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peanut recipe . The peanut garapiñado or peanuts is very easy to prepare crunchy, it is fruits dry covers sugar , is economical, and typically, made with peanuts.


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  • 1 Origin of the name
  • 2 Features
  • 3 Properties
  • 4 Ingredients for 4 servings
  • 5 Procedure
  • 6 Source

Name’s origin

Peanut is a word of Taíno origin and is the name that predominates in some Spanish-speaking countries for the name of both the plant and its fruit and seed . The name Maní can also come from the Guaraní language where it is called “Manduví”. Groundnuts, with scientific name: Arachis hypogaea, self – pollinated plant, legume from one to six seeds grown in all climates tropical and temperate world. The oil , which is extracted from the seed, is of high quality, and a large percentage of the world’s annual production is used for this purpose. The most distinctive feature of the peanut is its floweryellow, which resembles a butterfly and stands above the ground . The pod, a legume of a locule , is opened under pressure in a longitudinal ventral suture. The size of the seed varies and the weight of the seed ranges from 1/5 to 5 g (0.007 to 0.175 oz). The number of seeds per pod is usually 2.


The flowers take root as soon as the pods or chauchas appear, which contain the seeds they are buried to ripen; They are yellowish brown to reddish brown , depressed and can have up to 6 seeds. Roasted, fried, or baked peanuts have a nutty flavor . There are two varieties: erect and creeping.


Natural source of protein , more than 30% and 50% unsaturated fats that lower cholesterol , is an appreciated food that has been accepted as a daily food in many cultures. It contains favorable phytoterols to lower cholesterol , rich in Vitamin E and provides minerals such as sodium , potassium , iron , magnesium , iodine , copper and calcium . Its antioxidant substances such as tocopherols and resveratrolit is important in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases . Its consumption prevents lithiasis , Type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer .

Ingredients for 4 servings

  • Peanut 160 g 1 cup
  • Refined Sugar 200 g 1 cup
  • Water 250 mL 1 cup


  • Place the raw peanuts in an iron saucepan .
  • Simmer and stir constantly with a wooden spoon for approximately 45 minutes, until the sugar adheres in powder form to the peanuts.
  • Remove the excess sugar and serve.


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