Do not eat the 5 foods before the interview

Interviewing is one of the most difficult steps to go through in the field of employment. Examples of such passages are written but the sibling or interview is not good because the job does not work

Interviews are a step in which employers carefully monitor your every word or point. Therefore, it is important to know what to eat before the interview or what problems to play.

Cannot be smoked

Although not a cigarette meal, it is still number one on the list because it is the most important thing. Under no circumstances can smoking be done before the interview. Many people avoid tension before the interview as a result of smoking. Those who interview you will not be welcomed to the job by the way you smoke.

Do not eat onion garlic and aromatic foods

The smell of something coming out of the mouth never smells good. Especially the smell of onion garlic which has been in the mouth for a long time. Even the aromatic misty jorda or chocolate. Also avoid completely colored lollipops or any colored food that may stick to the tongue.

Do not drink excessive water

There is no doubt that water is very beneficial to our body. But do not drink too much water before the interview. Suppose you had a bottle of water together and how would you feel when you were looking for a bathroom when the interview room called? So drink as much water as you need to wet your throat.


Drinking coffee before the interview is not perfect. Reason – Drinking coffee can cause you to feel embarrassed while talking. Again, many coffee has a lot of corrosive odor and water can increase thirst. So you can drink Rangchak as an alternative to coffee. Read more: If you grow up in life, never think of yourself as small

Do not eat bananas before the interview

Bananas contain lots of magnesium and potassium, which help to calm the brain and relax the stressed muscles. Since you have to give interviews or interviews, the brain has a lot of work to do. So bananas cannot be eaten before the interview.

Also it is best not to eat tomato sauce, white rice, milk, Horlisk foods before the interview. We wish you all the best in your interview.

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