Walking helps lose belly and lose weight

A pleasant, free and very advantageous physical activity for your health is walking. The exercise can be done anywhere and can be easily adjusted to the free hours of those who have a busy routine and little time available to dedicate themselves to health care and physical activities.

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When walking at a regular speed, the caloric loss remains at 5.5 Kcal / min, which is a great help for those who want to burn extra fat and also lose a few pounds with the activity. However, walking alone is not very effective for losing weight, although exercise is ideal when combined with a healthy diet and other activities.

In addition to the benefits for maintaining health and the possibilities of weight loss, walking has already been adopted by thousands of people for its positive effects on the mind. The activity is ideal to combat anxiety and reduce stress levels, as it puts the body in motion and helps the user to think less about problems.

Lose your belly faster

The accumulated fat in the abdomen is one of the aesthetic problems that most disturb women, regardless of whether they suffer from obesity or not. The problem of abdominal fat can arise even in the thinnest and, in many cases, it is not easy to dry the belly in the desired way.

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Any physical activity can help you lose your belly, as long as it is an aerobic activity . Therefore, walking is also included in the list of exercises that burn calories and help keep your body in shape. However, it is necessary to be aware that just walking or doing another similar activity is not as efficient in removing abdominal fat.

The accumulation of fat in the body is a phenomenon that occurs due to several errors, from ingesting inappropriate foods to sedentary lifestyle. Other factors such as low water consumption, for example, can favor fluid retention and also cause unwanted swelling. (Learn how to fight abdominal bloating)

Here’s how to lose belly more efficiently:

  • Bet on walking and other aerobic activities: running, water aerobics and even skipping rope can burn a good amount of calories.
  • Change your bad habits: think about what you need to cut out of food. Also plan a routine in which physical activity goes on a regular basis.

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  • Don’t be impatient: burning fat can be a slow process, so don’t despair to see immediate results. The more you try to burn calories, the faster the results will appear.
  • Bet on juices and teas: there are many recipes for green juices, fruit mixes and teas that help reduce abdominal fat. Including in the diet can be a great help for those who want to cleanse the body and feel full after meals. (Carrot juice to lose weight)
  • Be persistent: this is the most important tip. It is no use changing your diet all the time or stopping physical activities and starting over often. To lose the belly it is necessary to bet on a planned routine for a longer period.

Benefits of walking

Walking is one of the simplest and most beneficial activities for the body, in addition to being able to be practiced by almost anyone. Even for the elderly and people with more physical limitations, exercise is important and helps to keep the body active and healthy for longer.

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Here are the main benefits of walking :

  • Practicality: the activity can be inserted into the routine in the desired way and no instrument or investment is needed to start.
  • Weight loss: caloric loss ensures greater weight loss for those who walk frequently.
  • Stress reduction: the psychological effects of walking are also proven. It is possible to relax more during exercise, relieve the stress and anxiety generated by daily challenges.
  • Disease prevention: cardiovascular disease and diabetes are on the list of diseases that have a reduced chance for people who walk more.
  • Oxygenation of the brain: like jogging, the paced walk also improves oxygenation of the brain, which helps you to think more clearly and have more mental health.

+++ Tips:

Walking is an exercise that can fit very well into the routine of any type of person, whether sedentary or an athlete. It does not take much preparation to start the activity, as the most important thing is that the user has a walking goal and schedules that allow them to do the activity frequently. (Walking + balanced food can result in a loss of 9 kg in one month)

Even if the walk is not done every day and at the same time, you need to have a few days of the week free to dedicate yourself to exercise. There is no point in walking a day or two and taking a break for two weeks, as this will not bring many benefits to the body and will be inefficient for weight loss. (Women’s running shoes: learn how to buy)

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Here are some tips and learn how to prepare :

  • Have your own walking shoes, as the activity cannot be done with any shoes. In addition to being uncomfortable, an inappropriate shoe can cause injuries.
  • Stretch before starting any activity, even if it is walking. Stretching the muscles helps to better prepare the body.
  • Drink a lot of water after the activity, keeping the body hydrated is essential due to the loss of fluids during exercise.
  • Try to follow a pace on the walk and keep your goals clear. How long will you walk? How many laps in the park? Try to increase the intensity of the exercise gradually.
  • Include the activity in your routine at least three times a week. Even if they are on different days, try to follow a goal so that the walk has positive results and becomes a habit.


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