispensable?

Although it is difficult to accept, the truth is that everyone will grow old one day. The point is that, unlike popular thinking, this process starts right after the age of thirty, but most people only look for a geriatrician after 60.

This professional is a doctor specialized in taking care of the aging process, treating common problems and diseases at this stage of life. Many people think that going to the geriatrician is to face the defeat that one is old, but it does not need to be seen that way, because those who seek it at the right time live longer and age healthily.

We made this post to show you when to see a geriatrician, what his role is and what diseases he treats, as well as some tips for dealing with aging in a healthy way. Continue reading and check it out!

What is the role of the geriatrician?

As has already been said, people usually seek help from the geriatrician when they are already suffering from a disease arising from advancing age. Ideally, you should see this doctor sooner for preventive follow-up.

The role of the geriatrician is not only to treat the diseases of the elderly, it also helps people who are entering the mature phase to understand the changes that their bodies will undergo due to aging, in addition to, of course, to treat existing problems.

The difference between a specialist doctor and a geriatrician is that the second one takes care of the individual completely, whether in the cognitive, affective, functional or clinical part. Also known as the elderly general practitioner, he is also responsible for referring the patient to a specialist, if necessary.

When is the right time to see a geriatrician?

There is no right age to look for a geriatrician, but the sooner, the better. Some people start looking for this doctor from the age of 40, others hope to turn 60 to take on old age.

The ideal is that the person starts to go to the geriatrician from 50 years old. A tip: do not expect an illness or the signs of old age appear. Remember that prevention is much easier than treatment. In the case of the elderly, it is important to convince them to go to the doctor as soon as possible .

In short, this doctor treats both healthy adults who want to prevent illness and elderly people who are already frail or who have a sequel. After all, it is also his job to reduce the problems and discomforts of older people and promote their rehabilitation.

As hard as it is to perceive, from the age of 30 the body begins to undergo transformations due to aging. Preventive monitoring by the geriatrician helps not only to detect these changes, but also to understand them.

The sooner you understand what is happening (and will happen) with your body, the more prepared you are to face these changes. Most people reach old age without health because they did not take care of themselves when they were young.

What are the diseases treated by the geriatrician?

Check out some of the diseases that can be treated by this doctor:

  • mental illnesses that cause changes in memory and cognition such as Alzheimer’s and Lewy body dementia;
  • diseases that cause loss of balance and hinder movement, such as Parkinson’s;
  • loss of muscle mass and posture instability that generate falls ;
  • depression;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure;
  • diabetes and cholesterol problems;
  • osteoporosis.

If you suffer from any of the problems mentioned above, seek help from a geriatrician immediately. At this stage of life, it is even more important to pay attention to health, as the body becomes more fragile over time.

How to age healthy?

You must start taking care of yourself as soon as possible to reach old age with health. There are some ways to alleviate and delay any type of illness or problem arising from old age. Discover the best ways to age in a healthy way:

Have a good diet

This advice is already quite taken, but it is still true. Problems like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and osteoporosis can be avoided if you stick to a balanced diet.

In addition to preventing disease, healthy eating slows down cell aging. Avoid fatty, caloric and sugar-laden foods. Abuse of fruits, vegetables, grains and vegetables. You will soon realize how the whole of your body works better by being fed the right way.

Invest in vitamin capsules

Reinforcing what has been said before: the more the body ages, the more fragile it becomes, therefore, an elderly person needs a larger dose of vitamins to stay healthy. Most of the time, even investing in a good diet, it is impossible to replace vitamins with food alone, so doctors recommend vitamin capsules.

These capsules have all the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the body’s balance. If you want to guarantee your health, then you better start betting on these drugs! But don’t think that only the elderly can take vitamins, this is a beneficial practice for everyone at any age.

Take regular exams

The best way to ensure your health is good is to have check-ups frequently! With the arrival of old age, it is natural that you are more vulnerable to disease. So it is best to keep an eye out to be able to detect and treat a problem as quickly as possible, should it appear.

Now that you know when to look for a geriatrician, you can prepare yourself better for your old age. Growing old is not a defeat and there is nothing shameful about accepting that everyone will one day get old. Be proud of reaching this stage of life and try to make the most of it! Consider our tips and start taking care of yourself today. That way, you will barely feel the impacts of old age.


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