Pre and post workout nutrition: increase your performance

If you are a fan of physical activity, you have probably already wondered what would be the most appropriate diet to improve training performance and achieve goals more quickly. Of all periods of the day, the hours before training and the hours after activities are the most important to eat, especially for those who want to increase muscle mass .

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In addition to having more health and a defined musculature, many people are also concerned with food because they need more energy to withstand training, especially if it is heavy weight training. With more strength and energy to train, the body can improve performance and results appear more easily.

Therefore, investing in energy sources is the best choice before training, as this is exactly the fuel that the body needs to withstand the intensity of training and not suffer the heavy consequences of muscle stress. The more energy you have to train, the better the performance and the less fatigue after activities.

In addition, it is important to consume sources of proteins , vitamins and nutrients after training, as it is what the body needs to recover. In addition to a balanced diet rich in these elements, you can also count on the help of food supplementation to keep the body nourished and with more strength for activities.

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Pre-workout food

The pre-training period is a real preparation for the hours that will be spent in the gym or in another place of physical activity. Before training, the most recommended is to nourish the body with sources of energy that can maintain glycemic levels and make the athlete have the strength to train without feeling quickly worn out.

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To do this, invest in complex carbohydrate sources , as they are excellent sources of slow-absorbing energy, unlike simple carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed and can cause energy drops during training. In addition, there are a variety of energy supplements that aim to improve performance. (Know what are the simple carbohydrates)

Taking care of the moment of having the last meal before training is also an important point. The ideal is to eat thirty minutes before the activities and in quantities that are in accordance with the physical and the energetic need. To know this, it is important to consult a nutritionist and devise a more suitable diet. Avoid overeating and start training immediately as this can cause ingestion, malaise and even vomiting during training.

Foods rich in complex carbohydrates :

  • Sweet potato;
    • Fruit salad;
    • Whole foods (rice, bread);
    • Grains (granola, flaxseed, oats).

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Post-workout nutrition 

Fatigue after training is often caused by wear and tear on the consumption of nutrients during activities. By consuming more energy sources and maintaining glucose levels properly, this feeling of muscle stress and tiredness is slightly less. However, the body will always manifest a lack of nutrients after intense exercise.

For those who have an adequate diet, this lack will appear with a greater feeling of hunger, as it is the body’s way of warning that it needs to replace the nutrients spent on training. So it is important to consume vitamins , minerals and protein sources after workouts . (Check out where to find mineral salts)

Proteins are even more important for those who want to work on building muscle. Muscles need different sources of protein, because they are different chains of amino acids that cause muscle growth. In addition to investing in foods rich in protein sources, also try protein-based food supplements.

Protein sources for post-workout :

  • Fish;
    • Chicken;
    • Yogurt;
    • Eggs.

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Food supplementation appeared on the market as an additional mechanism to assist athletes who want to improve performance in training and cause the growth of muscle mass efficiently. There are several supplements that aim to give energy before training and nourish the body properly after exercise.

  • Anvisa prohibits whey protein brands: Check the list.
  • Anvisa prohibits the sale of four food supplements in Brazil

Anyone who invests in supplementation can in fact nourish the body even more completely, as food supplements carry large amounts of nutrients , varied sources of protein and low fat or sugars . There are supplements of all types and with varied indications, for those who want to keep their bodies supplied with the most varied types of nutrients.

Extra tips:

  • Consult a nutritionist to see a diet that best matches your physical condition. Very thin people should invest in body mass first, while those who train longer should consume greater amounts of energy and protein sources.
  • Do not eat too much before training and do not try to push harder than your body can handle it. The ideal is to eat properly and gradually increase the intensity of training.
  • If you consume supplements to increase muscle mass, the Whey Proteinsupplement is one of those that offer the highest quality protein on the market. However, there are many other sources of protein that must be ingested in order for muscles to have an adequate balance of amino acids. (Supplements that help in gaining muscle mass)

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  • For those who take supplements, it is also important never to exceed the amount indicated on the product packaging. Take as recommended so that the body does not receive a very high load.
  • Drink lots of water during the day to avoid dehydration. The problem can easily occur due to the liquids that are lost in each training. For those who train hard every day, water is essential.


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