How to prepare for an oral test or interview

In this article, ” oral test of the job ” and ” interview ” are used in the same sense. In my opinion, it is not possible to prepare 100% for any written test for the job. Even then, I am trying to highlight some interview preparation that I do not know. Hopefully reading the article in full will benefit you in some way.

Research the company . According to a study, 20 percent of the questions asked about the oral test of the job are about the company. Know the profile of the directors of the company you are applying to, what other businesses are there. Learn all the details of the position you are applying for.

Know the answers to some common interview questions in advance. For example, where are your weaknesses, why you quit your previous job, how much money you get, and then quit this job, etc. Talk about yourself. Don’t say anything high or low.

Don’t memorize the answer. When speaking, answer clearly. Look at the mirror at home and try to say the answer, and it will dissipate.

Record what you say in the interview on the mobile and listen frequently. See if there is a wrong pronunciation somewhere. Often, misinterpretation is considered more wrong than misinformation.

Please thoroughly review the job description for the position you applied for . Because there are 3 questions to come from the job description. Read more – Handshake is the way people know

Take a good practice with a friend before leaving for an oral test This will bring out your mistakes and reduce the nervousness.

Make sure you know what to wear. Take a look at what shoes and tie to wear. Bright colored clothes should be avoided.

Leave the place 5 minutes before the interview deadline. Avoid excess water and avoid bananas and coffee. Find out – foods that do not eat before the interview.

by Abdullah Sam
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